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Halaman 180 - AN ACT to amend chapter four hundred and ten of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-two, entitled " An Act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the City of New York.
Halaman 269 - Fifth, that no person in the public service is for that reason under any obligation to contribute to any political fund, or to render any political service, and that he will not be removed or otherwise prejudiced for refusing to do so.
Halaman 289 - In case of a vacancy in a position in the competitive class where peculiar and exceptional qualifications of a scientific, professional or educational character are required, and upon satisfactory evidence that for specified reasons competition in such special case is impracticable...
Halaman 268 - Sixth, that no person in said service has any right to use his official authority or influence to coerce the political action of any person or body.
Halaman 164 - AN ACT to amend chapter one hundred and five of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled "An Act to revise the Charter of the City of Buffalo,
Halaman 19 - This section shall not be construed to prevent the Legislature from providing that convicts may work for, and that the products of their labor may be disposed of to, the State or any political division thereof...
Halaman 135 - Provision shall be made by the proper local school authorities for instructing all pupils in all schools supported by public money, or under state control, in physiology and hygiene, with special reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and narcotics upon the human system.
Halaman 313 - ... satisfactory that such person was appointed to or employed, promoted or reinstated in the service in conformity with the provisions of law and of these rules. The official roster shall show opposite or in connection with each name the date of appointment, employment, promotion or reinstatement, and the office in which and the compensation of the position, date of commencement of service, and the date of transfer in or separation from the service by dismissal, resignation, cancellation of appointment...
Halaman 300 - Commission, an examination involving essential tests or qualifications different from or higher than those involved in the examination for original' entrance to the position formerly held by the person proposed to be reinstated.
Halaman 301 - The test of actual service being the main factor in fitness for promotion, there shall be kept in every office continuous and comparative records of the efficiency, punctuality, attention and general good conduct of all persons employed therein.

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