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in New Ipswich Sept. 6, 1863, daughter of Dr. John5 Preston, (Samuel,4 Samuel,* Samuel,8 Roger,1 who came from England in the ship Elizabeth in April, 1635, and settled at Ipswich, Mass.). Dr. John Preston married at New Ipswich Nov. 29, 1764, Rebecca5 daughter of Deacon Samuel4 Farrar, (George,3 Jacob,2 Jacob,1 of Lancaster, Mass., 1653-1675) and Lydia (Barret) Farrar, born Aug. 13, 1743, died April 1, 1829, of Concord, Mass. Mrs. Rebecca (Farrar) Preston was the sister of Rev. Stephen Farrar, the minister of New Ipswich from Oct. 21, 1760, until his decease, June 23, 1809, and of Hon. Timothy Farrar who was at one time a partner of Daniel Webster; afterward for forty years a judge of the courts of New Hampshire, appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of that State and died at the age of over one hundred and one years, having been for some time before his death the oldest living graduate of Harvard College. Dr. John Preston built in 1764 the house in which Mrs. Seth King was born and which passed into the hands of Major Seth King and was occupied by him until his death in 1851 and then descended to his children. The house is still standing and is one of the finest residences in New Ipswich. Mrs. Seth King died Sept. 6, 1863, at the age of seventy-nine years. She was born, married and died in the same house, having also lived therein during her entire lifetime. (See cut of house facing this page.)

In 1800 Seth5 King removed from Suffield and settled at New Ipswich, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire, a town founded in 1738. He became one of the distinguished men of the State of New Hampshire. He was a Major of the Militia, often represented New Ipswich in the State Legislature (18345-7) and frequently appears as Moderator of the town meetings. He was the first in this country to manufacture friction matches and also the first manufacturer of broad-cloth in the United States. Later he had a hat factory. All his children were born at New Ipswich, N. H.

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