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about $90,000. He left surviving a son, E. Kirke Hart, who subsequently was a member of Congress, and two daughters.

Cornelia A. (King) Hart was for many years prominent and active in society and in church affairs, especially in the Mission work of the church. With strong convictions and hearty earnestness she fulfilled all the duties which she accepted.

Naturally beneficent and generous, she helped many needy persons in a quiet and unostentatious way. She was greatly esteemed and honored by a large circle of friends and acquaintances, and enjoyed to the last the devoted affection of all who were related to, or connected with her. No issue.


Harvey James "king, (Roger? Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Jonesville, N. Y., July 16, 1824; married May 6, 1851, Ellen B. L. Bayeux, daughter of John H. and Sarah A. M. (Vanderheyden,8 Jacob D. Vanderheyden,5 Dirk Vanderheyden,4 Jacob Vanderheyden,3 Dirk Vanderheyden,2 Jacob Tysse Vanderheyden,1 born in Holland, 1620; died Albany, N. Y., 1691) Bayeux, born Oct. 11, 1826; died Aug. 12, 1900. Her grandfather Jacob D. Vanderheyden was known as the Patroon of Troy, N. Y., and was once owner of a large and most important part of the present site of that city. In 1787 the present city of Troy, N. Y., was settled on the Vanderheyden estate and the village was then called Vanderheyden, but later changed to Troy. Roger King, the father of Harvey James King came in 1794 to Troy, then a small but thriving village, and remained there until 1820, when he removed to Jonesville, N. Y., where on July 16, 1824, Harvey James King was born. Mr. Harvey James King was prepared for college at the Jonesville Academy. He was graduated at Union College in 1848 with the two highest honors, ranking among the first of a class ninetyeight in number, seventy-nine of whom won the degree of A. B. In 1851 he received the degree of A. M. Immediately upon leaving college he went to Troy to complete his law studies and thenceforth made that city his home. He was admitted to the Bar and commenced the practice of law in 1850, becoming the law partner of Mr. Raymond, a connection which at once introduced him into a large and responsible law practice. In 1853, Mr. Raymond retired from practice and Mr. King formed a partnership with John A. Millard, which continued until the death of that gentleman in 1869. In *854 Mr. King was appointed city attorney which office he filled for the full term. In 1867, the United States Bankruptcy Law having been enacted he was nominated by Chief Justice Chase and appointed U. S. Register in Bankruptcy for the Congressional District embracing Rensselaer and Washington Counties, N. Y., and held that responsible position for the ensuing twelve years and until the repeal of the law. In 1871 he was elected as an Alumni Trustee of Union College and was re-elected at the close of his first term. He was for several years President of Union College Alumni Association, of Northern New York. He is and has been since 1865 a trustee and for several years past Vice-President and an active supporter of the Troy Orphan Asylum and has given much time and effort to promoting the interests of that institution, the oldest and one of the most valuable charities in Troy. He has also for many years been a Trustee of the Troy Academy.

Mr. Harvey J. King being originally a Whig in politics and a pronounced anti-slavery man, was from the outset ardently attached to the Seward wing of the party and early became an active and zealous participant in the political movements of the country, often representing his district in the State conventions. When the dissolution of the Whig party became imminent by reason of irreconcilable division on the subject of Slavery, he was chairman of the City Central Committee and was one of three prominent members of the party in Troy who published the call for a meeting of all who were in favor of "free speech, free soil and free men" for the purpose of re-organizing as Republicans. The meeting was held and the new organization promptly effected. From that time for twenty years he was one of the most active members of the Republican Central Committee of Rensselaer County and also for a time member of the State Central Committee and on its Executive Committee. Mr. King

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