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3 George Earnest Merrill, b. Baltimore, Md.,

Nov. 29, 1903, d. Annapolis, Md., Feb. 14, 1905.

4 David Orcutt Merrill, b. Baltimore, Md., Nov.

16, 1906. v. Harriet Anna10 Merrill, b. Dec. 8, 1874; educated at Wellesley, Yale, and University of Chicago; m. St. Paul, Minn., June II, 1902, Charles Edward Clifton, son of Henry and Mary Reese (Davis) Clifton, b. Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1852. He is a member of Chicago Board of Trade. Issue:

1 Charles Edward11 Clifton, b. Chicago, Ill., May

14, 1903.

2 Alice Teresa Clifton, b. Chicago, Ill., Sept. 15,



Almira Francis" King, (Henry Jarvis* Leonard Jarvis,7 David* Ebenezer,6 Ebenezer* James* James,2 William'), born in Medina, O., Sept. 7, 1845; married (1) in Hillsdale, Mich., June 20, 1867, Orlando Walter Bates, who died Feb. 10, 1874; (2) Seymour Phillips. Res. 1758 Chicago St., Denver, Colo. Issue:

i. Frederick Walter10 Bates, b. Ossawatamie, May

10, 1870. ii. Harry Wood Bates, b. Aug. 31, 1873. Is a dentist at Denver, Colo.


Charles Lee9 King, M. D., (Henry Jarvis* Leonard Jarvis,'1 David* Ebenezer* Ebenezer* James* James,2 William1), born in Oberlin, O., March 24, 1853; married in North Monroeville, O., Salina Bath. Dr. King is a prosperous physician at Pasadena, Cal. No issue.


Henry Churchill" King, D. D., (Henry Jarvis* Leonard Jarvis,7 David* Ebenezer* Ebenezer* James* James,2 William1), born in Hillsdale, Mich., Sept. 18, 1858; married July 7, 1882, Julia Coates. Rev. Dr. King is president of Oberlin College, Ohio, from which he graduated and received the degree of A. B. in 1879. His academic record is as follows: D. B., Oberlin Seminary, 1882; A. M., Harvard University, 1883; D. D., Oberlin College, 1897, Western Reserve University, 1901, Yale University, 1904; Tutor in Mathematics, Oberlin Academy, 1881-2; post graduate student at Harvard University, 1882-4; Assistant Professor Mathematics, Oberlin College, 1884-90; Professor Philosophy, Oberlin College, 1891-7; student University of Berlin, 1893-4; Professor Theology and Philosophy, Oberlin Seminary and College, 1897; Dean of Oberlin College, 1901-2; President of Oberlin College, Nov. 19, 1902; author of many philosophical works, among which are "Outline of Eramann's History of Philosophy," 1892; "Outline of the Microcosmos of Herman Lotze," 1895; "The Appeal of the Child," 1900; "Reconstruction of Theology," 1901; "Theology and the Social Consciousness," 1902, etc. A sketch of him is given in "Who Is Who in America,"

Harold Lee,10 b. Brecksville, O., June 12, 1883.
Philip Coates, b. Oberlin, O., May 27, 1887.
Donald Storrs, b. Oberlin, O., June 19, 1889.
Edgar Weld, b. Berlin, Germany, Dec. 24, 1893.


Fannie Collins0 King, (William Granger* Zadock Granger,1
John," Ebenezer* Ebenezer* James* James,2 William'), born in
Chardon, O., June 13, 1838; died June 6, 1865; married Aug. 7,
1856, Carnot C. Mason, who died July 15, 1889.

i. Clara M.10 Mason, b. Dec. 26, i860; m. March 7,
1883, William R. Faunce.

1 Carnot Harry11 Faunce, b. Nov. 17, 1885.
ii. Albert G.10 Mason, b. Oct. 3, 1863.


Lucy Melissa0 King, (William Granger* Zadock Granger,1 John* Ebenezer? Ebenezer* James* James,2 William1), born in Chardon, O., March 4, 1842; died Feb. 27, 1862; married Oct. 13, 1858, George M. Radcliffe. Issue:


i. Frank C.10 Radcliffe, b. Sept. 9, i860; m. March 4, 1886, Zoe Green.


Maria Bathsheba* King, (William Granger,6 Zadock Granger/ John,0 Ebenezcr,0 Ebenezer* James,3 James,* William1), born in Chardon, O., June 9, 1846; married (1) Feb. 3, 1867, Carnot C. Mason, his second wife; he died July 15, 1889; (2) in San Francisco, Cal., Jany. 24, 1893, Rufus Randolph Fimple, who died March 17. 1898, at Chico, Cal. Issue:

i. Eddie C.10 Mason, b. Feb. 10, 1870; d. March 23, 1871.


William Zadock" King, (William Granger* Zadock Granger,1 John0 Ebenczcr0 Ebenezer* James,0 James,1 William1), born in Chardon, O., Nov. 7, 1848; married April 23, 1872, Merica Ophelia Moore, born Aug. 6, 1852. Dr. William Z. King is a dentist. Res. San Francisco, Cal. Issue:

Harry,10 b. Aug. 27, 1875; d. Aug. 28, 1875, Chico,

George Rufus, b. Chico, Cal., July 23, 1876; m. San

Francisco, July 7, 1906, Anna Forsyth Cox.
Flora, b. Chico, Cal.. Aug. 4, 1880; m. San Fran-
cisco, Cal., April 2, 1902, Percie Clay Black.
Annette, b. San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 9, 1885; m.
San Francisco Oct. 2, 1905, Theodore Jenkins.


Charles Lee0 King, (William Granger,0 Zadock Granger,7 John," Ebenezer,0 Ebenezer* James,3 James,2 William1), born in Chardon, O., May 14, 1855; married in Chico. Cal. (1), May 19, 1875, Mary A. Jacobs, born Feb. 12, 1858; died May 12, 1885; (2) in College City, Colusa County, Cal., June 1, 1886, Nannie Lee Ford.

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