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15 Corn Baskits 7/ one sickel 1/

Beetle rings and Eight Wedges 6/ four swine 60/

one Dark Brown Ox £4=3/ one yoak oxen six

years old a one yoak Stears 40/ a small white face Cow 30/ Black white face Do & Calf 30/ red white face

Cow 50/
a Red D° 47/ Red Lined Cow 40/ small Brown

Red lined heffer 20/ one yearlin Calf 14/

old mare £5 old horse £4"3, a young black mare

£6" 10

2 year old horse Colt £4 Twenty Sheep & nine
Lambs £4"3

3 hives Bees 15/ 2 old half Bushels & a peck 1/
grind stone 1/6
abl 125 lb Tobaco 12/6
the house Barn and home Lot east side of the

highway Containing ab* one hundred and
eighty nine acres all £615

abo1 seven acres and half the north side of the Rhode that lead down to Decon Miners 11

about thirteen and */2 acres Land the South end

of glovers hill Sixty Two acres of Land North West of glovers

hill five acres & yi lying between Stevenson hill and

Peris hill a 31/ pr ab1 thirty nine acres in the Mountain Lots abl one hundred & forty eight & £4 & thirty seven Rod of Land to Lay out Lately granted by the Proprietors of Suffield to be Laid out between the Mountain and Manatuck a 3/6 per acre 26

one hundred and sixty acres of Land west of

Jn° Spensors 331

14 acres & Y\ & 20 rods of Land on the plain at 12/ pr 8 fifty one acres of Land on Remington hill at 28/ pr 71 To 54/10 in specie and Twenty pounds in new tenor

Bills all 22

meat and Cask that it is in 4

The whole Inventory amount to the sum of £ s d

1395—1—9 Lawfull Money An Additional Inventory Taken this 28th day of March 1758 by us the subscribers under oath


Lawful money

viz one peace of Land in Enfield Containing thirty acres & half one peace of Land in Somers Containing thirty Two acres & half the first mentioned Peace in Enfield apprised at 9/ per acre 14 2 6

the second Peace that Lyeth in Somers apprised

at 8/ pr 13 o o

Fifteen acres one quarter & 13 rods bounding on Mudy Brook Joining To Springfield Bound8 a 15/pr 11 9 o

Three acres & Three quarters & 25 rods the West side of the Mountain in Suffield on the west side of a highway that leads to Symsbury appraisd a 18/ per acre 3 10 o

one Note due from Elisha Munsell of Windsor for Eight Pounds six shillings & six pence the interest 14/4 all 9 o 10

one note due from Lt. Elijah Kent Suffield of

three pound fifteen shilling & the interest 7/ all' 420

one note due from Capt. Sam1 Dwight, Somers of forty one shillings & six pence & the interest is 6/4 all 2 7 10

57 11 8 £ s d

1395— i-9


We have given the above inventory in full just as it appears of record as it very well illustrates what the furniture, household goods and establishment of a well-to-do gentleman in a New England town was in those old days. Indeed from the clothing of Captain Joseph mentioned therein we could form a pretty fair idea of his external appearance. We have only to imagine the old gentleman dressed in his "Blew Broad cloth Coat, silver trimming, Red Jackit (vest) and Red Plush (knee) briches, gould trimmed both," "silk Stockings" and "silver nee buckels," shoes and "silver shoe buckels" with a "Beaver hat" upon his head, his queue hanging down behind and in his hand his "Cane with silver head"; or perhaps he is in his "Leather Briches with silver Buttons" and mounted upon his "young black mare"—or again seated in his home and while one of the ladies plies her needle and another is at the spinning wheel he in his "great Cainback Chear," enjoys his pipe full of home raised "tobaco" and sips his glass of "Cyder" drawn from the best of the thirteen barrels of that beverage which are stored in his cellar. He is described as "a large man of powerful physique." A careful examination of the inventory will reveal much concerning the domestic habits of the inmates of that old New England home.

It will also be observed that one of the items in this inventory is "a silver seal Kings Coat of Arms." This same seal as we have mentioned elsewhere descended regularly through many generations and is now in the possession of Miss Emma C. King of Xenia, Ohio. The Damask table cloth and napkins are also still preserved and the property of Mr. Robert Newton King of Dayton, Ohio, and his silver "nee" and shoe "buckels" are treasured by another descendant, Mrs. E. A. Arnold of Cummington, Mass.


"Distribution of the real and personal Estate of Joseph King, late of Suffield in the County of Hartford, Gent" Decd made by us the subscribers under oath this 23d day of Decemr 1762 which is as follows, viz: first set out to the Widow Hannah King Relict of the said Decd as followeth viz" (A great many articles of household furniture, beds and bed linen, blankets, clothes, silverware, table linen, glassware, crockery and pewter dishes, cooking utensils, trunks, spinning wheels, provisions, farming implements and tools, one yoke oxen, two cows and a heifer, a yearling colt, a horse and four swine.) "Also set of to the widow the south end of the Great House throughout & half of the entry and stairs and the Lower room in the kitchen & the Celler under sd kitchen & on half the well and the yard room viz beginning at the south west corner of the kitchen running southward to the middle of the well thence southward paralel with the street abo' five rod thence to the street on a du squar thence by the street against the middle of the foer door thence to said door & liberty to go round the kitchen in order for repairing sd kitchen. Also set of to the widow the south part of the barn from the middle of the floor with liberty to Cart & thresh on the floor also the yard room adjoining to sd part of the barn beginning at the middle of the East barn door running south eastward 30 feet thence north eastward to the middle part of the Cow house to the back side thereof to the southeast end of the Cow house thence southwestward across the middle of the Well four rods thence northwestward to the street one rod distant from the end of the barn and likewise all the Chamber of the aforesaid that is south eastward of the Barn with liberty to so much room in the Cow house as shall be necessary for repairing said Cow house."

"Also" (here follows properly described by metes and bounds eight separate pieces of real estate, some near the house and others distant from it all together comprising one hundred and eighty two (182) acres)

"2DLY Set out to Joseph King the Eldest surviving son of the Decd 5 books 12/10, silver buttens 12/ Silver Seal 3/" "silver Knee buckels 3/ Gun 12/" (some tools, agricultural implements), "old mare £$-9, one yoke Stears Coming 2 years old 45/ yoake 2/ sadle 10/ ring & staple 1/ all £15-1-0."

"Also set of to Joseph the North End of the Great house throught & half of the fore entry up to the Garit & the Celler under the sd North End & the Kitchen Chamber & the stone shop with liberty to pass through the south room & kitchen into the shop also liberty to stop up the East oven in the south room in order to make an oven in the north room." "Also the North end of the Barn from the middle of the barn floor and liberty to cart & thresh on sd floor and all the Cow house that is not heretofore set out to the Widow."

"Also" (here follows described by metes and bounds five separate pieces of real estate comprising about fifty five (55) acres).

"3DLY Set of To Eliphalet King, the second surviving son of the Decd 5 books 6/5 Cane 3/ acct Book 10/ Gun 5/ hive Bees 5/ heffer 2 past 34/" •

"Also" (here follows described by metes and bounds three separate pieces of real estate comprising about forty six and one half (46^ acres).

"4THLY Set out to Epaphras King the 3d surviving son of the Decd 3 books 3/2 harrow 9/ Beetle & Wedges 6/ heifer calf 11/3—all £1-9-5"

"Also" (two pieces of real estate comprising about fifty two (52) acres.)

"5thly Set out to Ashbel King the 4th Surviving son of the Decd 3 books 1/3, Blue Broad cloth coat silver trimd 50/ red vest & Briches trimd 30/ Camblet Coat 14/ Blue Broad Cloth Vest 4/8 silk stockings 5/ all £5-4-11" "Also" (three pieces real estate containing forty six (46) acres).

"6thly Set out to Thaddeus King the fifth surviving son of

the Decd 3 books 1/7: also" (two pieces real estate containing fifty five (55) acres).

"7LY Set out to Theodore the sixth surviving son of the Dec4 3 books 1/3 steel trap 5/ also" (three pieces real estate containing fifty seven (57) acres).

"8ly Set out to Ichabod King the seventh surviving son of the Deca 3 books 1/ also" (three pieces of real estate containing fifty eight and one half 58^ acres).

"oxy Set out to Abigail Bliss, the Eldest surviving daughter to the Decd Charged on her fathers book thirty six pounds Two shilling & seven pence as so much portion at his Decease. "Also" (gold studs, her mother's picture and other little articles and four pieces of real estate containing fifty (50) acres).

"iothly Set out to Hannah King the 2d surviving daughter ot the Decd a silver Tankard £7-18-4 pr Shoe Buckels 8/" (also a considerable quantity of household furniture, beding, spinning wheel, Loom & tackling, table linen, pictures, dishes, utensils, books etc. and four pieces of real estate containing about sixty four (64) acres).

"iithly Set out to Mary King the 3d surviving daughter of the Decd (a considerable amount of household furniture, bedding, dishes, utensils, pictures, books, etc., "Cow, 47/ 29 sheep 93/—all amount, to £22-7-5" and four pieces of real estate containing about fifty (50) acres).

The foregoing distribution divided among the widow and children seven hundred and sixteen (716) acres of land. The "Silver Seal" (King Coat of Arms) it will be noticed was set off to the eldest son, Joseph, great-grandfather of Miss Emma C. King of Xenia, Ohio, its present possessor.

On the death of Mrs. Hannah King, the widow of Capt. Joseph King, in 1805 the following inventory was made and remains on file in the Probate Office at Hartford:

"An Inventory of the Undivided Real Estate of Capt Joseph King, late of Suffield in the District of Hartford, deceased taken by us the subscribers under oath. (viz).

$ cts. Dwelling House and yard room round it 130.

Barn and Cow house and room therein 30.

20J4 Acres of land north of the house 435-75

25 J4 acres of land south of the barn 773-9Q

24^ acres, lying between Joseph King's and

Eliphalet King's land 579-3°.

9 acres wood land toward the ferry 252.

About 54 acres by Theodore Kings 1,295.55.

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