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Came to New Netherland and settled at Beaverwyck in 1630.
Roeloff Jans died at New Amsterdam in 1636; Annetje at Beaver-
wyck in 1663.

2 i. Sarah2 Roeloff, born Holland 1620; died New

Amsterdam 1693; married June 29, 1642, Dr. Hans


And others.

Second Generation.


Sarah2 Roeloff, (Roeloff Jans1), born in Holland about 1620; died in 1693; married at New Amsterdam June 29, 1642, Dr. Hans Kiersted, born in Holland about 1610; died in 1666. Issue:

3 i. Rachael,3 born Jany 1, 1660; died . And six


Third Generation.


Rachael3 Kierstad, (Sarah Roeloff,2 Roeloff Jans1), born Jany. 1, 1660; married Nov. 19, 1686, William Teller. Issue:

4 i. William,* born Dec. 25, 1690; died 1753.

Fourth Generation.


William4 Teller, (Rachael Kiersted* Sarah Roeloff,2 Roeloff Jans1), born Dec. 25, 1690; died 1753; married Mary Caniff. Issue:

5 i. Mary5 Teller, born March 1722; died Oct. 17, 1811.

And others.

Fifth Generation.


Mary" Teller, (William,* Rachael Kiersted* Sarah Roeloff* Roeloff Jans1), born March 17, 1722; died Oct. 17, 1811; married Jacobus Buys. Issue:

6 i. Mary* Buys, born 1747; died Oct. 9, 1801. And


Sixth Generation.

Mary8 Buys (Mary Teller," William Teller* Rachael Kiersted* Sarah Roeloff? Roeloff Jans1) born 1747; died Oct. 9, 1801; married John Martin Auringer. He was the son of George Francis Auringer, of Mannheim, Germany, a manufacturer of cloth, velvet, tapestry, etc., who also owned extensive vineyards near Mannheim. Issue:

7 i. Christina7 Auringer, born Jany. 8, 1785 ; died Feby.

9, 1872; married July 23, 1812, Roger King.

Seventh Generation.

Christina7 Auringer, (Mary Buys," Mary Teller,* William Teller* Rachael Kiersted* Sarah Roeloff* Roeloff Jans1), born Jany. 8, 1785; died Feby. 9, 1872; married July 23, 1812, Roger King,8 (Lieut. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,* James,1 William1), born in Suffield, Conn., Jany. 16, 1771; died in Joncsville, N. Y., Aug. 15> 1855. For further account of Roger King and his descendants see King Genealogy, pages 157-160, ante.


Maj. Seths King, (Lieut. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph* James* William1), born Sept. 27, 1777; died July 12, 1851; married Oct. 15, 1808, at New Ipswich, N. H., Anna Preston, daughter of Dr. John and Rebecca (Farrar) Preston. She was born at New Ipswich, Aug. 10, 1784, and died there Sept. 6, 1863. She was born, lived during her entire lifetime, married and died in the same house, which was built in 1764 by her father, Dr. John Preston. After his death, Feby. 17, 1803, this house passed into the hands of Maj. Seth King, when he married Anne Preston and thenceforth became their residence. Dr. John Preston, the father of Mrs. Seth King came to New Ipswich in 1760 at the age of 22 years. He had been a fearless young soldier in the company of his father, Capt. Samuel Preston, in the French and Indian War. Little fighting was done after the capture of Quebec by Wolfe in 1759 and John Preston laid aside his sword for the scalpel and settled down in New Ipswich as a physician. The Doctor was a fortnight younger than the new minister, Rev. Stephen Farrar, who was ordained the same year, and the two young men became fast friends. Dr. John Preston married the young minister's sister, Rebecca Farrar, Nov. 29, 1764. The Doctor was a stanch Whig during the Revolution, but his professional duties did not permit his joining the army. He succeeded his brother-in-law, Judge Timothy Farrar, as member of the convention to frame the State Constitution; was one of the founders of the Appleton Academy at New Ipswich, and for many years its secretary. He filled the various town offices of town clerk, selectman and representative, and till his death in 1803 was a leader of public opinion. His son John was also a doctor, a graduate of Dartmouth College in 1791, and succeeded to his father's practice and, like his father, was a good townsman and filled many important offices. His grandson, another John, was a graduate of Harvard, 1823, and entered upon the practice of the law; was many years in the Legislature; was Senator from District No. 9 when all other members of the Senate were Democratic ; was formerly a Whig but was one of the little band known as the Liberty party in 1844; was the Free Soil candidate for Congress in 1848; and was supported by the Free Soilers in the Legislature for United States Senator in 1852. There still reside (1903) in New Ipswich several members of the Preston family, and among them John Preston, great-great-grandson of Dr. John Preston, Sr., who is principal of the Appleton Academy at New Ipswich, and his brother, Frederic Preston, a commercial traveller for a New York wholesale firm. Their father was William Arthur Preston (John, Dr. John, Jr.; Dr. John, Sr.), who died at New Ipswich Dec. 5, 1902. In 1867 he succeeded his father as treasurer of the New Ipswich Savings Bank, the affairs of which he conducted with rare judgment and ability until 1874. He was also president of the bank from 1889 until his death. In 1874 he resigned the position of treasurer to become the principal of the Appleton Academy, at which he had prepared for college. In the meantime he served also as representative in the years 1869 and 1870, as town treasurer from 1873 to 1875, and as moderator for eleven years. The position of principal of the academy he retained during the rest of his life and this period of nearly thirty years was of most remarkable value.

His instruction was of very high order; ample in resources, of copious and apposite illustration, accurate, vivid and forceful, and above all an inspiration of self-dependence to the student. He was, himself, an example of the true scholar, and possessed a rare influence upon the minds of the young, as well as the happy art of diffusing a delightful atmosphere around each subject.

For the following pedigree of the Preston family I am indebted to the late Frank W. Preston (great grandson of Dr. Preston, Sr.), who died Sept. 1, 1905, and was at the time of his death treasurer of the New Ipswich Savings Bank and also professor of mathematics in the Appleton Academy. He was a graduate at Harvard in 1858 and a man of rare ability and learning. He left four children—Kate, residing at Columbus, O.; William A., residing at New Ipswich; Frank H., residing at Springfield, Mass., and Herbert F., a graduate of Harvard.

The first of the family who came from England was Roger Preston and with him commence the generations in America.

First Generation.

Roger1 Preston, born in England 1614; died in Lynn, Mass., Jany. 20, 1666. At the age of twenty-one years he left England, from London, in the ship Elizabeth, on April 8, 1635, for New England, and his name appears on the passenger list of that ship. There has been a doubt as to what part of England was his birthplace. On his embarkation he took the oath of allegiance at the parish of St. Alphage, Cropplegate (Cripplegate, London, probably) and produced a certificate that he was no "subsidie" man signed by witnesses "belonging to Blackwell Hall," the location of which is not mentioned. But from whatever part of England Roger Preston came it is certain that he embarked on the Elizabeth April 8, 1635, at London for New England. He settled in Ipswich, Mass., and is first mentioned in the records there in 1639. In a deed dated March 11, 1658, he sold his house and land in Ipswich. In this deed he is called "planter," and his wife is called Martha. He was in Salem, Mass., in 1660 and was licensed to keep an ordinary, and also the following year. He seems not to have been in very good circumstances and died insolvent Jany. 20, 1666, at Lynn, Mass. His widow, Martha, married Nicholas Holt of Andover, Mass., May 21, 1666, and with three sons at least went to Andover. She died March 21, 1703, "aged upwards of eighty years." 'There are no records of births to be found, the ages given below being from depositions. It is said (tradition) that Nicholas Holt, who married the widow Martha, came from the same part of England as Roger Preston. Nicholas Holt came from Romsey, Hampshire, England. The children of Roger Preston and Martha, his wife, were probably all born at Ipswich, Mass. Issue:

i. Thomas,2 born 1643; lived in Salem. 2 ii. Samuel, born 1651; lived in Andover.

iii. John, born ;lived in Andover.

iv. Jacob, born 1658; lost on a fishing voyage. (There were probably others—Levi, Elizabeth, Mary.)

Second Generation.

Samuel2 Preston, (Roger1), born 1651; died at Andover, July 10, 1738; married in Andover, May 27, 1671 (or 1672), Susannah Gutterson, who died Dec. 29, 1710. He married, second, Mary Blodgett (widow), Sept. 24, 1713, who died March,


3 i. Samuel,8 born March 16, 1673; married Sarah

ii. William, born Jany. 16, 1674.

iii. Susannah, born March 30, 1677; married James Holt,

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