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seven to twenty-eight Millions sterling.- Debates concerning the
Terms of the Loan.-Vote approving the Cond:oct of the Minister on
this Subject.— New Taxes.-Debates thereon.– Mes age from the King,
intimating his Disposition to enter into a Negotiation with the present
Government of France. An Address moved, expressing the Readiness
of the House to concur in such a Measure. - Amendment thereon, moved
by Mr. Sheridan.--This rejected, and the Address carried.- Motion
for Peace by Mr. Grey.-- Negatived



Free Negroes in the Island of Jumaica.- Hunted by Blood-Hounds.M10-

tion by Mr. Grey, in the House of Commons, for an inquiry into the
State of the Nation.-Negatived. Further Taxes.--- For paying the In-.
terest of an additional Loan.-Mortality among the Troops sent against
the French West-India Islands.- Neglect and Distresses of the Troops.
- Motion for Documents on these Subjects by Mr. Sheridan.-De-
bates thereon.--Mr. Sheridan's Morion agreed to.Motiori, in the
House of Peers, for the Production of Papers respecting a Vote of Par-
liament, in 1783, recognizing the Necessity of certain Public Reforms.
--Delates thereon.-The Molion negatived. Report of the Committee
of Supply on the fiesolution for granting a Subsidy to the King of Sar-
dima. Conversation on that Subject.-Charges laid against Mi-
nistry by wr. Grey, as Ground of Impeachment ; and a Motion or that
Subjeci. - Negatived.--Motions, in loth Houses of Parliament, against
the Continuation of the War.— Negatived.--Motion, by Mr. Wiliere
force, for the abolition of the Slave-Trade, on a certain Day.-Nege-
tived.The Session of Parliament closed by a Speech from the




CH A P. V.
First Cares and Employment of the French Directory.-Determination to

keep alive the Martial Spirit of the French Nativl.- And to extend
their Victories as far as possille.-But, at the same Time to make a
Shew of Pacific Inclinations.- Preparations for War on the Part of the
Allies.-- Attempt towards Negotiation lietueen the French and the
Allies at Basle, in Switzerland.-Rupture threatened between the
French und Swiss Cantons.--Prevented. ---Plan of the Directory for Mi.
litary Operations. Manifesto of Charelte.- Revival of the lar in La
Vendée.- New Complexion of this.Total Defeat of the Insurgents.-
Capture and Erecution of Charette and St fiet. Manifesto of the Di-
rectory for Restraining the Cruelties of their Soldiers.-Lenient Alea.
sures.-Good Ejects of these


C H A P. VI.

Address of the Directory to the French Armies.-Determination to carry

the War into Italy.- Difficulties to be encountered in carrying this Plan
into Execution.-Buonaparte. --The French Army, under his Command,


Exultation of the French at the Successes of their Armies.-Their Army

in Italy animated by the Praises of their Countrymen, and the Conver.

sation as well as the Proclamations of Buonaparte, to a high Passion for

Glory.--Enter the Duchy of Modena.- poliation of Monuments of

Antiquity and Art.- dbhorrence of the Italian Mobility and Clergy to-

wards the French greater than that of the inferior Classes.--A general

Insurrection ready to break out, quashed by the Vigilance and Prompti-

tude of Buonaparte.-The Austrians, under General Beaulieu, with

the Connivance of the Venetians, take Possession of Peschiera.--Buona.

parte advances against Beaulieu, who retreats to the Tyrolese. --The

Venetians tremble lejore the French.--Dismiss from their Territories

the Brother of the late King and Claimant of the Crown of France.--

Buonaparte takes possession of Verona.-Blockadrs Mantua.- Pre-

pares to march into the Tyrolese.- Detained by Insurrections in the

Distriels, known under the Name of Imperial Fiefs.- These being sup-

pressed, he carries his arms to the Southward.-

Reduces Tortona, Bo-

logna und Urbino.-Menaces Rome: Armistice between the Pope and

Buonaparte.--Suspension of Hostilities with Naples.---Buona parte the

Friend and Patron of Men of Learning and Science.--mvilious Views

of the French Republic. Insurrection in Lugo.--Quelled, and the

City reduced by the French.-The Biockade of Mantua converted into

a close Siege. Raised by Marshal Wurmser.- ictions between the

French Army and that of the Austrians, reinforced ly Detachments

from Mantua.-Remarkalle Instance of Presence of Mind in Buona-

parte.-- The Austrians driven back beyond the Adige



Italian Mols excited against the French.--Suppressed ly a Terror of the
victorious French, Marshal Wurmset, pursued by Buonaparte, re-



Campaign in Germany.-- Opposite Designs of the French and Austrians.-

Successes of the French. They invest Ehrenbritsirin.-Driven back, by

the Archduke Charles, to Disseldorff.The Diviion of the French Army

under Mreau takes Post at Strasburg.-The Plan of Operations proposed

by this Genera..-Crosses the Rhine. Rrduces the Fortress of Kehl.-

Defeats the insirians, under Mursh I Wurmser, near Philipsburg:-

Ard in various and successive Engagements.-The Austrians retire, in sr,jer

19 wait for Reinforcements, into the Interior of Germany:-Junction of the

French Troops under Jourdan and Kleber. --These united reduce Frank.
fort.-Successes of Moreau in Swabin.-Cessation of Hostilities between
the French and the Princes of Wirtemburg and Baden.-Conduct of Prussia,
A Prussian Arm, tak-s Possession of Nuremberg.--Implicy of the Fremb
in the Mode of raising Contributi ns.--Cause of this.-Depredations of the
French in Germany. - Operations of the French Armies wider Morezu and
Jourd in.- Disasters of the Austri?95.The Emperor ripresents the Sitk-

ation of Germany, and has swi Situertion, in an Appeal to his Bohemian o

Hurg.rian Subjeétso- Diet of the Empire.--- Prriakes of the general Care

sternation of Germany.- -D termination r9 per a Negotiater for Peace

with Frn,-The Tide f Success turned ngrinst the French by the Ger.

mans, under the Archduke Charles.--Obstinate Engagements.- Ministeria

Retreat of the French Arznies.--Particularly if iha: wider Mor:04.--Core

sequences.-The Austrians occupied in the Sige of Kehl.--Sally of the Gar.

rison there.- Various Actions. - Armistice bc:ween the French and Austri.

ans.--The Diet of the Empire reanimated by the enterprising Spirit and

Success of the Archduke Charles, solicitous to regair the Favour of the lin-

perial Court


CH A P. X.

State of Parties in France. --A Revival of the Reign of Terror threatened in

the Sutern Departments by Freron.--The Direttory desert and oppose
the Jacobin Interest.--Conspiracy of Jacobins.-Discovered and defeated.

Arrangements respecting the Estates of Emigrants.- Influence of the non-
juring or refracory Clergy troublesome to Government.--Scandalous Neg-

leet of the Execution of Justice.-Criminal Trials.-Money and Fis

-The same Impositions laid on the People of the Austrian Neiher.

lands as in those of France.- New. Plots and Insurrections.--Law for re-

conciling the different Faciiins in France, by the Extinction of Terror.-

Proposal for repealing a Low which appeared to seme to bear to hard

on the Relations of Emigrants.-Rejected. But an equitable Alteration

made in that severe Law.-This is a Matter of Triumph to the moderate



Effects expected in France from a growing Spirit of Moderation.The Chief

Object in the Councils of France, how to break or to weaken the Power of
England.-Plan of the French for that End.-Means for restoring the
Pecuniary Credit of the French Republic.-A Rupture threatered between

the French Councils and Executive Diretory. Prevented by the Necessity

of their atling in Concert.-The Ligisleiuje invade the Province of the

Lire pory, by the Appointment of a Committre for judgi g in Cases of

Appeals from Emigrants.Loftiness of the Directory.--Humbled by the

wise Economy und Firmness of the United States of America: - Jea.

busies and Disputes between the French and Americans. And an oper



The Haughtiness of the Directory towards different Nations - Particularly

towards the Dutch, whom they considér, ne as Confederetes, but acone
quered People.--Moderation of the Republic ajd preponderating Party in the
United Provinces.-- Batavian ConventiGid. -- lis Proctedings.--- Affairs of
Geneva.Merling of the National i stiine of France. Considered as an
auspicious Omen of the Return of Peace 19. Keijn of the Arts -- And Li.
berty of Thinking aud Publishing on al. Subjects.". T*. Alliance between the
Church and Monarchy of France, in the Ed, ruinous to both.--The new,
consti:utional, Clergy avow their sisse to the Separation of the Churihfiom
the State.--Yet venture to condem- suite Things selilou, or approüed, by the
republican Government.--ivut wbich they odsuered as ad-erse to the Dignity

and Interests of the Eccl siasticul Orxr.-The Settle nert af Ecclesiustical

Affairs considered by the Generality of the irenca as a Maiter of great




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