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in 1824; died March 25, 1903; married Jany. 2, 1856, Mary R.



1151 i. Sarah S8., b. Jany. 21, 1857.

1152 ii. Harriet W., b. Dec. 31, 1858.

1153 iii. William Ballentine, b. May 9, i860; d. Sept. 15,

i860. 1154* iv. John A., b. May 20, 1863; m. Springfield, Mass., Minnie Cutting.




Henry William8 King, (Leicester/ David," Ebenezer/ Ebenezer/ James,3 James,1 William,1) born in Westfield, Mass., Sept. 20, 1815; died in Akron, O., Nov. 20, 1857; married in

Akron, O., , 1842, Mary Crosby, daughter of Dr. Crosby of

Akron, O., born Aug. 16, 1823; died in Colorado Springs, Colo., Jany. 1896. Mr. Henry W. King graduated from Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1836. Was a lawyer at Akron and was elected Secretary of State of Ohio in 1845. Children born at Akron. Issue: 1155* i. Henry Crosby," b. Sept. 17, 1843; d. Arlington

Heights, Aug. 1864. 1156* ii. Julia Huntington, b. June 4, 1848; m., 1870,

Dewey Fisher of Chicago.


Julia Ann8 King, (Leicester,7 David* Ebenezer, Ebenezer,* James/ James/ William1), born in Warren, O., Nov. 7, 1817; died in Cleveland, O., Jany. 8, 1885; married Feb. 1842, Charles Brown, son of Ephraim and Mary (Buckingham) Brown of Bloomfield, O. Mr. Charles Brown was a wholesale merchant of Pittsburg, Pa., but on account of ill health retired from business and moved to Akron, O. He died at Aiken, Ga., Oct. 1880. Mrs. Brown returned to Akron,' O., but finally moved to Cleveland, O. They had no children. Both buried at Warren, O.


Leicester" King, (Leicester/ David/ Ebenezer/ Ebenezer/ James/ James/ William1), born in Warren, O., July 26, 1823; died in Washington, D. C, Aug., 1893; married in Warren, O.. Dec. 1844, Eliza Purinton. When a lad of nine years he was sent to Hartford, Conn., to be educated under the care of his uncle, F. J. Huntington. He afterwards attended the Western Reserve College at Hudson, O., and afterwards Bethany College, Va. In 1847 ne went t0 Rock Island, Ill., but returned to Warren, O., just before the Civil War and enlisted in the Seventh Ohio Kegt., served twenty-one months and was honorably discharged. Mrs. King died in March, 1874, and he then entered the government service, residing at Washington, D. C, until his death. His first two children were born at Warren, O., and the others at Akron, O. Issue:

n57* •• Julia Eliza", b. Aug. 21, 1845; m- Aug. 23, 1871,

Prof. Charles J. Smith. 1158* ii. Leicester Purinton, b. Feb. 11, 1847; m- (O

April 12, 1872, Harriet Sanders; (2), Dec. 25,

1895, Frances Darlinton. 1159* iii. Israel Holly, b. July 26, 1852; d. Deming, N. M.,

June 13, 1896; m. Aug. 16, 1892, Mary Kephart. 1160* iv. William George, b. March 24, 1854; m. July 18,

1883, Ida May Mears. 1161* v. Charlotte Purington, b. Oct. 26, 1856; m. Sept. 13,

1883, Albert Bailey Bushnell. 1162* vi. Eliza Isabella, b. Oct. 26, i860; d. Marburg,

Prussia, Dec. 31, 1887; m. June 9, 1885, Rev.

Arthur Cushman McGiffert.


David Leicester8 King, {Leicester,1 David? Ebenezer, Ebenezer, James," James,2 William1), born in Warren, O., Dec. 24, 1825; died in Akron, O., Jany. 29, 1902; married in Charleston, W. Va., May 1, 1849, Bettie Washington Steele, born Dec. 10, 1826—a great grand-niece of our first President, General George Washington. Mr. David Leicester King was graduated at Harvard College when only twenty-one years of age. He moved to Akron in 1846 and began the study of law with King & Taylor. He was admitted to the bar in Cleveland in 1848 and in 1851 established his residence there.

He practiced his profession in Cleveland with success until 1856 when he returned to Akron. There, in 1867, he abandoned

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