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6 i. Sarah A. M.,« born April i, 1806; died Oct. 8, 1831.

And others.

Sixth Generation.


Sarah A. M.* Vanderheyden, (Jacob £>.,' Dirk,* Jacob* Dirk,1 Jacob Tysse1), born April 1, 1806; died Oct. 8, 1831; married Dec. 5, 1825, John H. Bayeux, who died June 25, 1833. Issue:

Ellen B. L.t Bayeux, born Oct. 11, 1826; died Aug-
12, 1900.

Seventh Generation.

Ellen B. L.' Bayeux, (Sarah A. M* Vanderheyden, Jacob D.,' Dirk* Jacob* Dirk,2 Jacob Tysse1), born Oct. n, 1826; died Aug. 12, 1900; married May 6, 1851, Harvey J.e King (Roger,5 Lieut. Eliphalet,4 Capt. Joseph,8 James,2 William1), born July 16,. 1824. For further account of Harvey J. King, Esq., and his descendants see King Genealogy, pages 245-248, ante.


Janet Cameron8 Haight, (Fletcher M.,1 Gen. Samuel S.* Stephen, Jonathan* John* John* Simon,1 of Charleston, Mass., 1628), born July 9, 1823, in Bath, N. Y.; died Dec. 21, 1844, in Rochester, N. Y.; married Jany. 23, 1844, at Rochester, N. Y., George Eliphalet" King (Seth,8 Lieut. Eliphalet,* Capt. Joseph,* James,2 William1). It is supposed that the name Haight was derived from the word Hoit or Hoyte, of Dutch origin. The word hoit or hoyt is now obselete, but in old English it .sometimes meant "to leap or caper" (Webster's Diet, Hoit) or to be noisily or riotously merry. The ancestor of the family may have obtained the surname from his athletic proclivities of leaping or capering, or because he was a noisily merry fellow. We meet with the word in the old English of Beaumont & Fletcher in the "Knight of the Burning Pestle" where the words run as follows: He "sings and hoits and revels among his drunken companions." The tradition is that the family was originally Dutch—"Hoyte"— and it is said that the present Baron Von Hoyte of Germany and the Haights, Hoyts and flights are all from the same Dutch stock. However that may be, the family was well established in Somersetshire, England, as early as the year 1400. The earliest spelling of the name in the records of England in 1417-1418-1503 is Hoyte but Hayte and Haite occur with reference to the same family in England in the years 1548-1572-1610. The first American ancestor of the Haight family, Simon Hoyte, (sometimes spelled Hait) landed in Salem, Mass., in the year 1628 and soon thereafter the family spread to Connecticut, Long Island, and several places in New York state.

One of the most singular facts in connection with the Haight family is the orthography of the name and the various ways in which members of the same family have spelled their names. No less than thirty-four different methods of spelling the name appear in the records, as follows: Hoyte, Hoyt, Hoite, Hoit, Hoyt, Hoitt, Hoyet, Hoyett, Hoyette, Hoyht, Hoitte, Hoith, Hoyat, Hawett, Hoyght, Hoight, Hight, Hite, Hoett, Hyet, Hioght, Hiot, Hyot, Houet, Hyte, Hyatt, Hayts, Haitt, Hayt, Hait, Height, Hayte, Haite and Haight. Where the English and Dutch streams of migration met in Westchester County, New York, the various forms of the name settled into Haight, and the descendants of John Hoit or Hoyt of Rye, Connecticut and Moses Hoyt of Eastchester and of Samuel Haight who was in Flushing, Long Island, as early as 1684 continued the name Haight until during the 18th century it became the commonest form of spelling it.

The Haight family has produced many distinguished members. The father of Janet Cameron Haight (King) was Fletcher Mathews Haight, born Nov. 28, 1799, at Elmira, New York, died at San Francisco, California, Feby. 23, 1866. He was a graduate of Hamilton College, N. Y. Began the practice of law in Bath N. Y. Removed to Rochester, N. Y., in 1824 and became eminent in his profession. He was elected to the legislature from Monroe County, New York, in 1833. Removed to St. Louis in 1846 and to San Francisco, California, in 1854, where he practiced law in partnership with his son, Henry H. Haight (afterwards Governor of California) until 1861 when he was appointed United States District Judge of the Southern District of California by President Abraham Lincoln, which office he held until his death in 1866.

Major General Samuel S. Haight, the father of Judge Fletcher M. Haight and the grandfather of Janet Cameron Haight (King) born at Athens, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1788, died at Cuba, N. Y., April 20, 1863, was by profession a lawyer and practiced at Newtown, now Elmira, N. Y. He was Major General of the I. ew York State troops in the war of 1812 and was marching at the head of his troops toward the Canadian frontier when peace between the United States and England was declared. His uncle, Major Jonathan Haight, born 1736, died 1779, was a gallant officer who had a short and brilliant life with an extremely sad termination. Maj. Jonathan Haight held a commission in the English army as Captain in the 44th Regiment, of which Jonathan Le Roy was Colonel. Maj. Haight's commission as Captain was signed by Governor James De Lancey of New York March 22, 1760 and is still preserved by his descendants. He was before that in the Indian Wars of 1759. He went with the English troops to Cuba in the War of England against Spain and was promoted to Major for his bravery at the taking of Morro Castle, Havana, in 1762. When the War of the Revolution broke out, however, he resigned at once from the English service and espoused the American cause. He was denounced by the English as guilty of treason and a price was set upon his head. He was hunted from place to place and his estates confiscated. When he died in 1779 he left a son Samuel Haight, who was afterward a general in the United States army in the War of 1812. This General Samuel Haight is not the Major General Samuel S. Haight, who was in command of the New York troops in 1812, but was his cousin. Janet Cameron Haight (King) had also a brother Henry Huntley Haight, born at Rochester, N. Y., May 20, 1825; died at San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 2, 1878; graduate of Yale, 1844. He removed from Rochester, N. Y., to St. Louis in 1846 where he began the practice of law, but left St. Louis Nov. 1849, for California and arrived at San Francisco, July 20, 1850. He was eminently successful in the practice of law in San Francisco and acquired a considerable fortune. He was elected on the Democratic ticket Sept. 5, 1867, Governor of the State of California over George C. Gorham, the Republican candidate, by a majority of 10,000 votes, being the first Democratic Governor elected after the Civil War. He held the office of Governor until December, 1871.

Elizabeth Stuart (McLachlan) Haight, the mother of Janet Cameron (Haight) King, was a descendant from the Camerons of Lochiel, consecrated in history by the pens of Campbell, Scott, Hogg, Wilson and Macauley. She was born in Scotland at Fort William, Inverness County. We will begin with the first Haight ancestor in America.


Simon1 Hoyte, (sometimes in the records spelled Hait), landed in Salem, Mass., in 1628. He was for a short time in Charleston, Mass., in 1628 and was one of the first settlers of Dorchester in 1630. He moved to Scituate, Mass., where he appears on the records of the church at Scituate, as "Symeon Hayte" and also as "Haite"—From Scituate he moved to Windsor, Connecticut, where he had a large grant of land from the Plantation of Connecticut, Feby. 28, 1640. He removed to Stamford, Conn., in 1657 and died there Sept. 1, 1657. He was married to Susanna Hayte, who survived him. Issue:

2 i. John2 (Hait-Hoit-Hoyt) b. before 1630; d. 1684; m. Mary (and others).


John* Hait-hoit-hoyt (Simon1), born before 1630; died

1684; m. Mary . He lived in Eastchester, Westchester Co.,

N. Y., and moved to Rye, Conn., in 1676.


3 i. John8 (Hait-Haight). b. 1664; d. 1726; m. Eliza

beth (and another).



John* Hait-haight, (John* Simon1) born 1664; died in

Rye, Conn., 1726; married Elizabeth . At this period the

name is more frequently spelled Haight. Issue:

4 i. Jonathan* (Haight) b. 1689; d. 1780; m. 1735 Su

sanna Thrall (and others.)

Fourth Generation.


Jonathan* Haight (John* John* Simon1), born in Rye, Conn., in 1689; died in Courtland, N. Y., 1780; married in 1735 Susanna Thrall, daughter of Ebenezer Thrall of Rye. Issue:

5 i. Stephen," b. 1740; d. 18—, m. Margaret Cook of

Loonenburg, N. Y. ii. Jonathan, b. 1736; d. 1779 in Fishkill, N. Y., m. Elizabeth Mandeville. He was a major in the English Army. An account of him has been given above. (And others.)



Stephen' Haight, (Jonathan* John* John* Simon1), born 1740; died 18—; married Margaret Cook, daughter of John Cook of Loonenburg, now called Athens, N. Y. Issue:

6 i. Samuel S.* b. Sept. 17, 1778; d. April 20, 1863; m.

(1) Sarah Mathews Jany. 26, 1799. (2) Maria W. Cheesman April 2, 1839. (And others).


Major General Samuel S.* Haight (Stephen* Jonathan* John,* John,* Simon1), born in Athens, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1778;

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