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Harry Gardner7 King, (William Walter? Ashbel? Ashbel,* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Sheboygan, Wis., Sept. 19, i860; married, Nov. 12, 1889, Louise Hendricks, born in Two Rivers, Wis., May 1, 1870. Children born in Milwaukee. Reside at 1349 Grand Ave., Milwaukee. Issue:

1113 i. Florence Harriet," b. Jany. 19, 1897.

1114 ii. Grace Elizabeth, b. April 15, 1904.


Harriet Miriam7 King, [David Morley," Roswell," Ashbel*
Capt. Joseph,3 James," William1), born in New Haven Conn.,
Nov. 12, 1843; died in New Haven July 6, 1866; married
Jany., 1864, Frank M. Chapman, who died May, 1903.

i. Mary King8 Chapman, b. New Haven, Conn., Aug.
19, 1865; d. April 30, 1902; m. Oct., 1884, John J.

1 Grace Sylvia" Aixing, b. New Haven, July 11,


2 Warren Chapman Alling, b. New Haven, June * 12, 1892.


Frederick Chauncey7 King, (David Morley," Roswell," Ashbel* Capt. Joseph3 James,2 William1), born in New Haven, Conn., July 14, 1856; married Jessie Kimball of Cleveland, O.


1115 i. Viola Virginia,8 b. N. Y., Dec. 10, 1888.

1116 ii. Katherine King, b. .


Harry7 King, (Charles," Roswell? Ashbel* Capt. Joseph, James,2 William1), born in New Haven, Conn., March 18, 1857; married (1) Julia McCoy, of Chicago; (2) Emma McCoy, of Chicago. He had one child by his first marriage and two by his second. Issue:

1117 i. Stella Caroline,8 b. ;m. .

1118 ii. Emma, b. ;d. .

1119 iii. Charles Raymond, b. .


Walter Gray7 King, (Julius," Walter* Ashbel* Capt. Joseph," James,2 William1), born in Warren, O., July 22, i860; married Nov. 2, 1892, Katherine Southern, daughter of Lemuel M. Southern, of Cleveland, O. Mr. Walter G. King is Vice-President of the Julius King Optical Company. Res. Cleveland, Ohio. Issue:

1120 i. Elizabeth Gray,8 b. March 11, 1894; d. Dec, 1895.

1121 ii. Walter Gray, b. Sept. 25, 1899.

1122 iii. Katherine, b. Dec. 5, 1903.

1123 iv. Clifford Southern, b. Oct. 18, 1905.


William Burniiam7 King, (Julius," Walter," Ashbel* Capt. Joseph* James,2 William1), born in Warren O., Aug. 17, 1862; married March 17, 1887, Annie Laura Neff, daughter of W. A. Neflf, of Cleveland, O., born Nov. 12, 1867. Mr. William B. King (usually called Burnham W. King and so signs his name) is Secretary of the Julius King Optical Company. Residence, New York City.


1123a i. Burnham William," b. New York City, Jany. 25, 1907.


Clifford Julius7 King, (Julius," Walter,3 Ashbel* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Warren, O., Oct. 22, 1865; married June n. 1891, Susan Gilkey, daughter of Ellery Howard and Susan Sanborn Gilkey, of Jefferson, O. Mr. Clifford J. King is an attorney-at-law, practicing and residing at Ashtabula, Ohio. Is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, B. P. O. Elks,

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