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died in Cuba, N. Y., April 20, 1863; married (1) Jany. 26, 1799, Sarah Mathews, daughter of James and Hannah Mathews; (2) April 2, 1839 Maria W. Cheesman. He was Major General of the New York troops in the War of 1812 and was marching against Canada when peace was declared between the United States and Great Britain. Issue: 7 i. Fletcher Mathews/ b. Nov. 28, 1799; d. Feb. 23,

1866; m. (1) Elizabeth Stuart MacLachlan; (2)

Mary A. Brown.

(And ten others.)

Seventh Generation.

Fletcher Mathews7 Haight, (Maj. Gen. Samuel S.* Stephen,3 Jonathan* John,3 John,1 Simon1), born in Elmira, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1799; died in San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 23, 1866; married (1) Oct. 3, 1822, Elizabeth Stuart MacLachlan, born at Fort William, Inverness, Scotland, and a descendant of the Cameron of Lochiel. She died at Rochester, N. Y., July 30, 1827; (2) Mary A. Brown. Fletcher M. Haight was Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, to which office he was appointed in 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln and which he held until his death. Issue:

8 i. Janet Cameron,8 b. July 9, 182,5; d. Dec. 21, 1844;

m. Jany. 23, 1844, George Eliphalet King, ii. Henry Huntley, b. May 20, 1825; d. Sept. 2, 1878; m. Jany. 24, 1855, Anna E. Bissell. He was Governor of California 1867-1871. Children (1) Janet Cameron, b. July 2, 1858; unmar. (2) Henry H.,

b. (3) Louis Montrose, b. Oct. 7, 1868.

iii. Dugald Cameron, b. May 27, 1827; d. June 24 1852;

unmar. iv. Samuel, b. Sept. 4, 1830; d. Dec. 31, 1853; unmar. v. Fletcher, b. Oct. 23, 1832; d. Feb., 1833. vi. Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1834; m. i860, Samuel Knight who was at head of Wells Fargo Express Co. in San Francisco and was killed by an explosion, vii. Sarah, b. March 26, 1835; m. Hon. Edward Tempkins. He was a distinguished lawyer of San Francisco, Cal.; deceased.

viii. Fletcher M., b. Sept. 29, 1839; d. April 25, 1847.

ix. Anna, b. Feb. 14, 1841; d. Sept. 18, 1868; unmar.

x. Robert, b. Feb. 15, 1842; m. (1) Sophia Brannan; (2) . Children all by first marriage (1) Robert Fletcher who mar. June 25, 1903, Mary Roberts; (2) Elizabeth Yount who mar. Joseph Strong an artist, now deceased.

xi. Lucy, b. March 6, 1844; m. Oct 29, 1867, Charles H. Sawyer, who died 1876. He was a lawyer.

xii. Mary, b. Aug. 26, 1846; m. Capt. Edward Hackett.



Janet Cameron" Haight (Hon. Fletcher Mathews,7 Maj. Gen'l. Samuel S.,* Stephen,* Jonathan* John,3 John," Simon1), born in Rochester, N. Y., July 9, 1823; died in Lima, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1844; buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N. Y.; married in Rochester, N. Y., Jany. 23, 1844, George Eliphalet8 King (Maj. Seth,B Lieut. Eliphalet,* Capt. Joseph,8 James,2 William1), born in New Ipswich, N. H., June 11, 1814; died in San Francisco, Cal. Dec. 27, 1897. For a further account of George E. King, Esq., and issue, see King Genealogy—George Eliphalet King—pages 251-252 ante.


At least four centuries of Scottish life should be sufficient to give the name "Beveridge" the character of being strictly Scottish. So much is attested for it by the "Exchequer Rolls" of Scotland, vols. VI to XI, and Beveridge's "Culross and Tulliallan." Mr. D. Beveridge mentions Friar Beverage, or Beveridge, burned to death on the Castle Hill of Edinburg along with Thomas Forret, vicar of Dollar in 1538, and suggests that he may have been a monk of Culross, where a garden adjoining the convent yard was known in after days as "Beveridge Yard." The name, he further says, is a common one in Kinross-shire and the western district of Fife. The derivation accepted by Mr. Beveridge in his interesting book is "Beverege" or Beaver Island, which he refers to as an island in the Severn, mentioned under that name by Florence of Worcester. Beverly is also instanced as a cognate name. Supposing this to be the true derivation, the islet in the Severn would not necessarily be the actual source of the Scottish family name but a Beaver Island may have existed in Scotland. The Exchequer Rolls give us James, John and Thomas Beverage as tenants of Bonehill, in Fife, as far back as 1485-7. Burke calls Beveridge Norman. There is a Beuvrages, Nord of France. Bishop Beveridge's family was of Leicestershire and it is well to note that the fine domain of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, pronounced "Beever" has hills of which the "edge" or "ridge" may account for the joint Beveridge. (See "Notes and Queries, 7th Series, p. 252.)

Anna Eliza Beveridge married Cameron Haight King, April 2, 1873, at Sacramento. California. She was born at Benicia, Solano Co., Calif., June 13, 1851, and was the daughter of David Forney Beveridge, born 1827; died April 16, 1872, and Hanna Rebecca Beveridge, born 1828; died Aug. 9, 1873, daughter of Capt. Robert and Eliza (Harvey) Winn. Capt. Robert Winn was a sea captain and was from Salem, Mass., but took up his residence at Benicia, California before 1850, Eliza (Harvey) Winn survived her husband and died at San Francisco 1881. She had a brother in San Francisco, James Harvey. David Forney Beveridge, the father of Anna Eliza (Beveridge) King, was the son of Robert Beveridge who was born in Scotland, came to America before 1822 and in 1823, at Baltimore, Md., married Anna Maria Forney.

Robert Beveridge shortly after his marriage with Anna Maria Forney went with his wife to Florida which was then a wilderness and the Indians there very troublesome. He and a business partner laid out a town which they named in honor of their wives —Mary and Anna—transformed into Marianna, now the county seat of Jackson County, Florida. There Mrs. Beveridge died and was buried. The children of Robert and Anna Maria (Forney) Beveridge were Susan Louisa, David Forney and Robert Duval. The last named, who died in childhood, owed his middle name to the fact that Governor Duval of Florida was visiting at their house when he was born. Susan Louisa Beveridge b. July 21, 1824, was brought up by her grandmother, Mrs. David Forney who took her daughter's children to her home in Baltimore after their mother's death in Florida. She, Susan Louisa Beveridge, married Jeremiah Fisher, then a merchant in Baltimore. Two of their children, Jeanette and Ella, died in childhood within a few days of each other. Mrs. Fisher's health failed after this, and after a vain attempt to regain strength by a visit to Florida, among her father's (Robert Beveridge) family by his second marriage, she returned to Baltimore and died May 31, 1859. She left surviving her (1) Anna Louisa Fisher, who died Dec. 29, 1876, was married to Henry Sage Manning of Brooklyn, N. Y., and left a son Richard Fisher Manning. (2) Leila Beveridge Fisher who married William C. Howard of Brooklyn, N. Y. They have three children, Helen Louise Howard, born Jany. 31, 1878; Ruth, born April 24, 1885, and William Fisher Howard, born Dec. 14, 1887. The residence of Mrs. William C. Howard is (in 1903) No. 246 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, L. I.

David Forney Beveridge born 1827, died April 16, 1872; went to California in 1849 or l&5° m the early days of the gold fever. He soon thereafter lost his right arm by an accident while hunting. He returned with his family to Baltimore, but subsequently went back again to California. He held several county offices in Solano County, California, and while doing so resided at Suisun in that County. He was also Engrossing Clerk of the Assembly in the Legislature of 1869-70 and thereafter made Sacramento, Calif., his residence where he died April 16, 1872.


Robert1 Beveridge born in Scotland; married at Baltimore,
Md., 1823, Anna Maria Forney, daughter of David and Louisa
(Nace) Forney. He went to Florida in 1824 where Anna Maria
his wife died and he married a second time.

i. Susan Louisa2 b. July 21, 1824; d. May 31, 1859;
m. Jeremiah Fisher.

1 Anna Louisa Fisher, d. Dec. 29, 1876; m. Henry

Sage Manning. Had one child surviving her. Issue: 1 Richard Fisher Manning. Res. Brooklyn, L. I.

2 Ella Beveridge Fisher b. Nov. 19, 1851; d. Dec.

24, 1854.

3 Jeannette Beveridge Fisher, b. Mar. 24, 1854; d.

Jany. 2, 1855.

4 Leila Beveridge Fisher m. William C. Howard. Res. Brooklyn, L. I.


1 Helen Louise Howard, b. Jany. 31, 1878.

2 Margaret M. Howard, d. in infancy.

3 Ruth Howard, b. April 24, 1885.

4 William Fisher Howard, b. Dec. 14, 1887.

2 ii. David Forney, b. 1827; d. April 16, 1872; m. Han

nah Rebecca Winn,
iii. Robert Duval, b. 1828; d. 1836.

(Robert Beveridge had several children also by his
second marriage at Marianna, Florida.)


David Forney2 Beveridge (Robert1) born 1827; died April 16, 1872, in Sacramento, Cal.; married August 6, 1850 Hannah Rebecca Winn, born 1828; died Aug. 9, 1873; daughter of Capt. Robert and Eliza (Harvey) Winn. Issue:

3 i. Anna Eliza, b. June 13, 1851; d. July 1, 1879; m.

April 2, 1873, Cameron Haight King, ii. David Forney, b. Nov. 6, 1852; m. Nov. 24, 1880 Addie King. Res. Vallejo, Cal.

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