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vii. Agnes Sikes, (again), b. March 13, 1724.

viii. Titus Sikes, b. June 15, 1726.

ix. Sylvanus Sikes, b. Oct. 7, 1728.

x. Mercy Sikes, b. March 2, 1731.

xi. Hannah Sikes, b. April 22, 1734.


Lieutenant William8 King, {James2, William1), born in Suffield, Conn., Sept. 29, 1695; died in Suffield Jany 8, 1774; married (1) in Westfield, Mass., June 29, 1717, Bethia Bedlake of Westfield, who died May 21, 1768; (2) in Suffield Feb. 2, 1770, Anne Adams, widow. He was a farmer and weaver. He had received much of his father's estate and left the best landed interest in Suffield. He was Lieutenant of a military company, a very capable business man and much respected. He was frequently elected to office. In 1734 he was chosen selectman and held that position for many years thereafter. He was frequently moderator of the town meetings. For several years he was a Deputy in the General Assembly and in May, 1762, was contemporary therein with Capt. Samuel Kent, both representing Suffield.


In the Name of God, Amen: This second day of November Anno Domini 1772. I William King of Suffield in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England being of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be given to God, therefor; Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. That is to say: Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul unto God who gave it. And my body to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors, hereafter named, nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God. And as touching such Worldly Estate as it has pleased God to bless me with in this life I Give Demise and Dispose off thereof in the following manner (to wit) Imprimis I give and Bequeath unto my well beloved wife Anne one third Part of my Home Lot where I now live (viz.) the South Part beginning about Ten foot south of my well extending Northerly about Twenty-one Rod and so running through the same weadth, also my House and one half the Barn, that is to say the Use and improvement of said Land and Buildings, so long as she shall continue my Widow, And also one third part of my House hold Furniture during her natural life: Also twenty Pounds the one half in money the other half in Cattle or sheep. Item. I give and bequeath to my Beloved son William King, All my Lands and Buildings in the Township of Sufneld, excepting the improvement of what I have before given to my wife.

I also give to my said son, William (he paying and doing as above and hereafter mentioned) all my personal estate (viz) my Stock of Cattle Horses and Sheep and all other my Personal Estate, Debts and Dues whatever.

Item I give and bequeath to my beloved grandson William Gay about eighty acres of land I have at Granville alias Bedford if he arrive to the age of twenty one years.

Item. I give to the first Church in Sufneld Ten Pounds, to supply the Communion Table with such things as the Revd Mr. Gay shall think proper.

Item. I give to the Revd Ebenezer Gay Ten Pounds Lawful Money, which Legacies I order and direct to be paid within one year after my Decease. And I do hereby constitute and appoint my son William King, Mess" Joseph King 2d and Alexander King Executors to this my Last Will and Testament the same to Execute according to the true intent and meaning hereof and I do hereby Revoke Annul and make void all other Wills or Testaments by me made and Executed, Declaring this to be my Last Will and Testament.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and Year aforesaid.

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Signed sealed & published in presence of us
Alex King
Timothy Wolworth
Exp King

In the Silver Communion Service of the First Congregational Church at Suffield may still be seen four silver goblets, a part of the supplies provided for by the above will. By his first marriage Lt. William King had thirteen children of whom twelve died before his death, ten of them without families. All were born at Sufneld. No child by second marriage.

Bethia*, b. Aug. 22, 1718; d. Dec. 26, 1718.

Bethia, (again), b. Feb. 23, 1720; d. Jany 22, 1761; m. June 17, 1742, Zebulon Adams. No issue.

William, b. Aug. 10, 1721; d. Oct. 8, 1721.

William, (again), b. Aug. 14, 1722; d. Suf. March 8, 1791; m. (1) Sarah Fuller; (2) Lucy Hathaway.

Mary, b. Aug. 7, 1723; d. Sept. 25, 1723.

Mary, (again), b. Oct. 29, 1724; d. Nov. 4, 1724.

Elizabeth, b. Jany 2, 1726; d. Sept. 24, 1772; m. Ichabod Gay.

Charles, b. April 14, 1729; d. June 24, 1729.

Epaphras, b. Sept. 6, 1730; d. Oct. 30, 1730.

Charles, (again), b. July 28, 1731; d. March 17, 1732.

Anna, b. July 25, 1734; d. Feb. 16, 1735.

Anna, (again), b. July 14, 1736; d. Nov. 6, 1736.

Lucy, b. March 8, 1739; d. May 22, 1757.





Elizabeth* King, {James*, James1, William1), born in Suffield, Conn., Aug. 6, 1699; died in Suffield ...., 17..; married in Sufneld July 22, 1725, Anthony3 Austin (Capt. Anthony2 Richard1 of Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England) and settled at Sheffield. Their descendants are given in Hinman's Connecticut Settlers, page 83. Issue:

i. Zephenias6 Austin, b. April 16, 1727.
ii. Ann Austin, b. Dec. 30, 1728.
iii. Elizabeth Austin, b. Jany 23, 1730.
iv. Anthony Austin, b. Oct. 2, 1733.


James4, King, (James3, James1, William1), born in Suffield, Conn., Feby 18, 1701; died between 1740 and 1745; married in Suffield Aug. 30, 1724, Miriam Hamlin. He was not alive when his father made a will dated Dec. 2, 1745, containing a legacy to the "Heirs of my son James." His youngest child was born Sept. 6, 1740. He was in Capt. Samuel Barnard's company at the Deerfield garrison in 1722-1723. He resided at Stafford when he died. His children were born in Suffield. Issue:

54*. i. Isaac6, b. March 28, 1727; d. May 16, 1799; m. (1)
Martha Smith; (2) Lydia Clark.
Miriam, b. Sept. 12, 1729; m. Asa Harmon.
Mary, b. Jany 4, 1732.
Sarah, b. Dec. 23, 1737.

Jonah, b. Sept. 6, 1740. On Nov. 8, 1754, Jonah,
made choice of his brother, Isaac King, of Suffield.
Conn., as his guardian. (Hartford Probate Book
17. P- 45)


Thomas4 King, (James3, James1, William1), born in Suffield. Conn., March 2, 1703; died in Suffield Jany 17, 1759; married in Suffield June I, 1727, Susanna Jesse, who died Oct. 26, 1758. He had several children, but none survived him except one daughter, to whom he left a considerable estate. Administration' on his estate was granted Feb. 10, 1759. Children born in Suffield. Issue:


59. i. Phineas8, b. June 5, 1730; d. Suf. Nov. 21, 1734.

60. ii. Susanna, b. Oct. 28, 1733; m. Seth Kent.

61*. iii. Thomas, b. March 24, 1735; d. Nov. 3, 1758; m. March 31, 1758, Lucy Flowers.

62. iv. Phineas, (again), b. Sept. 7, 1743; d. before 1759.

63. v. Mary, b. Dec. 7, 1746; d. in infancy.


John* King, (James3, James2, William1), born in Suffield, Conn., May 17, 1705; died in Suffield Nov. 19, 1789; married in Suffield May 24, 1727, Parnel Holcombe. She died some years before her husband. John King was frequently elected to office. He was many times a Selectman of the town and also Assessor. His only son John, who was born June 4, 1728, was drowned in the Agawam river Feby 15, 1751, leaving no family. One of his daughters, Alice King, married Dec. 1, 1774, Thaddeus* King (Capt. Joseph8 James2 William1), but they were divorced by the General Assembly in May, 1787. John King lost his sight several years before his death. He was well educated and a man of sound judgment. His children were born in Suffield. Issue:

64. • i. John6, b. June 4, 1728; d. Feby 15, 1751. He was drowned in the Agawam river. He left no family.

Parnel, b. June 29, 1730.
Caroline, b. June 24, 1734.
Michal, (a daughter), b. Feby 9, 1737.
Asenath, b. July 4, 1739.
Diana, b. April 12, 1742.

Eusebia, b. Dec. 16, 1744; d. Suf. July 17, 1746.
Eusebia, (again), b. June 1, 1747.
Alice, b, Suf. March 29, 1750; m. Suf. Dec. 29, 1774,
Thaddeus King.


Ebenezer4 King, (James*, James2, William}), born in Suffield, Conn., Dec. 8, 1706; died in Suffield June 17, 1781; married in

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