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Lansing, Wednesday, February 5, 1851. This being the day designated by the constitution of the State, submitted to and ratified by the people, at the last general election for the State of Michigan, for the assembling of the Legislature, the Senate met in their Chamber at 11 o'clock A. M., and was called to order by the Hon. Wm. M. Fenton, Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate.

The roll of Ssnators holding over was called by O. W. Moore, Secretary of the last Senate, and the following named Senators an. swered to their names:

First District-Andrew Harvie, Joseph T. Copeland.
Second District-Michael Shoemaker, Nelson G. Isbell.
Third District-I. P. Christiancy.
Fifth District-Charles Dickey,
Sixth District-Noah Beach.
Seventh District-John Bowne.

The names of the Senators elect were then called, and the following named persons, their credentials having been presented, severally answered, subscribed the constitutional oath of office, administered by the President, and took their seats as Senators:

First District—Titus Dort, Henry C. Kibbee.
Second District-George Danforth, Barnabas Case.
Third District-Henry S. Mead, John Barber.
Fourth District--Philotus Hayden.

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