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great grandfather of the present owner, the author says: "It is not mere conjecture to suppose that it was erected prior to the commencement of the sixteenth century, for an inscription engraved on a brass plate affixed to the family vault in Ugborough Church shows that one of its proprietors was interred there in the year 1507, and there now remains in the hall, on a shield of wood, the date 1537."

The Manor house is now, and for several years past has been unoccupied and needs extensive repairs. At present it 's merely a magnificent and picturesque ruin.

While it is not practicable to prove from the records what the exact relationship was between the family which occupied it and the King family of Suffield, it is quite evident that such relationship existed from the fact that the Coat of Arms of the Fowelscombe family is identical with that of James King, who was born at Ugborough in 1647 and settled in Suffield in 1678.

Such relationship is also recognized by Mrs. Walters and other members of the Fowelscombe King family.

It is a remarkable fact that the only surviving male descendant in England of the King family of Fowelscombe who bears the name of King is Arthur Fitzroy Bonham King, Esq., who resides at Warnford, Bishop's Waltham, Hants, England. He is the only son of Captain John King, who was the younger brother of Richard King, the father of Mrs. Walters, the present owner of Fowelscombe.

We present on the page facing this a half-tone of Fowelscombe Manor House from a photograph taken in 1905.


It is unnecessary to quote here from the Ugborough Parish Registers any entries other than those which it is believed exhibit the direct line of ancestry of the King Family of Suffield, Connecticut.



Thomas1 Synge was born before the opening of the parish registers in 1538. His daughter Joanna was buried at Ugborough in 1579. William2 Kinge (mentioned in the next succeeding paragraph as of the second generation) and his wife Margaret named their eldest son Thomas and one of their daughters Joanna; therefore I infer that Thomas1 Kynge was the father of this William2 Kinge.



William2 and Margaret Kinge. The Register of Baptisms shows the following children of William and Margaret Kinge:

i. Alicia and Joanna bapt. 1577.

ii. Thomas bapt. 1581.

iii. Robert bapt. 1584.

The parish register does not show the baptism of a William nor any other child after Robert, baptized in 1584, yet it is probable that such a child named William was so born to William and Margaret Kinge, because in the year 1621 a William Kinge, as will hereafter appear, was married to Christina (Christia) Lapp, while there appears from the Parish registers to have been no other family of Kinge at Ugborough except William Kinge and Margaret, his wife, who could have had a child of sufficient age to marry at that time (1621). It may be that he was baptized, if at all, in some neighboring parish where perhaps the parents of Margaret resided, or possibly »o London, to which

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