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This original charter or deed of Roger King, executed A. D. 1389, is now in the possession of Harvey James8 King, Esq., (Roger,5 Lieut. Eliphalet,4 Capt. Joseph," James2 of Suffield, Conn,. William1 from Ugborough, Devonshire, Eng.) Counselor at Law, No. 2 Mutual Building, Troy, N. Y., who obtained it by purchase from R. Palmer Sanderson Esq., of Lily Grove, Lancaster, England, to whom it came from those having the title deeds of the property conveyed therein.

We give a photographic fac simile (slightly reduced in size) of this charter, but as it would require an expert to decipher the antique character of the letters, the several contractions and abbreviations of the ancient Latin, we will give below, its transcription into modern Latin and also its English translation.

In the photographic fac simile of the charter on the page facing this it will be noticed that the last line of the charter is covered by the folding of the parchment, so that it does not show in the photograph, but the words are "a conquestu anglie terciodecimo," which of course can be seen by peering beneath the fold in the original. The Normans dated all their business from the conquest.


Sciant Presentes et Futuri quod ego Rogerus Kynge dedi concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmavi Johanni Sormonnd totum illud tenementum meurn Triangulum quod tenui jacentis in Burgo de Dodebroke apud Redepitte juxta Fontem Beati Thome Martiris.

Habendum et tenendum totum predictum tenementum cum omnibus suis pertinentiis et aysiamentis predicti Johanni Sormonnd heredibus et assignatis suis de capitalbus dominis feodi illuis pro redditus et servicia inde prius debita et de jure consueta.

Ego vero predictus Rogerus et heredes mei totum predictum tenementum cum omnibus suis pertinentiis predicto Johanni Sormonnd heredibus et assignatis suis contra omnes gentes warrantizabimus acquietabimus et defendemus in perpetuum.

In Cujus Rei Testimonium sigillium meum presentibus apposui. Hiis testibus Johanne Lombe, tunc preposito burgi Dodebroke, Waltero Tone, Roberto Combe, Johanne Bowryng, Roberto Parkyn et aliis.

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