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William Baker, of Fenton House, born 1770, died 1833, married 1793, Mary, daughter of James Bourne, Esq., and sister of Ralph Bourn, Esq., of Hilderstone Hall, J. P. and D. L. of County Stafford. She died in 1855. Of this marriage was born

William Baker of Fenton House and Hasfield Court, County Gloucester, England, who died unmarried in 1865 and was succeeded by his brother Rev. Ralph Bourne Baker, M. A., of Hasfield Court, Fenton House, Doveridge Wood House, County Derby, England, Rector of Hilderstone, Rural Dean of Stone, Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Meath; J. P. for Counties of Stafford and Gloucester; married in 1845 Frances Crofton, daughter of Right Reverend Joseph Henderson Singer, D. D., Bishop of Meath by Mary, his wife, daughter of Rev. Henry Crofton and grand-daughter of Sir Morgan Crofton, First Baronet of Mohill Castle, County Leitrim.

Rev. Ralph Bourne Baker, died in 1875. He left as his heir, his son, William Meath Baker and also left daughters: Mary Frances; Sarah Adelaide, d. 1851; and Letitia Jane Dorothea, who married July 28, 1881 Richard Baxter Townshend, Esq.

William Meath Baker, Esq., of Hasfield Court, County Gloucester, England, was born Nov. 1, 1857. He was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, (B. A. 1880) and is J. P. for County Gloucester. He married May 24, 1884, Mary, only daughter of R. J. Corbett, Captain (Retired List) Indian Staff Corps, of La Pinedo, Hyeres, France. By this marriage he has a son:

William George Corbett Baker, born in 1885.

William* Baker (William,8 William2, Sampson1) had, besides his sons William and Rev. Ralph Bourne Baker, a daughter Mary who married John Harvey and had a child Mary Harvey who married in i860 George Ford, of Barlaston, Co. Stafford, who died in 1874. Mrs. Mary Ford is also mentioned in Burke's "Landed Gentry of England" as "Mistress Mary (Harvey) Ford of Blurton, Staffordshire, only child and daughter of John Harvey, J. P. of Blurdon, who died 1863 and daughter of Mary, third child of William Baker, Esq., of Fenton House, County Stafford. Mrs. Ford is owner of the Fenton Potteries. Children among others John Henry Ford, born 1861. Seat, Blurton House, Stoke on Trent.

The Baker lineage down to and including the American descendants is as follows:



Sampson Baker. A merchant in London, Eng., A. D. 1610.


2 i. William2 m. 1736 Jane Dod.



William2 Baker (Sampson1) of Bridgenorth, County Salop, married Jane Dod. Issue:

3 i. William3 b. 1744; d. 1785; m. Sarah Edge (?).



William* Baker (William2 Sampson1) born 1744; died 1785; married Sarah Edge. Issue:

i. William,4 b. 1770; d. 1833; m. 1793 Mary Bourne. Issue:

1 William,5 d. 1865; unmarried. Succeeded by his


2 Rev. Ralph Bourne, m. 1845 Frances Crofton


1 William Meath," b. Nov. 1, 1857; m. Mary
1 William George Corbett,7 b. 1885.

3 Mary5 m. John Harvey.

1 Mary,8 m. i860, George Ford.

4 ii. Jeremiah, m. Mary Ansley.



Jeremiah* Baker, (William* William* Sampson1) born — died before 1832; married Mary Ansley and had ten children. Issue:

5 i. Elizabeth," b. May 24, 1819; cl. ;m. John

Coomer Bridgwood. (Nine others.)



Elizabeth6 Baker, (Jeremiah, William,3 William," Sampson1) born in England, May 24, 1819; died in San Francisco, California. . . . Married in England John Coomer Bridgwood. They came to America. He died in Virginia. She came to St. Helena, Napa Co., California. Issue:

i. Virginia* Bridgewood, m. Dr. Stratton of St. Helena,

1 Frank Stratton.7 Unmar. Res. Santa Cruz Co.,


2 Herbert Stratton, married Anna Campbell. No

issue. He died and his widow married George Cameron King.

6 ii. Frances Sarah8 Bridgwood, m. 1858 Charles Mar


Sixth Generation.


Frances Sarah9 Bridgwood (Elizabeth* Baker, Jeremiah* William3 William,2 Sampson1) married in St. Helena, California, in 1858, Charles Mar Brown.

For their descendants see Brown-King, page 579 ante.

(note. Most of the data which I had collected as to the BakerBridgwood lineage was destroyed in the great fire in San Francisco, April 18, 1906, and I have been unable to supply the dates of some births, deaths and marriages mentioned in the above record. C. H. K.)


David Leicester8 King (Leicester,1 David," Ebenezer,* Ebenezer* James," James,2 William1), born in Warren, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1825; died in Akron, Ohio, Jan. 29, 1902; married in Charleston, West Va., May 1, 1894, Bettie Washington Steele, a grand niece of our first President, George Washington.

A brief synopsis of the genealogy of the Washington family, sufficient to show this connection between the Washington and King families, will therefore undoubtedly be of interest; but it will be unnecessary for such purpose to give here more than a mere skeleton outline of the same. Indeed until quite recently, nothing was definitely known concerning the English ancestry of the Washington family. General Washington himself, with the aid also of the College of Arms in London, Eng., made considerable effort to trace the ancestry of his grandfather, John Washington, who in 1657 came from England to Va., but the result was unsatisfactory. Ever since then genealogists both in England and America have made most persistent, patient and laborious search to discover the English origin of the Washington family, and it is only within the last fifteen or twenty years that definite and reliable information concerning the same has been obtained.

Those who desire to investigate the English ancestry of the Washington family more fully are referred to Vol. 14 of the Writings of George Washington, by Worthington Chauncey Ford in an appendix to which, entitled "The Washington Family," a very complete genealogy of that family will be found, from which I have extracted much of the information below given.

Before the latter part of the fifteenth century and prior to the discovery of America, the Washington family was established in County Lancaster, England. The earliest known ancestor was John1 Washington, of Whitfield, in that County, who left a son named Robert,2 who married Miss Westfield and left a son named John.8 The three succeeding generations were of Northamptonshire. John3 Washington married Margaret Kitson and had a son named Lawrence4 Washington of Northampton and Grays Inn and mayor of Northampton in 1532. On the dissolution of the monasteries in 30 Henry VIII (1538-9) Lawrence' Washington received a grant of a parcel of the dissolved priory of St. Andrew, the Manor of Sulgrave, with all the lands in Sulgrave and Woodford, certain lands in Stolesbury and Colton near Northampton that belonged to this priory and all the lands in Sulgrave belonging to the priories of Canons Ashby and Catesby. He died in 1584, possessed of the above and other lands and was buried in Sulgrave Church. The place of his interment is marked by a plate bearing thereon, besides his name, etc., the Arms of the Washington Family "Argent, two bars gules, in chief three mullets of the second" and in this connection I am led to remark here that it seems to me not improbable that the Coat of Arms of the Washington family with its stars (mullets) and its red (gules) bars or stripes on a white (argent or silver) field, suggested to Betsey Ross the design of the American Flag, the stars and stripes, which she so skillfully and artistically executed.

Lawrence4 Washington married Anne Pargiter and left a son Robert" Washington, who married Elizabeth Light and left a son Lawrence" Washington, who married Margaret Butler and had a son Lawrence7 Washington.

Lawrence7 Washington was born about 1602 and died 1652. He received the degree B. A. from and he was; a fellow of Brasenose College, but he resigned his fellowship in 1632 to take the valuable living in Purleigh, County Essex, England. In 1643, however, he was by Parliament ejected from this living for being as was alleged "a malignant royalist, a friend of papists, a frequenter of taverns, an ale tippler and a drunkard," all of which charges were strictly denied by himself and by his friends and were undoubtedly untrue. He thereafter had a poorly paid living in another parish. He married Amphillis Roads and was the father of the immigrant ancestor of the Washington family of Virginia, John8 Washington.

It will be thus seen that the Washingtons of Virginia came of eminently respectable stock. The earliest of its forebears yet discovered was described as "gentlemen." The family were granted lands by King Henry VIII, held various offices of honor, married into good families, and under the Stuarts two were knighted and a third served as a page to Prince Charles. The generations in America and the connection between the Washington and King families are given below. The first generation in America begins with the eighth English generation as follows:

First Generation.


John8 Washington, (Lawrence,'' Lawrence, Robert* Lawrence* John* Robert,2 John1), born 1633; died 1677. Took to

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