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thing that you think amiss in what we have done, for I am Sure could we have done anything better we would have done it, & as to the mode of Expression in the advertisement we thought it most prudent to Submitt it to M: Murray a person cool & disinterested in the matter Excepting his fee

The heads of the address from Connecticut is all that I think is needfull; but these ought to be So full & in Such order as that a few words altered may turn it into an address, & at Whitestone it was the unanimous & Serious of opinion of Every one there that you should draw it as in my former I told you as also that you Should draw the representation, & why it Should more Look Like banter to desire those things of you, than it would have done to have desired them of anybody Else, I am sure I am at a Loss to See for we are all well assured you know more of the transactions of this matter than any body concerned, and therfore I think the fittest person to do them & if you don't theyll probably remain undone, that very fact concerning these reasons is a very material thing which we have no knowledge of & doubtless you know many things from your Conversation with the Comm" that we are as yet Strangers to wherfore I beg for your own & all our interests that you'll not turn Serious things into banter & therby prejudice our Cause, how I wrote about these things in my Last I cannot now tell for it was in Some hurry & I have no Coppy, but Sure I am that I had no thoughts of banter in the matter

M: Mathews has desired no Assistance of me in the matter you mention, if he does, I shall readyly do whats in my power

As to the matter of the drounded Lands Claws is a 13th owner of them & has Such a notion of them that he is resolved not to Sell but will readyly Endeavour to buy out others, So that should he prove a bad partner yet there will be no getting quitt of him, I have heard the Same matter talkt of in toun here amongst Some of our Chief merchants, where they thought it might be Easyly done all that was necessary to give a vent, for they Said they were well assured it was not above half a mile that would be necessary to be dug, But that assurance had a very contrary Effect upon my thinking viz that if there was half a mile to be dug & that probably in hard rock, it was beyond the reach of all the pockets in the province to perform it. I find there are so many that have a notion of the great value of the thing which will undoubtedly render the purchaseing dear, that I am Cooled as to any further thinking of the matter Especially Since I have heard that it would require half a miles digging & probably it is more than Less

Theres no material news by the bever or Since but what's in the publick newspaper only this that by the Last Boston post we heard that a Ship which had Sailed from London about the midle of October gives an account that the Competition Still remained for the Government of New York undetermined, & as that was the Last Ship Expected there this winter possibly we shall have no news of his appointment till he brings it himself

I heartyly wish your family may avoid the Small pox till Mr Colden is well again, for it would certainly be terribly to come in your family while she is in that Condition, however Some have got over it here where even the mother her Self has been taken with it while big, which is a worse case than MTM Coldens for she certainly had had it her Self, Inoculation takes mightyly upon Long Island I have been told today that upwards of Seventy have been inoculated within this fourtnight there & that about fifty are to be inoculated next week, about three weeks agoe I heard Seventy persons Counted in this toun Morrisania & Jamacia who had been incoulated & not one had died, & hitherto I have not heard of one that has died of inoculation, & this Experience I doubt not would soon induce you to inoculate your family were it not for the particular Circumstance of it, My wifes & my humble Service to Mr Colden I am



att Coldingham

Survey of six tracts of land in Orange County, N. Y.

Pursuant To A warrant Dated The Sept. 26th 1730 And to me directed by His Late Excellencey John montgomerie Esqi Captain Generall and Governour in Chief of the province of New-york Survey'd By my Deputy Charles Clinton for Gabriel Ludlow And William Ludlow Gentlemen The Six tracts or parcells of Land herein after mentioned Scituat Lying and being in The County of Orange being Some of the vacated and Reassumed Lands Late of Captain John Evans The first of The Said Tracts or parcells of Land is lying and being in The Highlands near part of the Dunderbergh hill which Lyes back in The woods from Hudson's River; And Beings At a Whitewood Tree mark'd with three notches on four Sides Standing near the Southerly Side of a Ridge of Rocks lying on the South Side of a Brook there Called by the Indians Sickhassen Kill & by the Christians Stoney Brook Which Brook Runs into An other Brook there Callid Puplop's Kill and The Same Tract Runs from The Said white wood Tree South fourty five Degrees west Sixty five Chains; thence South Seventeen Degrees East Eighty Chains; Thence South Sixty Seven degrees West Seventy Six Chains thence North thirty Seven Degrees West one Hundred And twenty One Chains Thence North fifty Eight Degrees East one Hundred And Seventy Chains and Thence South thirty Degrees East fourty two Chains to The place where the same Tract of land Began Containing one Thousand four hundred and thirty Seven Acres of Land And the usuall allowance for Highways The Second Tract of the Said Tracts & parcells of Lands Lyes in the Highlands Near the Said first Tract of Land and begins at a white Oak tree marked With Three Notches on four Sides Standing on the Northside of the Said Brook Cali'd puplop's Kill, Back from Hudsons River into the woods at a place where the aforeSaid Sickhasan Kill (or Stoney Brook) Runs into the Said Puplops Kill or Brook; And the Same Second tract Runs from The Said White Oak tree East Seventeen Chains Thence north E Twenty Degrees East Sixty Chains Thence North Eleven Degrees West fourty two chains Thence West thirty Four Chains; Thence South fifteen Degrees west Sixty Seven Chains Thence South Seven Degrees East thirty five Chains And Thence East Seventeen Chains to the place where the same Second Tract of Land Began Containing four Hundred And Seven Acres and ye Allowance which is usual for high wayes. The Third of the Said Tracts or Parcells of Land is Lying and being in the Highlands And Begins At the End of Thirty one Chains Distance (measured on a Streight Line A Southerly Course along the Bank of Hudson's River) From a place there Call’d the Stoney point Opposit to martlers Rock, And Runs from the End of the said thirty One Chains (Along the Banks of the Said River southerly in a Streight Line) One Hundred And Twenty five Chains Thence north west one Hundred And Thirty two Chains Thence North Twenty Seven degrees East fourty One Chains thence South Eighty one degrees East one hundred And Thirty two Chains to the place where the same third tract of Land Began Containing nine hundred ninty and one Acres besides the usuall allowance for Highwayes. THE FOURTH of the Said Tracts or parcells of Land (being part of the Highlands) Begins On The South Side of the next Hill that Lyes to the Southward of Butter Hill (one Chain to the Northward of a Small Run of Water that Runs into Hudson's River) at a pine Tree marked with three notches on one Side Standing near the Same River and Runs from The Said Pine Tree along the Said River as it Runs (a Course near South thirty Degrees west) Sixty Chains Thence North fifty Eight Degrees west Sixty one Chains Thence north thirty Degrees East Sixty Chains And thence South fifty Eight Degrees East Sixty one Chains to the place where The Same fourth tract Began Containing three Hundred and fourty nine acres and The Usuall allowance for Highways THE FITH of the Said Tracts or parcells of Land is Lying and being in the Highlands and begins at two pine Trees marked with three notches on three Sides Standing on the South Side of Butter hill near Hudson's River And Runs from the Said two pine trees Along the Said River as it Runs (a Course near South thirty five Degrees East) fifty Chains thence South fifty five Degrees west Sixty five Chains thence North thirty five Degrees west fifty Eight Chains thence North fifty five Degrees East Sixty five Chains to the Said River and Thence along The Same River Eight Chains to the place where The Same fifth Tract of Land Began Containing three Hundred and fifty nine Acres of Land and the usuall Allowance for High-wayes And the Sixth of the Said Tracts or Parcels of Land Begins at the End of Seven Chains Distance (measured on a Course South fifty five Degrees west) from Two Large pine Trees mark'd with three notches on three Sides Standing on the south Side of a Brook that Runs through the Easterly Corner of Pattrick McGregory's Pattented Lands where an other small Run of water Runs into The Said Brook And The same Sixth Tract Runs from The End of the Said Seven Chains South thirty five Degrees East fifty one Chains Thence north fifty five Degrees East Seventy five Chains Thence North thirty five Degrees west Sixty four Chains Thence South fifty five Degrees west Seventy five Chains and Thence South thirty five Degrees East Thirteen Chains to the place where the Same Sixth tract of Land Began Containing four Hundred and fifty Seven Acres of Land and the usual allowance for highways Given und my hand this fifteenth Day of October 1731.

From Micajah Perry.




I was very agreeably surprized, not long ago, with your Letter of the 29th June it had a long passage for it

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