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on the country between the Meuse 1796, in the name and on the and the Rhine, which would en

behalf of his majesty. tirely ruin the country, can take place with any regard to appearance of justice.

Treaty of Pouce between the Duke of It has already in effect given our Wurtemberg and the French Reenvoy at Paris the most positive as- public. surance, that the measures taken TIIE French republic and his with respect to the clergy should serene highness the duke of Wur. be put an end to, and that the temberg and Teck, equally anią ecclesiastics should remain in quiet maled with desire of terminating enjoyment of their goods and the war in which they have been revenues : we therefore constante engaged, and for renewing het ly expect the revocation of the intercourse of commerce and ongod order for the sale of woods, and, neighbourhood which must be rein general, a renunciation of all ciprocally advantageus 10 them those destructive innovations a. both, have appointed he undertive to our dominions,

named plenip, ten jares; the di, We shall pot by any means re- rectory, in the name of the Fiench cognize as valid the sale of woods, republic, citizen Charles Delawhich has already taken place, to croix, minister of exte:nal relaour great astonishment; and tions ; and his serene highness the are positively determ red to have duke of Wurtemberg and Terk, recourse to the purchasers for res. baron Charles Woepwait, minister titution in kind, or for the value of state and president of the at which the property sold shall be chamber of finances, and Abel, estimated by our agents, and for counsellor of legislation, who, af. the damages which shall result from ter baving respectively interchang: the waste committed on these woods. ed their full powers, agreed on

In those cases where the pur- the following articles : chasers cannot be found, we shall ART. 1. There shall be peace, exercise our severity on all those amity, and good understanding, who are employed by these last for between the French republic and cutting and carrying wood. We, his serene highness the reigning in consequence, exhort our faitbá duke of Wurtemberg and Teck: Yul subjects in the said provinces consequently all hostilities shall to remain assured of

our last

between the contracting ing and efficacious protection, and powers from the date of the pre10 wait with confidence, for the sent treaty: Jeturn of that ancient order of 2. The duke of Wurtemberg reEbings so highly to be desired. vokes ail adherence, consent, and At Wesel in our chamber of war accession, open or secret, given by

and territory, 2916 December, him to the armed coalition against 1796, in the name and on the the French republic, or any treaty behalf of his majesty.

of alliance, offensive or defensive, BARON DE STEIN, which he may have contracted

First President. with it. In future he shall with. Given at Emmerick, in our re- hold from the powers at war with gency, the 2916 December, the republic any contingent or


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(223 aid in men, horses, provisions, sheries of France, shall enjoy in money, warlike stores or oihei wise, the states of his royal highness, under whatever ile they may be liberty of transit, exempted from demanded-even though he should all duties except the tolls on care be called up in as member of the riages and horses. French drivers Germanic empire.

shall, with respect to the payment 3. Toe troops of the French re- of the said tolls, be treated as the pub.ic shall have free passage into most favoured nation. the states of his ryal highness, 7. The French republic, and his and permission to reside and to oc- serene highness the duke of Wur. cupy all the military posts neces- temburg, respectively engage to sary for iheir operations.

remove the sequestraling of all ef4. His serene bizhness the duke fects, revenues, or goods, seized, of Wurtemberg and Teck re- confiscated, detained, or sold, benounces in favour of the French longing to French cilizens on the republic for himself, his succes- one hand, and to the inhabitants so', and all who have any claim, of the dutchies of Wurtemberg and all his rights to the principality Teck on the other; and to admit of Mu theları, the lordships of them to a legal exercise of their Hericou:t, Passavant, and other respective engagements and rights. dependencies, in the c unty of 8. All the pris iners respectively Hubourg, also the lord lips of made shall be delivered up within Riquewir and Os being and gene- a minth reckoning, from the exrally celes iw j. all the properly, change of the ratifications of the righis and landed revenue, which present treaty, on paying the debts he possesses on the leti bank of ibey may have contracted during the Rhine, and the arrears due to

their captivity.

The sick and him.

He renounces all right a- wounded shall still be taken care gainst the republic for all claims of in their respective hospitals, he might pretend to have against and shall be delivered up immedia the French republic, for the priva. a'ely on their cure. tion bitherto of the said righis and 9. Conformably to the sixth revenues; and any other claim of article of the treaty concluded at whatever denomination anterior to the Hague, on the 271b Fioreal of the present treaty:

the third year, the present treaty -5. His serene highness engages of peace and amity is declared to not to permit the emigrants and be common with the Batavian rem priests, banished from the French public. sepublic, to re ide in his states.

10. It shall be ratified, and the 6. There shall immediately be ra incation exchanged within concluded between the two pow- month, reckoning from the signaers, a treaty of commerce ture, and sooner if possible. grounds reciprocally advantageous.

Paris, 20th Thermidor,fourth year In the mean time all commercial of the French republic, one relations shall be renewed on the and indivisible. same fooung as before the present (Signed) CH. DELACROIX. war. All articles and

CHARLES, baron de dites belonging to the soil, the manufactures, the colonies or fie



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The directory agrees upon and 2. The margrave of Baden resigns the present treaty of peace vokes all adherence, consent and with the duke of Wurtemburg, ne- access, public or secrei, by him gociated in the name of the French given to the coalition aimed against republic by the minister of exter- the French republic, every conline nal relations, named by the exe- gent or succour, in men,borses, procutive directory, by an arret of the visions, money, ammunitiin, 11th Thermidor, (present month) other stores, under any preience and charged with instructions for whatever, even if he should be ree that purpose, at Paris, 21st Thermi- quired as member of the Germa. dor, 4th year of the French repub- nic empire. lic, one and indivisible,

3. The troops of the republic (As an authentic copy) shall pass freely through the de(Signed) REVELLIERE LEPEAUX, minions of his serene bigbness, represident.

side there, and occupy all military LAGARDE, secretary posts necessary for their operageneral.

tions. This treaty was ratified by the 4. His serene highness the marlegislative body.

grave of Biden, for himself and Treaty of Peace between the French his successors, cedes to the French

Republic and the Margrave of republic all the rights that may Baden.

belong to him upon the lordships THE French republic, and his of Rodemachern and Hesperingen, serene highness the Margrave of in the ci.devant duchy of LuxemBaden, desirous of re-establishing burgh ; the portion belonging to between both countries the relations him in the county of Sponheim, of friendsbip and good neighbour- and his rights upon the other porhood which existed between them tion; the lordship of Grevenstein, before the present war, have ap- the bailiwicks of Beinbeim and pointed as their plenipotentiaries, Rhod, and generally all the terrinamely, the executive directory, in tories, rights, and revenues, which the name of the French republic, he possessed, or pretends to have a citizen Charles Delacroix, minister right to possess on the left bank of foreign affairs, and his serene of the Rhine. He renounces all highness the margrave of Baden, demands upon the republic respecte the baron de Reitzenstein, his ing the. arrears of ihe said rights shamberlain, and great baliff of and revenues, and for every other Lorrach, who, after having ex- cause anterior io the present treachanged their respective powers, ty. have resolved on the following ar

5. His

serene highness, the nicles:

reigning margrave of Baden, as Art. 1. There shall be peace well in his own name, as in that of and good understanding between his two sons, the princes Frederick the French republic and his serene and Louis of Baden, for whom be wiyhness the margrave of Baden. interests hi nseif strongly, cedes In consequence, all bostilities shall and abandons, with entire guiacease between it contracting par- rantee to the French republic, the 1119, to reckon fiom the ratifica- two-thirds of the manor of Kule tiin of this present treaty.

Zenbauser, situate in the ci-derant



[225 province of Alsace, with all its of every thing that may injure its rights and dependencies, together usage. It is, however, agreed, that with the arrears of the said rights the houses which stand on the and revenues, which might remain ground which it is to take up, or due, renouncing all demands upon which would be necessary for conthe republic thereto relating, and tinuing it, shall not be demolished for every other cause anterior to without paying a just and previous the present ițeaty.

indemnity to the owner. 6. His serene highness the mar- 9. The punishment of offences grave of Baden also cedes for him. relative to navigation, which may self and his successors, all the be committed on the said towingislands of the Rhine which may road, shall belong to the French belong to him, all the rights to republic. which he may pretend upon the 10. The portions of that road, said islands, as likewise upou the likewise the islands on that course and the different branches river, which belonged by special of that river ; especially the rights right to his serene bighness, or of tolls, high jurisdiction, direct which were possessed by ecclesiaslordship, civil or criminal justice, tical bodies or commonalties, are or police.

ceded, without reserve, to the reThere shall not be included, un- public. The lay or private comder the denonination of the different munities shall continue to enjoy, arms of the Rhine, the small under the sovereignty of the repubbranches, and the dead or stagnant lic, the portions which were in vaters left in consequence of the their possession. It is bowever inundations of the ancient course agreed, ihat the said sovereignty of the river, and known to the slaall not be exercised over houses watermen by the names of Alt- depending on the margraviate, wasser, Alt Rhine, or Old Rhine. which may be deemed necessary

7. Each of the contracting par- for continuing the towing-way, ties shall be at liberty to finish the but only on their sites, after they work of the dykes, which may be shall have been demolished in exe. thought necessary for the preser. cution of Art. 8. vation of his territory; but this 11. The navigation of the river is to be done so as not to injure the shall be free for the citizens and country on the opposite bank. All the subjects of both contracting disputes which may arise from this parties. object, as also from the establish- 12. The tolls gathered on that ment and preservation of the tow- part of the river Rhine which ing path, shall be decided by juri- Bows between the dominions of the

means, between the respective contracting parties are abolished governments.

for ever.

There shall be none 8. His serene bighness engages established hereafter on the natural to leave, or cause to be left, on the bed of the river. right bank of the Rhine, a space

13. The stipulations contained of thirty-six feet broad, to serve in the preceding treaties between as a towing-road in the navigable France on the one part, and his parts, or in those which may be- serene highness the margrave of come so. This road shall be cleared Baden, or the emperor and the Vol. XXXVIII.




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empire, on the other, relative to from the exchange of the ratifithe course of ihe Rhine, its navi- cation of the present treaty, gation, the works in be con- paying the debis which ibey may structed for the preservation of its have contracted during their cap. bed and its banks, shall continue tivity. to be executed in as far as they are The sick and wounded shall con. not contrary to the present treary. tinue to be taken care of in the 11. llis

serene highness ene respective hospitals; they shall be gages not lo permit the einigrants, given up immediately af:er their and the priesis transported from the recovery. French republic, to reside in his 18. Conformable to the treaty territories

concluded at the Hague, the 2715 15. There shall be concluded, Floreal vi the third year, the pie. without d-lay, between the two sent treaty of peace and thenship pouern, a t eaty of commerce on is declared common with the Bala. grounts of reciprocal aile antuge. vian republic. Medliwure all comm-icial rein- 19. It shall be ratified, and the tions geld be re-peniablished, such ratifications exchanged at Paris, as they were betore the present within one month, to reckon trom

its signature, and sovner if practiAll commodities and merchan- cable. dise, being the produce of the Paris, 5 Fructidor, of the fourth French sil, manufactories, colo- year of the French republic, pien, and fisheries, shall enjoy in one and indivisible. the territories of his serene high- (Signed) ness the liberty of transat and CHARLES DELACROIX, staple, exempted from all au- SIGISMUND CHARLES JOHN ties, except those of the colls upon

Baron de REITZENTEIN. waggons and horses.

The Executive Directory resolve The French waggoners shall be and rally the present treaty of treated, with regard to the pay- peace with the margrave of Baden, ment of those dulies of toll, like negotiaied in the name of the the most favoured nation.

French republic by the minister for 16. The French republic and foreign affairs, appointed by the his serene highness the margrave Executive Directory by the resoo of Bulen, respectively engage to luuon of the 28th of last Thermidis, grant replevy on the sequestration and charged with their instructions of all effects, revenues, or estates, for that purpose. confi:cated, detained, or sold ir m Paris, 8th Fructidor, fourth year French civizens on one part, and of the French republic, one on the other, from the inhabrianis and indiv.sible. of the margraviate of Bailen, and (Signed) to admit them to the legal exercise REVELLIERE LE PEAUX, presi. of the acuons and rights which

By ihe Executive Directory, may beling to them.


LA GARDE, sec. gen. 17. All the prisoners of war The Council of Ancients apo respectively lahen shall be delivered proved of the above ireary on the up within one month, to count 31st of August.


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