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assigned to the Second dragoons. He remained on duty in Mexico until that country was evacuated by the American troops.

In the fall of 1848 Gen. Wood went with his regiment to the Indian frontier of Texas where he remained for eleven years. He served as aide to Gen. Harney at San Antonia and Austin in 1849, and was Adjutant of the Second dragoons from September, 1849, unt^ July, 1854. At the outbreak of the civil war he was a captain of cavalry and soon thereafter was assigned to the command of a division of infantry. He participated in the battles of Shiloh, Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Franklin and Nashville and all the many actions of the Atlanta campaign.

He was severely wounded at Stone River and again at Lovejoy's Station. He was for three years in command of a division until promoted to the command of the 4th army corps, as successor to Gen. Stanley, wounded at the battle of Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864. This corps he commanded until it was mustered out of service in 1865.

Gen. Wood's long and active service compelled his retirement for disability in 1868. He was placed on the retired list as Major General, a rank he had fairly earned and well deserved.

Gen. Wood was a good disciplinarian without being in any degree a martinet. He abhorred pillaging and straggling as subversive of military discipline. He was solicitous for the comfort of his soldiers and the commissary department of his division was one of the best in the army. So far as it was possible for him to provide, his men had their full share of whatever rations were in sight, and if their haversacks were sometimes empty they always had the regulation "forty rounds" in their cartridge boxes. In action he was cool, resolute, resourceful and even jocular, as shown by his remark to Gen. Crittenden just as the division was going into battle at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862: "Good bye, General, we'll all meet at the hatter's, as one coon said to another when the dogs were after them."

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