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law and accepted the office of secretary and treasurer of the Akron Sewer Pipe company, the largest institution of its kind at that time in the world, which manufactured vitrified sewer pipe. Rapid success followed his management of this company, the product of which is 1880 had reached the amount of $400,000 per annum. The completion of the Atlantic and Great Western railroad in 1864 gave a great impetus to the manufacturing interests of Akron, and to Mr. King's intelligent activity and financial ability was largely due the advanced position as a maniac- turing point of which Akron is justly proud. All enterprises for the promotion of the city's growth found in Mr. King a liberal supporter and capable worker. He was prominent in securing the extension of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad and in 1871 was elected president of the Valley railroad, the establishing of which he did so much to secure. At the death of his father, Judge Leicester King, Mr. King assumed the management of the large landed estate which his father owned in company with Gen. Simon Perkins, pursuing a policy in the disposal of these lands which materially aided the interests of the growing city.

A member of St. Paul's Episcopal church and for more than 15 years an active superintendent of its Sunday school, he was always found a prominent worker in all charitable and Benevolent enterprises. Mrs. King still resides at Akron, Ohio. Issue:

1163* i. Ellen Lewis,* b. June 30, 1850; d. Dec. 20, 1878; m.

Jany. 19. 1870, David R. Paige. 1164* ii. Bettie Steele, b. Dec. 22, 1851: m. Dec. 10. 1873.

J. G. Raymond. 1165* iii. Howell Steele, b. May 3. 1853; d. Jany. 31, 1887,

unmarried. 1166* iv. Susan Huntington, b. Jany. 16. 1856. 1167* v. Martha Perkins, b. April 6. 1863: m. Jany. 7.

1885, George C. Berry, Jr.


Helen Duniiar" King, (Leicester,'' David." Ebenezer* Ebenecer,1 James? James," William,'1 )born in Warren, O., Nov. 19, 1827; died in New York, Nov. 2, 1886; married in Akron, O., May 1, 1862, Col. James Atkins of Georgia, son of Joseph and Margaret (Adams) Atkins, both of South Carolina. She was educated at Miss Draper's School, Hartford, Conn. Col. and Mrs. Atkins resided in Akron, O., until 1865, when they moved to Atlanta, Ga., where he filled the office of Internal Revenue Collector for 46 counties of Northern Georgia. He resigned that position in 1872 going to Savannah, Ga., as Collector of Customs for the Port of Savannah in which capacity he served until 1880. He thereafter continued his residence at Savannah practicing his profession of law, until his death on October 8, 1890. He graduated from Bethany College, Va., in 1856, with the degree of A. B., and was admitted to the bar. Mrs. Helen Dunbar (King) Atkins died at a hospital in New York in Nov. 1886. They were both laid to rest in the King family lot at Warren, O. Issue:

i. Joseph Leicester9 Atkins, b. Akron, O., March 20, 1863; m. (1), Lock Haven, Pa., March 18, 1885, Kate Mary Best, dau. Lt. Harvey Howard and Mary (Buchwalter) Best of Clinton Co., Pa., who died Feby. 7, 1901; (a), Sept. 25, 1902, Margaret Thomas Brent, dau. Maj. Thomas Young and Mary (Moore) Brent of Fayette Co., Ky. Mr. 1 Atkins attended school in Savannah, Georgia, graduating from Chatham Academy of that place in 1878. He received the degree of A. B. at Bethany College, West Virginia in Class of 1882 and the degree of L. L. B. from National University at Washington, D. C, in 1884. Admitted to the bar at Savannah, Ga., 1884. Mr. Atkins is practicing his profession as an Attorney and Counselor-atLaw at Washington. D. C. where he has offices in the Washington Loan and Trust Building. He has given special attention to Patent cases.


1 Katherine Huntington10 Atkins, b. Lock

Haven, Pa., Sept. 27. 1886.

2 Leicester Best Atkins, b. Washington, D. C,

July 13, 1889.

ii. Julia Huntington* Atkins, b. Akron, O., July 8,
1865; Educated in Savannah, Ga.; Graduated at
Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa., 1885; m.
Atlanta, Ga., Jany. 10, 1891, Edward Leon Faw,
of Atlanta, Ga., then Secretary of the Roswell
Manufacturing Co., at Roswell, Ga. He was son
of Enoch and Cornelia (Chester) Faw, of Mari-
etta, Ga. They reside at Marietta, Ga., where
he is a merchant.

1 James Enoch10 Faw, b. Roswell, Ga., June 7,


2 Helen Atkins Faw, b. Marietta, Ga., July 13,

1901. iii. Henry James* Atkins, b. Savannah, Ga., July 29, 1867; m. (1) May 1, 1889, Virginia Stuart Anderson of Atlanta, Ga., b. Sept. 1, 1868; d. New York, March 2, 1899; (2) Oct. 20, 1902, Caroline Kimball. Res. New York City, where he is an accountant. Issue:

1 James10 Atkins, b. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 16, 1890.

2 Julia Faw Atkins, b. Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 5, 1892;

d. July 2, 1895.

3 Stuart Anderson Atkins, b. Atlanta, Ga., Feby.

12, 1897.

4 Joseph Kimball Atkins, b. New York City,

Aug. 2, 1903.


Hezekiah Huntington8 King, {Leicester,1 David* Ebenezer? Ebeneser* James,3 James,2 William1), born in Warren, O., Aug. 29, 1829. Educated at Austinburg Institute, O. Commenced business in a large dry good store in New York City. Afterwards was with Mason Bros. in a publishing house on Park Row, New York City. After the Civil War he went to Savannah, Ga., and was Clerk of the U. S. Court there.


Catherine Brindley8 King, (Leicester,'' David* Ebeneser,' Ebenezer* James,3 James,* William1), born in Warren, O., July 8, 1832; died Jany. 17, 19x17; married Sept. 19, 1855, Prof. William Kimbrough Pendleton, born in Louisa Co., Va., 1817; died in Bethany, W. Va., Sept. 2, 1899. He was one of the founders of the College of the Christian Church at Bethany, West Virginia, and a co-laborer with Alexander Campbell in the building and founding of the great body of Christ's Disciples which it represents. Prof. Pendleton undertook the financial and educational portion of the development of Mr. Campbell's ideas of the method by which the religion of Christ should be taught and without his personality the history of the Christian Church as a great and powerful organization might never have been written. Entering the University of Virginia in 1836 he graduated from that institution taking up the profession of law. In 1845 he was made VicePresident of Bethany College. Mr. Campbell being then President, and from that time forth the responsibility of the institution devolved very largely upon Prof. Pendleton. When he married Miss King he was still a young man with his life's work before him and the loving companionship, the counsel and assistance given him through his long life by Mrs. Pendleton, who for forty-four years stood by his side in joy and in sorrow cannot be overestimated in casting up the final account of the work accomplished by him. He was made President of the College in 1866, which position he held until 1884, when he resigned, being then in his sixty-eighth year and feeling the burden too heavy for him; he became soon after a resident of Eustis, Florida, the beautiful home being occupied by Mrs. Pendleton until her death and which is known as "The Palms." In 1872, being nominated by both Republican and Democratic parties, Prof. Pendleton served in the Constitutional Convention of West Virginia. Mrs. Pendleton died Jany. 17, 1907, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. R. Lamar, in Augusta, Ga.


i. Clarinda Huntington9 Pendleton, b. Aug. 25, 1856; Graduate of Packer Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Jany. 30, 1879, Joseph Rucker Lamar of Augusta, Ga., a prominent lawyer who has been a member of the Legislature of Georgia, one of the codifiers of the Georgia statutes and judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals of that State. Res. Augusta, Ga.


I Philip Rucker10 Lamar, b. June 16, 1880.

2 William Pendleton Lamar, b. Oct. 5, 1882.

3 Mary Lamar, b. April 15, 1885; d. July 11, 1885. ii. Huntington King9 Pendleton, b. July 7, 1861; m.

Massillon, O., Martha Wellman Paxton. He was educated at Bethany College, W. Va., and is a minister of the Disciples Church. Residence, Atlanta, Ga. Issue:

1 Katherine King10 Pendleton, b. New Albany,

Ind., April 16, 1885.

2 Mary Whitehead Pendleton, b. Bethany, W.

Va., Sept. 11, 1886.

3 George Paxton Pendleton, b. Pittsburg. Pa.,

Feb. 18. 1888; drowned Eustis, Fla., May 6, 1893.

4 Francis Jean Pendleton, b. Pittsburgh, Pa.„

Oct. 7, 1889. iii. Philip Yancy* Pendleton, b. Sept. 25, 1863: Graduate of Bethany College, W. Va.,; Admitted to the Bar at Augusta, Ga., 1887; m. Ashland, O., Ada Harvort Lloyd, b. Ashland, O., Dec. n, 1863. Mr. Pendleton preaches and resides at Cincinnati, Ohio. Issue:

1 William Lamar1" Pendleton, b. Pittsburg, Pa.,

May 28, 1895.

2 Eleanor Pendleton, b. Cincinnati, O., May 2,


3 Philip Yancy Pendleton, b. Cincinnati, O.,

Feb. 2, 1905. iv. Winston Kent0 Pendleton, b. Oct. 25, 1869; m. Dec. 27, 1897, Daisy Belle Watt of Barnesville, O. Is a minister of the Disciple Church and resides at Eustis, Florida. Issue:

1 Stewart Watt10 Pendleton, b. Eustis, Fla.,

June 8. 1899.

2 Catherine Huntington Pendleton, b. Mt. Ver

non, O.. Jan. 17, 19*1.

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