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I Aurelia "bell Park, b. Nov. 27, 1881; m. April 27, 1905, Homer C. Howard.

2 William Cherry Park, b. March 1, 1884.

3 Myrta Frances Park, b. Jany. 28, 1887.

4 Howard I. Park, b. June 11, 1889.

iii. Howard Courtland 'park, b. March 7, 1863; m. Oct. 1, 1891, Martha Sells. Res. Columbus, O. Issue:

1 Elizabeth "park, b. Feb. 4, 1895.

2 Warren Sells Park, b. March 11, 1898.

3 Martha Park, b. Sept. 21, 1901.

iv. Frances C. 7park, b. Dec. 4, 1859. Res. Columbus,

Ohio, v. Mary K. Park, b. May 28, 1866; m. Jany. 7, 1903,

Chas. Miller. Res. Columbus, Ohio, vi. Warren H. Park, b. Aug 31, 1868; d. Nov. 1, 1877.


Caroline C." King, (John Bowker? Joseph* Capt. Joseph? James,2 William'), born in Suffield, Conn., June 6, 1830. Unmarried. Resides at Suffield, Conn., with Mr. Nelson Newton King. Miss King has furnished to the compiler of this Genealogy many records and much valuable information concerning the King family.


Louis6 King, (Rogers, Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,1 James,1 William1), born in Troy, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1798; died in New York City Oct. 22, 1842; married April 3, 1829, Mary Anthe Totten who died in Feb., 1864. In 1818 Mr. Louis King went to New York City as a clerk in the employ of William Van Antwerp, a wholesale importer of hardware. Later he became a partner in the business under the firm name of Wm. Van Antwerp & Co. at 73 Pearl St., and so continued until his death. The firm was prominent and prosperous. Immediately after his decease and again in several instances some years after, his name was mentioned in complimentary terms in the New York newspapers as a fine example of the merchants of that city. Children born in New York City.


668 i. William Henry7, b. Aug. 21, 1831; d. Sept. 16,

1866. Unmarried.

669 ii. Louis Phillipe, b. March 31, 1834; d. Nov. 1864.


670 iii. David M. R., b. Feb. 8, 1836; d. Aug 6, 1900. Un

married. 671* vi. Joseph Totten, b. Dec. 25, 1838; d. May, 1875.

672 v. Mary E., b. March 11, 1841; d. Troy, N. Y., May,

28. 1906. Unmarried.


Myron8 King, (Rogers, Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,3 James,1 William1), born in Troy, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1800; died in Troy Feb. I, 1878; married May 31, 1836, Mary Rogers who died July 7, 1895. He early developed a taste for drawing and became an accomplished copper-plate engraver. He did much fine work on orders from publishers in illustrating books, etc. In 1824, when La Fayette visited America and had a public reception at Troy, Mr. Myron King engraved the badges which were worn by the committee and greatly admired and some of which are still preserved. Issue:

673 i. Levi R(x;ers,7 b. Aug. 1838; d. Aug. 1838.

674 ii. George Myron, b. March 8, 1841; d. Jany. 9, 1892.

No issue.

675 iii. Levi Rogers, (again) b. Aug. 1842; d. Dec. 1842.


Cornelia Ann "king, (Roger,'' Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Troy, N. Y. April 20, 1803; died in Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1820, while visiting at the house of her uncle, Judge Erastus Granger. When quite young she developed a taste and aptitude for art. A short time before her decease, in 1820, she painted in water colors a sketch of the Tibbit's mansion and grounds, located in what was then one of the outskirts of Troy, N. Y., but is now near its center. The mansion which was of imposing dimensions remains unchanged and it and the grounds are owned and occupied by the Day Home, one of the most valuable charities in Troy. Miss King's picture of the old mansion and grounds was considered so excellent that an engraving thereof was made which is contained in Weiss' History of Troy.


Henry Augustine9 King, (Rogers, Lt. Eliphalet? Capt. Joseph? James,2 William1), born in Troy, April 8, 1808; died in Albion, N. Y., May 25, 1892; married (1) April 26, 1836, 'Jane Field, who died March 11, 1848; (2) Nov. 13, 1851, Huldah J. Field. The most important part of his life work was begun as a clerk in the Orleans County Bank at Albion, N. Y., the largest stockholder in which was a citizen of Troy, N. Y., and selected him for the place. He was for a time the Teller; then for many years cashier of the bank and later became its President. His integrity and his personal characteristics commanded for him the respect and esteem of all his fellow citizens. Issue: 676* i. Augusta Granger/ b. Feb. 11, 1841; m. June 17,

1872, J. G. Dolley, M. D. 677* ii. Charles Albert, b. April 14, 1844; d. March 5,

1885; m. June 20, 1867, Ellen M. Hunt. 678 iii. Anna Cornelia, b. Feb. 20, 1856. Res. Albion, N. Y.


Harriet Cynthia "king, (Rogers, Lt. Eliphalet? Capt. Joseph? James? William,') born in Troy, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1818; died Jany. 9, 1892; married April 29, 1844, Morgan L. Finch, M. D., born Jany. 10, 1814; died March 6, 1871.


i. Lucy Cornelia7 Finch, b. July 25, 1848; d. May 24,

1876. ii. Eliphalet Roger Finch, b. Nov. 17, 1850; m. Aug.

4, 1897, Harriet L. Holmes, iii. Harvey Lewis Finch, b. July 29, 1856; m. Oct. 7, 1886, Abigail S. Winegar; d. Sept. 2, 1902. Res. Saratoga Springs, N. Y.


i Reynolds Winegar 8finch, b. Aug. n, 1887.

2 Harriet Christina Finch, b. May 16, 1892.

3 Mary Elizabeth Finch, b. Dec. 28, 1897.

4 Abbe Winegar Finch, b. June 21, 1902.

iv. Mary 7finch, b. Oct. 26, 1859; d. Aug. 12, 1861.


Eliphalet Roger 'king, (Roger* Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,3 James,2 William1), born in Jonesville, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1820; died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1901; married Sept. 3, 1857, Sarah Kinney. He graduated at Union College in 1842. He studied law in the office of Hon. David Buel, leader of the Bar of Rensselaer County, N. Y., and subsequently became his partner. He was an able lawyer and very successful, but after practicing for a few years he retired and became partner in an extensive manufacturing firm. He commanded the respect and enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him. He was a ripe scholar and the range of his learning was very extensive so that he was often referred to as a "Walking Encyclopedia." Issue:

679* i. Roswell Herbert,7 b. Sept. 10, 1859; m. July 8, 1885, Bella P. Lovlee.


Cornelia Ann8 King, {Roger,'' Lt. Eliphalet* Capt. Joseph,3 James,- William1), born in Jonesville, N. Y., October 22, 1822; died Feb. 2, 1907, at Albion, N. Y., which had been her home since 1849. Her education was received in a school which was founded by her parents, Roger and Christina King, and later at the Emma Willard Seminary, at Troy, N. Y.

On October 16, 1849, she married Elizur Hart, of Albion, N. Y., a prominent citizen, and banker of that place, and who was well known in financial circles elsewhere. She was his second wife. He died in 1870, and in his last will provided for the erection of a new church edifice for the First Presbyterian Church, of which he was a member and which was completed at a cost of

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