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Fourth Generation.


Roger4 Fuller, {John,3 John,1 John1), born Oct. 19, 1572; died April 30, 1644; married April 24, 1600, Jane Gowan. Roger Fuller lived and died in Topcroft, County Norfolk, England. He left a will, proved Aug., 1644. His will omits to mention some of his chidren. Even the parish registers do not show the baptism of some of his children. His son Giles Fuller was not mentioned in his father's will, nor does his name appear on the parish registers, yet when Giles died in Hampton, N. H., in 1673, he was clearly shown in the probate court to be a son of Roger Fuller of Topcroft by the testimony of his brother-in-law, Mr. Thurston. "It is a remarkable fact," says Mr. Francis H. Fuller of Jamaica Plain, Mass., "that the death of this unregistered and, in the will of his father, unmentioned man Giles Fuller, was the sole means of accidentally disclosing the birthplace and ancestry of the Fuller family, which included in it so many persons prominent in the affairs of early New England and to which family belonged the historic Dr. Samuel Fuller." The children of Roger" Fuller were (among others) as follows, some being here omitted: Issue:

i. Elizabeth5, who married her cousin, a John Fuller,

son perhaps of Ralph Fuller, ii. Giles, who died at Hampton, N. H., 1673. His name does not appear in the parish registers, nor is he mentioned in his father's will, iii. Susanna, married Mr. Thurston, iv. William, baptized Dec. 14, 1611. Is mentioned in his father's will. Went to New England in company (as is generally believed) with John Fuller on the ship Abigail in May, 1635. He settled in Hampton, N. H., and in 1681 made an affidavit in which he stated that he came to Hampton from Ipswich, Mass., and that he had a brother John. 5 v. John, born —; died in Ipswich, Mass., June 4, 1666;

married in Ipswich Elizabeth Emerson. I place his name here as a son of Roger because of the affidavit of William Fuller made at Hampton in 1681, and also for the reason given by Mr. Edward F. Everett which I have quoted above herein on page 503. The name of John does not appear in the will of Roger Fuller, nor does the parish register show the baptism of any son of Roger named John. The same, however, was true of Roger's son, Giles.

Fifth Generation.

John" Fuller, (Roger* John,* John,2 John1), born ;died

in Ipswich, Mass., June 4, 1666; married in Ipswich, Mass., Elizabeth Emerson, baptized June 14, 1623, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Brewster) Emerson of Ipswich, Mass., in 1638. In his will John Fuller provided that his son James was to have a double share "if any estate were recovered in England," and it may be that the failure of Roger Fuller to mention some of his children in his will was relied upon by John Fuller as a ground for the recovery of a share of the estate which Roger Fuller left. A very complete genealogy of the several descendants of John Fuller may be found in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 53, p. 335. Issue:

i. John,8. Did not live in Ipswich, N. H., but probably

lived in Hampton, N. H. ii. William. Like his brother John probably lived in

Hampton, iii. James, born 1646; died June 21, 1725; married Oct.

20, 1672, Mary Ring, iv. Joseph, born 1648; died Aug. 22, 1731; married Oct. 1, 1685, Mary Wood.

v. Susanna, b. ;d. ;married Oct. 25, 1671,

William Stacy. 6 vi. Elizabeth, born May 31, 1652; died Suffielrl, Conn.,

June 30, 1715; married March 23, 1674, James

vii. Thomas, b. ;died Sept., 1689.

viii. Nathaniel, b. ;died 1719; married, 1708, Mary


ix. Sarah, b. ;d. ;married Nov., 1679, Nathaniel

x. Mary (posthumous).

Sixth Generation.


Elizabeth* Fuller (John.* Roger* John* John* John1), born in Ipswich, Mass., May 31, 1652; died in Suffield, Conn., June 30, 1715; married in Ipswich. Mass., March 23, 1674, James King, born at Ugborough, Devonshire, England, Nov. 7, 1647; died in Suffield, Conn., May 13, 1722.

For descendants see King Genealogy, James King (No. 3), pages 68-81, ante.


Elizabeth Emerson, baptized June 14, 1623, at Bishop's, Stortford, County Herts, England, daughter of Thomas Emerson of Ipswich, Mass., 1638, married John Fuller, of Ipswich, and one of the children of this marriage, Elizabeth Fuller, married March 23, 1674, James King, the founder of the King family of Suffield, Conn. Elizabeth Emerson forms, therefore, the connecting link between the Emerson and King families.

The great genius of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the greatest thinkers and writers of America, and who was of the eighth generation of the Emerson family in this country, has shed a luster upon the name that will long endure.

"Richardus fil. Emerici," from the writs of parliament of the thirteenth century (Bardsley, English Surnames, 2d Ed., 1875, p. 29) says Professor B. K. Emerson, is perhaps the earliest and, as it were, embryonic form of the name in England, and at a time when modern surnames were in a process of formation. It was the son of Emory, a patronymic introduced into England by the Normans, according to Bardsley, from the continent where as Americans, Emeric, Almeric, Almaric, Eimeric it had a wide and early use, and whence in its Italian form Amerigo, it has given a name to the New World. Emery's son became Emmerisson, Emmerson, and most widely, Emerson." Mr. Lower in his "Patronymica Brittannica" says:

"Names derived from baptismal names (in the genitive case), i e., Emerson, genitive of Emary from Almeric, Amery, Emery, Amerigo, from Amalrich, meaning an exalted ruler (ric)."

It is asserted however in Burke's Landed Gentry that the family of D'Amery came to England with the conqueror from Tours. In 1129 Roger de Amar witnessed the charter of Oseny. About 1180 Ralph was Lord of Hamars in Normandy. In Leland's copy of the Roll of Battel! Abbey (a list of the chief officers and companions of William, the Conqueror) occurs the name D'Amary. The Emersons in England seem to have sprung from that Aimeric, Archdeacon of Carlisle and Durham, 1196-1214, and high sheriff of Northumberland, 1214-1215, who was the nephew of Bishop Phillip of Poictou, Prince Bishop of Durham, 1195, and previously, clericum et familiarem of Richard Coeur-de-Leon. Both the bishop and archdeacon had married before they took orders in the church. (The pedigree is given in Surtee's History of Durham, Vol. 4, p. 137). The Archdeacon Aimeric had a son, Emeric de Lidgate, and two grandchildren, Richard fil. Emeric and Emeric fil Emeric. This descent explains the long connection of the Emersons with the bishopric of Durham, especially as parkers, foresters, and gatekeepers of the great park belonging to the bishopric. The early mention of the name in England has already been quoted—Richardus fil. Emerici (Richard Emerson) in the writs of parliament of the thirteenth century.

The arms of the Emerson family were originally granted to Ralph (Ralf, Raffe, Rafe) Emerson of Foxton, in the Bishopric of Durham, England, in 1535, and are blazoned (according to Professor Benjamin Kendall Emerson) as follows: "Per fesse indented vert and or, a bend engrailed az. charged with three lions passant arg. crest: A demi-lion rampant vert, bezante, grasping a battle axe gules, headed arg." On the walls of the library of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Mass., hangs a blazon of the Emerson arms in water colors, under the face of which is written: "The arms and crest above depicted were granted to Ralph Emerson of Foxton, in the county palatine of Durham, by Tho: Wall, Garter, Principal King of Arms. Ano. 26, Henry VIII. Ita testor: Rob. Dale, Faecialis Titulo SufTolc. Colleg. Armor, Registrarij Deputatus. 25 Jany., 1709."

I have extracted the foregoing information from the book of Professor B. K. Emerson, "The Ipswich Emersons," which contains a very full account of the English ancestry of the family and also a most complete genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Emerson, of Ipswich, Mass. I shall also take from his book the record of the Emersons given below, beginning with their English ancestry and following down the American line to its connection with the King family.

First Generation.


Rai.f1 Emerson, of Foxton, Bishopric of Durham, granted arms A. D. 1535. Issue: 2 1. Thomas2 Emmerson, born before 1540.

Second Generation.


Thomas2 Emmerson, (Ralf1), born before 1540. Birthplace not known, but he was a resident of Great Dun mow, County Essex, England, where his three children are registered as follows: Issue: 3 i. Robert,* bapt. 25 Oct., 1561.

ii. John, bapt. 1562.

iii. John, bapt. 1565.

Third Generation.

Robert* Emerson, (Thomas,2 Ralf1), baptized at Great Dunmow, County Essex, England, Oct. 25, 1561; buried at Bishop's Stortford (seven miles from Great Dunmow) Jany. 6, 1620. His will was proved 1620 (as Robert Emberson). He married at Bishop's Stortford, County Herts, Nov. 24, 1578, Susan Crabb. who died there Nov. 20, 1626. Issue:

i. Alice,4 baptized Nov. 22, 1579.

ii. Margaret, baptized Feb. 21, 1582; married T. Brown, of Southwark. 4 iii. Thomas, baptized Bishop's Stortford, July 26, 1584;

married Elizabeth Brewster, July 1, 1611. iv. Anne, not recorded as baptized; married July 1, 1611,

J. Rogers, v. Robert, baptized April 12, 1596; not mentioned in

father's will, vi. John, not recorded as baptized, but mentioned in father's will.

Fourth Generation.

Thomas4 Emerson, (Robert,3 Thomas,2 Ralf1), baptized at Bishop's Stortford, County Herts, England, July 26, 1584; died in Ipswich, Mass., May 1, 1666; married at Bishop's Stortford, July 1, 1611, Elizabeth Brewster. Little is known of the life of Thomas Emerson before he came to Ipswich, Mass., 1636-1638. In the church warden's book of St. Michael's church, at Bishop's Stortford, he is recorded in 1636 as collector for the poor. His wife Elizabeth may have been the daughter of William Brewster, postmaster at Scrooby and the famous elder of the Pilgrims in 1620.

Thomas Emerson certainly resided at Ipswich, Mass., as early as 1638, when he had eighty acres of land granted him adjoining

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