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General Leonard Wood also commended Mr. King's conduct and recommended him for promotion to a lieutenancy, as follows:

Seabqnartrrfl flepartnunt of Santiago,

and Puerto Principe,


<&,«/<«?<• 4 c^uA,, August 23, 1899.


CBORGB C. KING served with credit in the First 0. S. Volunteer Cavalry, awl was present at tho action of Quasimus and the assault on the oorics In front of Santiago, July 1st. 1698.

He Is a well-educated. Intelligent man of good habits and qualified to hold a commission an'nontenant In the Volunteer service, and will, I believe, If comeiMioiwd, -ender a cot"1 aeeour.t of Himself.

f recommend him for a commission as Lieutenant in the Volunteers.


Brigadier General, U. S. V.,
Corriandlng Department.

Severe illness resulting from fever caused by exposure in the Cuban campaign rendered it impossible, however, for Mr. King to remain in the army. He began the practice of law at San Francisco, Cal., with Mr. Emil Liess, under the firm name of Liess & King, and soon acquired a lucrative practice, but his system had become so debilitated by the Cuban fever, which reappeared at intervals, that, having contracted a cold which settled on his lungs, he was warned by his physicians that he could not live in the moist atmosphere of San Francisco and that he must seek a dry climate and greater altitude. After a brief sojourn in Arizona, therefore, he has taken up his residence in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in Placer County, California, where he is recovering his health and strength. He was commander of Nelson A. Miles Camp, No. 10, Department of California, United Spanish War Veterans. Mr. and Mrs. King have no children.


Lochiel Montrose8 King, (Cameron Haight,1 George Eliphalet," Maj. Seth? Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph, James,1 William1), born in San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 25," 1875; married in Sonoma, Cal., Nov. 29, 1899, Anna Mary Wadsworth, daughter of John and Matilda (Corr) Wadsworth, of Vineburg, Sonoma County, Cal., born June 27, 1878. Mr. Lochiel M. King attended first the College of Pharmacy and later the Toland Medical College of the University of California, class of 1896. Becoming interested in mining enterprises, he did not take up the practice of medicine but studied chemistry, assaying, mining engineering and metallurgy. From 1900 to 1904 he was superintendent of the Pacific Coast Ore Sampling Works, Oakland, Cal., purchasers of gold and silver ores and concentrates. In 1904 he formed a partnership with Ernest H. Simonds, M. E., under the firm name of Simonds & King. They did a large business as mining and metallurgical engineers, chemists and assayers at San Francisco until burned out by the great fire of April 18, 1906. Mr. Simonds then withdrew from the firm. Mr. King conducted the business alone, re-establishing it in San Francisco and enlarging its plant and scope under the name "The King Metallurgical Laboratories," located at southeast corner Second and Minna streets. Mr. King is a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers.

Mr. and Mrs. King reside at 1605 Walnut Street, Alameda, California. Issue:

1375* i. Doris Wadsworth," b. Alameda, Cal., March 10, 1903.


Cameron Haight8 King, (Cameron Haight,1 George Eliphalet,9 Maj. Seth* Lt. Eliphalet,* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 Wil

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