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Halaman 341 - Parties to a question in difference which might be the subject of a civil action, may, without action, agree upon a case containing the facts upon which the controversy depends, and present a submission of the same to any court' which would have jurisdiction if an action had been brought; but it must appear, by affidavit, that the controversy is real and the proceedings in good faith, to determine the rights of the parties.
Halaman 489 - AN ACT To enable the State of Arkansas, and other States, to reclaim the Swamp Lands within their limits.
Halaman 245 - ... not, nor shall the dissolution of any such company, take away or impair any remedy given against any such corporation, its stockholders or officers, for any liability which shall have been previously incurred.
Halaman 389 - An act to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the 'swamp lands
Halaman 420 - The Legislature may provide by law for the election of one or more persons in each organized county. who may be vested with judicial powers, not exceeding those of a judge of the circuit court at chambers.
Halaman 25 - No law shall be revised, altered or amended by reference to its title only; but the act revised and the section or sections of the act altered or amended shall be re-enacted and published at length.
Halaman 420 - The Legislature shall provide for the speedy publication of all statute laws, and of such judicial decisions as it may deem expedient : and all laws and judicial decisions shall be free for publication by any person.
Halaman 419 - Appeals and writs of error may be taken from the circuit court of any county to the supreme court held in the division which includes such county, or, with the consent of all the parties in the cause, to the supreme court in the next adjoining division.
Halaman 433 - An act to define the powers and duties of the boards of supervisors of the several counties, and to confer upon them certain local, administrative and legislative powers ; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act,
Halaman 385 - The legislature may at any time alter, amend, or repeal this act...

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