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the sea and in 1656 assisted "as second man in Sayleing ye Vessel to Virginia." He took up land in the colony, became a county officer, a burgess and a Colonel of Militia. In this latter function he commanded the Virginia troops during the Indian War of 1675. His first wife and her two children having died, he married for his second wife Anna (Pope) Broadhurst, daughter of Nathaniel Pope of "Appomattocks gent'n" and widow of Walter Broadhurst. Issue:

i. John," who died in 1746.

2 ii. Lawrence, b. ;d. 1697-8; m. Mildred Warner.

iii. Anne, who married Francis Wright.

Second Generation.


Lawrence* Washington, {John* Lawtence,7 Lawrence* Robert,1 Lawrence* John,3 Robert,2 John1), married Mildred Warner, daughter of Colonel Augustine Warner of Gloucester Co., Virginia. Lawrence Washington died 1697-8. Issue:

i. John.10

3 ii. Augustine, b. 1694; d. 1743; m. (1) Jane Butler;

(2) Mary Ball, iii. Mildred.

Third Generation.

Augustine10 Washington, (Lawrence* John* Lawrence,1 Lawrence, Robert,6 Lawrence,* John* Robert* John1), born 1694; died 1743; married (1) April 20, 1715, Jane Butler, who died 1728; (2) March 6, 1730, Mary Ball, daughter of Colonel Joseph Ball. Issue:

First Marriage—

i. Butler,11 died in infancy, ii. Jane, d. young in 1735. iii. Lawrence, d. 1752, who married Anna Fairfax and

had three daughters, one son (Fairfax), iv. Augustine, who married Anne Aylett and had two daughters, one son (William).

Second Marriage—

v. George, (who was General and Commander-in-Chief
of the American Army of the Revolution and Presi-
dent of the United States, 1789-1797), b. Feb. 22,
1732; d. Dec. 14, 1799; m. Mrs. Martha (Dan-
dridge) Custis, daughter of John Dandridge and
widow of John Parke Custis.
vi. Betty, b. June 20, 1733; d. March 31, 1797; m. May
7, 1750, Fielding Lewis.

(And four others.)

Fourth Generation.

Bettie11 Washington, (Augustine,10 Lawrence* John* Lawrence,7 Lawrence* Robert* Lawrence* John* Robert* John1), born June 20, 1733; died March 31, 1797; married May 7, 1750, Fielding Lewis. She was only sixteen months younger than her brother, General George Washington, and her features were so strikingly like his that, disguised with a long coat, the difference between them was scarcely distinguishable. Issue:

5 vi. Howell" Lewis, b. Dec. 12, 1771; m. Sept. 26, 1795,

Ellen Hackley Pollard.

(And five others, viz., Fielding, etc.—all of whom were born before Howell Lewis.)

Fifth Generation.

Howell" Lewis, (Bettie11 Washington Augustine,1* Lawrence* John* Lawrence,' Lawrence* Robert* Lawrence* John*

Robert,2 John1), born Dec. 12, 1771; died . He was for

some time a member of General Washington's family at Mount Vernon. He married, Sept. 26, 1795, Ellen Hackley Pollard of Richmond, Va. They lived for a time at Woodlawn, Culpepper Co., Va., but General Washington having given Howell Lewis a tract of land on the Kanawha river, which he had cultivated Mr. and Mrs. Howell Lewis moved from Eastern Virginia and took up their residence on this land. Issue: 6 iv. Ellen Jael" Lewis, b. Jany. 28, 1802; d. ;m.

(And nine others, viz., (1) Robert Pollard; (2) Bettie W.; (3) George; (4) Francis Fielding; (5) Virginia; (6) Howell; (7) John Edward; (8) Lawrence; (9) Henry Dangerfield Lewis. Ellen Jael Lewis was the fourth child of her parents.)

Sixth Generation.

Ellen Jael1' Lewis, (Howell,12 Bettie,11 Washington Augustine,10 Lawrence* John* Lawrence,1 Lawrence* Robert* Lawrence* John* Robert,1 John1), born Jany. 28, 1802; died;

married , Robert Steele of Louisville, Ky., whose ancestor

came from Scotland the latter part of the seventeenth century and settled in Pennslyvania. The Steele family subsequently moved to Kentucky. Mr. Robert Steel died in 1826, after which Mrs. Steel and her mother, Mrs. Lewis, moved to Charleston, W. Va. Issue:

7 i. Betty Washington14 Steele, b. Dec. 10, 1826; m.

David L. King.

Seventh Generation.


Bettie" Washington Steele, (Ellen Jael1* Lewis, Howell1* Lewis, Bettie11 Washington Augustine10 Lawrence* John* Lawrence,' Lawrence* Robert* Lawrence* . John* Robert* John1), born Dec. 10, 1826; married in Charleston, W. Va., May 1, 1849, David Leicester8 King, (Leicester,7 David,8 Ebenezer," Ebenezer,4 James,8 James,2 William1). Mrs. King resides at Akron, Ohio. For an account of David Leicester King and descendants, see King Genealogy, page 399, ante.



While this book was in the press three or four deaths occurred among members of the King Family, who are mentioned in the preceding pages. When possible these were inserted as the proof was read. The notices of two received too late for that are given below. There were also some paragraphs descriptive of persons which were inadvertently omitted. The following, to which my attention has been called by Miss Alice L. Priest, of Shenandoah, Iowa, who speaks from a personal acquaintance with those described, will supply some of these defects:

Harriet Lucinda Caldwell Burton (page 181), died March 25, 1908, at Corydon, Iowa, and was buried in New York, Iowa. As daughter, wife, mother, neighbor and friend she was a pillar of strength, an arm to be leaned on, a counselor to turn to, a stay in time of need. As physician's wife she was almost a second loved physician to their community.

Hannah Maria Caldwell Parker (page 182) like her brothers, was called by the second name. The natural sweetness, brightness and kindness of her spirit endured through life. A general favorite as a winning, pretty young woman, the later cares of a household did not limit her outlook and wide sympathies.

John Wesley Caldwell (page 186) had the soul of a poet, one of Nature's poets, and the physical appearance of one of the most refined and handsome of them. He loved Nature quietly, deeply, all his life; he could have walked with Wordsworth. With those who loved him tenderly and whom he tenderly loved, he rests among the Northfield hills he longed for.

Clara King Powers (page 285) was a most loving and gentle lady. She had a slender frame and soft, beautiful black eyes, with a tender winning, almost shy light in them. A sensitive face and soul, and all the graces that mark the gentlewoman of culture and refinement.

I have also to add the following:

Nelson Newton King (page 370) died at Suffield, Conn., April 23, 1908, from pneumonia, after a brief illness.

Henry Juneau King (page 382) married at Chicago, Ill., May 27, 1908, Mora Saxe, daughter of Albert E. Saxe.

Cameron Haight King Jr., (page 466) married at San Francisco, California, September 5, 1908, Isabel Dunblaine Conde, born June 7, 1883, daughter of the late George Meade and Cornelia (De Groot) Conde. Mr. Conde was for many years cashier of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank of San Francisco. Mrs. King, like her husband, attended Stanford University.


Mary King (page 212). The statement that this Mary King married (1) George Parsons, (2) James Harper Bartlett, is an error. So also is the same statement regarding her on page 149. The entire paragraph No. 252, page 212, should be omitted. She died unmarried. It was another Mary King who married (1) George Parsons (2) James Harper Bartlett. This is correctly set forth in No. 200. pages 230-232 and the issue of such marriages is there correctly given. See also page 153.

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