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Todd the Tavernkeeper is the only one that has hitherto offered for your house, & he has offered £28 for the whole, I Scrupled Letting it because of the greater hurt that a Tavern must do to the house than a privat family, but to that he promised to Leave it in as good repair when he Left it as when delivered to him, but talking of the wearing of the Floors, he Said he meant only as to breaking or Spoiling anything, it was on Thursday Last be talkt of this & I referred him to this week to Consider of it & to advise with Mr Kennedy & M. Hunt also about it, which I Shall doe, & I think if no better offer happens to Embrace this I Shall keep him in hands as Long as I can without a final agreement in hopes I may have your own thoughts on it D- Sir

So far as before was wrote about a fourtnight agoe to goe by this bearer who Said he would then return & that being two days after Syms went I deferred writting by him On that account, this bearer tells me he goes to morrow morning & I being just going abroad have Litle time to add further than that on Monday Last Mr. Brown paid a quarters rent & my wife tells me that Sometime before She paid her a quarters rent but forgot to tell me of it together are £9-0-0 I also Let the house to a jew as p' the Receipt wherof under is a Coppy, he has no family but a wife & one Servant & it would not Suit him to give any higher rent than £20 & the rest of the house besides your room was Enough for him, Its the man that came Last Summer & took Cape Peirces house where M: Kennedy formerly Lived, he brought a Considerable Cargoeover with him so I Suppose there will be no doubt of the rent being in hast I Remain Yours Nyork Febry 4th

JA”. ALEXANDER. 1729/30

Received of Zachariah Pollack a pistol in part of twenty pounds rent for one year of D: Colden's house joining M". Parmyters (Excepting the room one pair of Stairs up in which his books & goods now are which is reserved to him) Commencing the first of May next & the rent to bee paid quarterly to D: Colden or his order Jan" 27th 1729/30 by


by order of D. Colden. I acknowledge to have taken the above mentioned house according to the terms above mentioned


From James Chrystie

MORBATTLE February 28 1729. D. B. C.

I received yours of the 8th of July from Coldenghame wherein you give me the agreeable account of the Issue of some of your Disputes about your publick affairs, and that they had Succeeded according to your wishes. I Shall be heartily glad to hear that your other differences which you wrote of, and the Decision of which, you Say, will be considerable either for or against you, are terminated as much to your Satisfaction. I perceive Faction and Party Differences prevaill all the World over; and your Remote parts are as much disquited with them, as ours at home; from which I am oblidged to conclude those people the happiest who have the least concern in them. And I observe by your way of writeing that you're heartily tired of them, and have no great fondness for those preferrments which naturally inveigle men into those disturbances. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to hear you all ways expressing the peculiar Satisfaction you have in enjoying Your Self & Your family in your country-retirement. Long may my Dear Alie and your Children give you pleasure; And may the agreeable entertainment you find at home be allways preserved by you to all your Court-amusements. I am glad to hear that you are in so good terms with your New Governour, and that you have had Such Assurances of his friendship.

I perceive by your letter that my Father gave you an account of the Birth of our little Sarah; It has pleased God in his Soveraign Providence to take her from us again. She has been allways weak and tender, & was cutt off by

a Fever about a fortnight ago. All my four Children are Just now in the Small Pox. That Disease has been very mortal to a great many children in this Country this Season. But I have great reason to be thankfull, that mine are in an extraordinary good Condition and in all Appearance, in no Sort of Danger, Davie (torn) quite free of them; & had but a very few. Katie & Alie have fallen into them Within these 10 Days. They have both of them very few likewise, & have been allways free of the fever, ever Since the Eruption. They are very hearty and well, as we could desire them to be in their present Circumstances, Gibbie has but broke out of the Pox Yesterday, but appears to be in a very hopefull condition, only we apprehend he is likely to have the greatest Number of Pox. We Saw your Mother here at our little Sarahs burial, She told us your Father was then in his Ordinary health but that day was so unseasonable & Cold, that he did not incline to Venture this far, We hear Your Brother James & his Wife & 3 Children are all in perfect health. We have frequent letters from Norway, whereby we understand that Davie & his wife & 6 Bairns are all Well. As likewise Andrew & his Wife & Daughter. Both our Norwegian Brethren tell us their Wives give them the prospect of the further increase of their families in a little time. My Father continues in Perfect good health (Blessed be God) He was with us last Summer for three Weeks. I convoy'd him back to Ed, And have Seen him there Since in November. He is Still lively & Chearfull, & as vigorous as I ever knew one of his age. It affords me always a great deal of pleasure to hear of the Prosperity & thriveing of Your Children Pray fail not always to Say something of each of them in Particular. My Sarah Remembers You and Alie with all imaginable affection. We both wish all blessings and happiness to your Dear Bairns. Tell Alie, I think She has become extremely lazie in Writeing. I know not when I had the Satisfaction of Seeing any thing written by her hand. The throng you tell me She was in about her butter & her Cheese, will not be Sustained by me as an excuse for her Silence. I expect She'l give me the pleasure of a letter from her Self in Particular, tho' one Cheese should happen to be Spoilt in the Making. That The Divine Blessing & Protection may ever attend you & her is the Sincere and earnest Prayer of

D. B. C. Your most affectionate Brother and humble Servant


at New York America
To be left at The Sun: Coffee: house, Behind
The Royal Exchange. London
Articles of agreement for working the lead mine at

Rochester, N. Y. THIS INDENTURE of agreement made the twentyeth day of may in the third Year of the Reigne of our Soverigne Lord George the second by the grace of god of Great Brittaine france and Irland king Defender of the faith, &c, and In the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and thirty, WITTNESSETH that whereas anthony Rutgers, Cadwallader Colden, Cornelis Hornebeck, Lodewick Hornebeck, Albert Pawling Gilbert Livingston, Jan Rosevelt, Petrus Rutgers Jan Scoonmaker and Gerardus Hardenbergh owners and proprietors of a Certaine mine lying and being in the township of Rochister near a place Called Nepenagh have agreed to work the said mine at the joint Charge of the said owners in the following proportions according to the shares they have in the said Mine that is to say Anthony Rutgers one ninth part, Cadwallader Colden one ninth part Cornelis Hornebeck one ninth part Lodewick Hornebeck one ninth part, albert Pawling one ninth part, Gilbert Livingston one ninth part Jan Rosevelt one ninth part, Petrus Rutgers one ninth part, Jan Schoonmaker one Eighteenth part and Gerardus Hardenbergh one Eighteenth part, the said Anthony Rutgers, Cadwallader Colden, Cornelis Hornebeck, Lodewick Hornebeck, albert Pawling, Gilbert Livingston, Jan Rosevelt Petrus Rutgers Jan schoonmaker and Gerardus Hardenbergh Covenant Promise and agree Each with the others that they will meet on the first Tuesday in Every month the first meeting to be at the house of Cornelis De witt In the said Towne of Rochister on the first Tuesday In the month of July next and the next following meetings to be at such place in the said County of ulster as the partners when meet or the Major part of them shall think most fitt and Convenient for the next following meeting and at Every of the said meetings to Consult & agree upon such things as shall be Necessary for the Carrying on & Discharging the Debts & Expences of the said work and what Ever shall be Resolved on by the major part of the owners then appearing the owner or owners of Every Ninth part to have one vote for Every Ninth part shall be binding on the whole and Every one of the said owners do Covenant Promise and agree each for himselfe but not for the others that he will pay such Sum or sums of moeney as shall be orderd by the majority of owners aforesaid to be paid for the dischar[g]ing the debts and further Carrying on of the work of the said mine to be paid by Each of the said owners in proportion to the share he has in the said mine Provided no greater sum be orderd at one time then what may Reasonably be thought Necessary for the Carrying on the work for one month after the said orders are given UNLESS ALL the owners be Personably Present when the orders are made and it is further agreed by the owners aforesaid that if any of them Cannot at any time attend such persons may depute and Make any other of the owners his Proxy to Vote for him for that time when he cannot attend and it is further agreed by the owners and proprietors aforesaid that in case any one shall neglect or Refuse to pay his proportion of the money orderd as aforesaid for three months then notice Shall be given him by two Credible persons of such Neglect or Refusall and demand made of the money in their presence and if not then paid Publick notice shall be given by & writting affixed on the court house at kingston and on the City hall of the City of new york that such a persons Share of said Mine is to be sold by publick out cry on such a day at kingston Provided that the time of sale be not less than six weeks after the demand made as aforesaid and money not paid when Demanded Provided

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