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From James Alexander. D: Sir

On my return Last week from the jersey assembly I had yours of june 28th which is only the Second I have had from you Since I Saw you

I am really concerned to find by yours that your distemper has been so hard on you of Late & hope your Judgment in Chuseing & resolution in takeing proper remedys may Effect a thorough Cure

I agree with you in the Commendations of the married State & believe where it hits right it yields the greatest Satisfaction in this Life & where otherways the Contrary you & I are happy in the first I wish none of our friends were unhappy in the Last

I agree to accept Macculloms father in Law for Security for his debt to be paid at Such time as you please

His Excellency got the Support Setled for five years in jersey on his consenting to permitt the assembly to address the King for a Separate Gove after his Com* Determines which they have done, & he returned here on Thursday was Seven night * Before this I Suppose you had a Letter from Quinby or some of his Company who propose to petition for a patent for Some of the Equivalent Land on the Connecticut Line its but within these few days that they proposed to me to be Concerned for them & with them which I have Consented to they tell me they have by their Letter some time agoe proposed it to you

The Ridgefield people intended to have opposed Quinby's Company but they have agreed & are to join in petitioning, M: Clark agrees to join & by what Wm Smith tells me, he Seems to be Sincere in it, for the blocks in the way I think he has pointed out & also advised the best means of Obviating them

One great Block is the Line not being determined which must be before the grant is had, & as to that he proposes that it be done with the greatest expedition possible & with the Least charge, And in order to Effect it is desireous of your Comeing doun as Soon as your Convenience can permitt & desires he may be Sent for So Soon as you come & he will come doun to Concert With you Wm Smith & I the best measures to be taken, W. Smith & I send you herewith a Separate Letter for comeing doun to which I referr

If George be Sincere as Smith assures me he is, notwithstanding Phillipses pretensions, which George is well apprized of, more good Consequences may come of this than at first Sight are to be Seen, but Least he was not Sincere I would not go to him tho desired along with Smith

The charge of Obtaining the patent will be pretty great Even if the most Saveing way be taken to Obtain it for the petitioners must Expect to be at the whole charge of running of the Line, yet they think it will be worth their while to prosecute the matter for there's a Considerable quantity of good Land in the Equivalent whose value is increased by the proximity of the Connecticut Setlements, & if worth their whiles, it must be much more worth yours Seing the fees that will be comeing to you in the matter will far Exceed your part of the charge

My brother in Law John Spratt is gott concerned in interest with MRutsens by means of a mortgage, & has Some time agoe made pretty Large offers to me to be concerned both in interest & as Council for them along with M: Murray who is retained for them, I Desired time to think of the matter for in a matter of Such moment one ought not rashly to Engage, I Shall not finally answer them till I hear from, or See, you, when I Shall be glad of your opinion in the matter

Hopeing quickly to See you here what further I have to Say I shall reserve to that time, Please to give my wifes & my best respects to Mr Colden I am



att Coldingham

From James Alexander. Dear Sir

I was much Concerned that by Coll Mathews I did not answer your Last of Dec: 8th for M: Hunt brought me it & promised to Call for my answer before Coll Mathews went & I heard no more Either of him or Coll Mathews till I heard that Mathews was gone

As to the matter of the Equivalent Lands I referr you to a joint Letter herewith from M: Smith & me

I have no answer from Paris which I wonder at for David Barclay acknowledges the Receipt of that Letter in which Paris's was inclosed, I have now desired Paris by the Last Ships to answer that Letter but have not Sent him a Duplicate for some reasons

on the 23d of December Last his Excellency Sent for me to acquaint me that I held the Naval office of him which he believed my Circumstances did not want & that M: Lindsey was Strongly recommended to him & in want & he knew no other way of provideing for him & therefore intended to give him that office. I therupon thanked his Exy for the past continueing me in that office, & had no objection to his granting it to whom he thought proper & accordingly it was the next day granted to M: Lindsey

M: Boyle has told me that the Gov: was Extremely prest to it by M: Delancy & his Son, & it was only their importunities that prevailed on his Excellency to grant it, & that M: Clark denyed to have any hand it it Saying he was under Obligations to me, you have it as I have it,

M: Kennedy favoured me yesterday with the Sight of yours by Capt Bayard by which I am Extremely glad to find that Mrs Colden is on the Recovery & do heartyly wish She may Soon be restored to her perfect health, in which my wife heartyly joins & in her Service to you & her

I know of no news whatsoever worth your hearing 80 remain Your most affectionat & most humble Servant

JA. ALEXANDER. NEW YORK Jan" 12th 1730/1.


From James Alexander.
NEW YORK March 26th

1731 Dear Sir

Two days agoe Obadiah Hunt Surprized me by acquainting me that his Son was taken into Custody for Debt & Desiring me for you to take the weighhouse into my care & that he might be hereafter freed from the Obligation he Lay under to you for his Son

I told him I had no authority from you to accept of any Such thing & that he must do the best he could to keep the weighhouse by the help of the man that was met till you came down or gave directions which he promised to do

Should you think of appointing another which You'll be under a necessity of if Hunt Compounds not with his Creditors & gets his father to Continue his Security for him I thought of putting you in mind of M: Dugdale who would Certainly be a most Excellent officer but I have neither Spoke of it to him nor will without your Directions, I doubt nothing but he would gladly accept of the office Being in baste

I Remain

JA. ALEXANDER. P. S. March 29th 1731.

M. Burhans was with me this day (haveing hitherto bad no opportunity to Send you the above) & he tells me that if you'll appoint M: Heath again, that he will Encourage the weighhouse as much as in his power is, & he Says he can prevail on all, the Esopus boat men to do the Like on Heaths account I Leave it to you to Consider what's most your interest M: Dugdales an officer you & all the world may depend on & if you appoint him he possibly by his faithfullness may in time bring as great Reputation & Encouragement to the weighhouse as M. Heath can, & the Vanhorn's I believe you might also Depend on upon his account to Encourage the weighhouse, But as before I have neither hinted the Least of this to M* Dugdale nor will I till you first Resolve what's most to your own interest

I am


att Coldingham Si Fr HARRISON Esq' Q. D. C.

From James Alexander. Dear Sir

I have the favour of yours without Date, the Equivalent affair is brought to a better & quicker issue than I expected in So far as the patent was paid for & delivered on Monday Last the Ridgefield Releases are Executed proved & Exchanged, & the County folks deeds are all Executed, & to be Delivered in the Country accounts are Setled & the Country folks have paid their Quotas' Excepting the 40/ for division which Some could not raise the money for but have given bond to Jacobus Bruyn to have the half of it to pay him at Cornelius Flamens on the Last of August & the rest on the Last of October, the Deeds from W. Smith are near ready but won't be Delivered til Each Execute a Covenant to pay their proportion of the quitrents & indemnify Every other person from the payment thereof & from all Damage for the want of payment

Ireland Thomas & Birdsell we had not a Litle Difficulty with to get them to Convey to Smith; Clark, Smith & my Self Left them not from the time they came to town till it was done which was this Day was Seven night at twelve at night when they also Executed the Release to Ridgefield & James Brown was dispatcht with it to get Ridgefield folks to Execute theirs with which he got back here on Sunday M. Clark Spent four Compleat days with

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