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could wish for in a genuine tenor. That acknowledged musical authority, Sir Charles Halle, said when Mr. King sang in England that it was the first time that he had heard the voice of Mario since the death of the great singer, and when Tamagno heard him he went to him, and, taking him by the hands, said— the greatest of all compliments to come from an operatic tenor: 'I wish I had your voice.'

"Mr. King chose the oratorio field, and there for years he had a career that stamped him as possessed of exceptional artistic gifts and personal popularity. He and Mine. Lehmann sang to 15,000 people at the Toronto musical festival where, unfortunately, the first seeds of his fatal disease were sown, and for years he was a prominent figure at the great oratorio performances throughout the country.

"His beautiful voice, noble style and soulfulness of expression were often heard with touching effect in divine service in some of the prominent churches of this city, notably the Fifth Avenue Baptist, St. Mark's, the First Baptist and the Church of the Convent. No tenor received a larger sum than did Mr. King when he consented to sing in church. The quality of his voice in its sweetness and sympathy was not alone remarkable, but the range and execution were equal to that of a high florid soprano. He could sing easily and purely to high F and could give a soprano aria with all the brilliant cadenzas attached to it with the utmost ease, yet his voice was not in the least effeminate in character, but that rarity of the day—a sweet, pure, manly tenor.

"Personally Mr. King was of charming character and manners.

"Mr. King studied for grand opera, and some of his greatest triumphs were achieved by his splendid rendition of the most difficult operatic arias. Had he not been stricken down with diabetes at the early age of thirty-four, he would undoubtedly have become one of the world's greatest operatic tenors."


Maria Jane7 King, (Lester Theodore? Artemas,* Theodore,' Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William'), born in Suffield, Conn., July 17, 1857; married Oct. 13, 1893, Edwin A. Quick, who is with Clark, Dodge & Co., bankers, Wall street. New York City. Mrs. Quick, like her brother, Mr. Albert Lester King, of whom we have above written, is also an accomplished musician. She possesses a rich soprano voice of remarkable compass and power that denotes care and culture and she uses it judiciously and with effect. She sang with her brother in the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, New York City, frequently called the "Rockefeller Church" (Mr. John D. Rockefeller was chairman of the Music Committee at that time). Her position was solo soprano and her brother was solo tenor. The choir was conceded to be the finest in New York. Frequently Mrs. Quick's voice has been compared to that of the great dramatic soprano Mme. Lilli Lehman. Mrs. Quick was never in robust health and for several years has not accepted yearly engagements, though she retains her glorious voice and occasionally appears in concert and church work and is deeply interested in the art of singing. Being recognized as an authority on tone production, she is frequently consulted and gives vocal instruction. With a voice of exceptional purity and sweetness and as strong as it is rich her experience as solo soprano has been of the best. For three years she was solo soprano in Christ Church, Hartford, Conn., in Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, New York City, two years, in Central Congregational Church of Brooklyn, one year, and in the Summerfield M. E. Church, Brooklyn three years. Socially, also, Mrs. Quick is a charming woman. No issue. Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lena Isabelle7 King, (Cyrus Horatio," Artemas3 Theodore*
Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Suffield, Conn.,
June 5, 1865; married 1886, Henry M. Rose, of West Suf-
field, Conn. Res. West Suffield, Conn.

i. Helen Sarah8 Rose, b. June 26, 1888.
ii. Florence King Rose, b. July 19, 1892.


Edith Sarah7 King, (Cyrus Horatio,9 Artemas,3 Theodore* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Suffield, Conn., Oct. 29, 1872; died in West Suffield, Conn., Feb. 1, 1907; married April 3, 1890, Charles J. Holcomb. The family reside at West Suffield, Conn.

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