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There is but very little scrip proper, such as Valentine scrip and Sioux half-breed scrip, still outstanding. Military bounty land warrants are in the nature of a scrip. There are also certain rights, frequently called scrip, for which see “ Lieu selections,” “Railroad selections," "Soldiers additional homesteads,” and “State selections."

Page. Act of July 17, 1854-Sioux half-breed scrip---

529 Act of April 5, 1872--Valentine scrip----

530 An Act To authorize the President of the United States to cause to be surveyed the tract of land in the Territory of Minnesota, belonging to the halfbreeds or mixed bloods of the Dacotah or Sioux nation of Indians, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President be, and he is hereby, authorized, Authority to to exchange with the halfbreeds or mixed bloods of the on west side of Dacotah or Sioux Nation of Indians, who are entitled Mississippi River to an interest therein, for the tract of land lying on the west side of Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River, in the Territory of Minnesota, which was set apart and granted for their use and benefit, by the ninth article of the Treaty of Prairie du Chien, of the fifteenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty; and for that purpose he is hereby authorized to cause to be issued to said persons, on the execution by them, or by the legal representatives of such as may be minors, of a full and complete relinquishment by them to the United States of all their right, title, and interest, according to such form as shall be prescribed by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, in and to said tract of land or reservation, certificates or scrip for the same amount of land to which each individual would be entitled in case of a division of the said grant or reservation pro rata among the claimants—which said certificates or scrip may be located upon any of the lands within said reserration not now occupied by actual and bona fide settlers of the halfbreeds or mixed bloods, or such other persons as have gone into said Territory by authority of law, or upon any other unoccupied lands subject to preemption or private sale, or upon any other unsurveyed lands, not reserved by Government, upon which they have respectively made improvements: Provided, That said certificates or scrip shall not embrace more than six hundred


and forty, nor less than forty acres each, and provided that the same shall be equally apportioned, as nearly

as practicable, among those entitled to an 'interest in Purther pro- said reservation: And provided further, That no trans

fer or conveyance of any of said certificates or scrip

shall be valid. When certin SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President faster or scrip to be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause to be ascer

tained the number and names of the halfbreeds or mixed bloods who are entitled to participate in the benefits of the said grant or reservation as aforesaid, before the issue of the certificates or scrip provided for in the preceding section.

SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That from and after exposed to sale. the passage of this Act the President is authorized to

have the lands within the said reserves surveyed and exposed to public sale at the land offices for the districts in which said lands may lie, according to the boundaries of the several land districts recently established by Congress, in the same manner as other public lands.

Approved, July 17, 1854 (10 Stat. 304).

Lands to be surveyed ; how

An Act For the relief of Thomas B. Valentine.


court in Cali.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assem

se bled, That the ninth circuit court of the United States, of entine to certain California, be, and hereby is, authorized and required to land to be heard hear and decide upon the merits, the claim of Thomas B. states circuit Valentine, claiming title, under a Mexican grant to Juan fornia. Miranda, to a place called the Rancho Arroyo de San

Antonio, situate in the county of Sonomo, and State of California, in the same manner, and with the same jurisdiction, as if the claim to the said tract of land had been duly presented to the board of land commissioners under the provisions of the Act entitled “An Act to ascertain and settle the private land claims in the State of California," approved March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, and an appeal had been duly taken from their decision to the district court of California by the said

Thomas B. Valentine. Testimony. SEC. 2. That on the said hearing any testimony hereto

fore taken before the said board of commissioners, in relation to said claim on behalf of the said claimant, or of the United States, may be read, subject to all just exceptions to its competency; and additional testimony, on either part, may be taken, under the order and direction of said circuit court, as to the validity and extent of said

claim. Appeal to be

Sec. 3. That an appeal shall be taken from the final taken within six

decision and decree of the said circuit court to the Supreme Court of the United States, by either party, in accordance with the provisions of the tenth section of



said Act of March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, within six months after the rendition of such final decision; and a decree under the provisions of this Act, in favor of said claim, shall not affect any adverse right or title to the lands described in said decree; but in lieu thereof, the claimant, or his legal representatives, may select, and shall be allowed, patents for an equal quantity of the unoccupied and unappropriated public lands of the United States, not mineral, and in tracts not less than the subdivisions provided for in the United States land laws, and, if unsurveyed when taken, to conform, when surveyed, to the general system of United States land surveys; and the Commissioner of the General Land Office, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, shall be authorized to issue scrip, in legal subdivisions, to the said Valentine, or his legal representatives, in accordance with the provisions of this Act: Provided, That no de- Proviso. cree in favor of said Valentine shall be executed nor be of any force or effect against any person or persons; nor shall land scrip or patents issue as hereinbefore provided, unless the said Valentine shall first execute and deliver to the Commissioner of the General Land Office a deed conveying to the United States all his right, title, and interest to the lands covered by said Miranda grant.

Approved, April 5, 1872 (17 Stat. 649).


of the Government price for the land; but no persie about the permitted to acquire more than one hundred and ** Wet of publie land through the location of any

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See “Swamp lands".
Revised Statutes.--Section 1946_School lands in certain Territories..
Sections 2378-2379__Grant to new States-Selection and location of lands-
Section 2449—Fee-simple title to pass.---
Act of March 2, 1895__State selections on ceded Indian reservations.--
ARIZONA.-Act of June 20, 1910—Sections 16, 36, 2, and 32 for common

schools Lieu selections Internal improvements--Trust fund—Mortgages prohibited-Sales and leases Commission to select -CALIFORNIA.-Revised Statutes, sections 2485-2487-Certain selec

tions confirmed-Surveyed lands-Surveyed only by State --Act of March 3, 1853—-Public lands in California, except school and min

eral lands, to be subject to preemption ---
Act of July 23, 1866-Lieu selections Surveyor general to furnish State

Lists as basis for selections.---
Act of March 1, 1877-Certain selections confirmed--Mexican grants-In-

nocent purchasers protected-Settlers-Mineral lands..
COLORADO.---Act of March 3, 1875_School lands-School fund-Min-

eral lands -
Act of April 2, 1884-Selections in lieu of mineral lands.
IDAHO.-Act of July 3, 1890 -School lands—Sale-Leases-Selections

in lieu of mineral lands_
Act of February 27, 1913–Selections on oil and phosphate lands.
INGTON.--Act of February 22, 1889School lands--Reservations ex-

cepted-Sale-Leases Selections in lieu of mineral lands------
Act of December 18, 1902-Certain selections in Washington confirmed.
Act of August 11, 1921--Section 11 of the act of February 22, 1889,

Act of February 14, 1923_Cut-over lands may be exchanged for other

lands of equal value..
NEVADA. ---Act of March 21, 1864School lands.-
Act of July 4, 1866-Mineral lands reserved from sale.
Act of June 16, 1880-2,000,000 acres granted in lieu of sections 16 and 36.
NEW MEXICO.--Act of June 21, 1898-School lands--Reservations ex-

cepted-Partial grant only-Commission to select---Lease-Sale.
Act of June 25, 1906-Section 10 of the act of June 21, 1898, amended.---
Act of March 16, 1908- Sections 2275-2276, Revised Statutes, providing for

selections, made applicable to New Mexico.---
Act of June 20, 1910-Sections 16, 36, 2, and 32 for common schools

Lleu selections_Internal improvements-Trust fund-Mortgages pro-
hibited.-Sales-Leases--Commission to select---
OREGON.--Act of February 14, 1859-School lands-Lieu selections..
Act of June 18, 1874-Wagon roads_
UTAH.--Act of July 16, 1894_School lands-Reservations excepted...---
Act of May 3, 1902-Sections 2275-2276, Revised Statutes, providing for

selections made applicable-Sections 2 and 32 added.
WYOMING.--Act of July 10, 1890-School lands-Sale-Mineral lands

excepted-Lieu selections ---
STATE SELECTIONS.--Revised Statutes, sections 2275-2276-Settle-

ments before survey on sections 16 and 36—Lieu lands-Deficiencies

in school sections and fractional townships.
Act of March 3, 1893—Preference right to certain States.
Act of August 18, 1894--Survey of lands and preference right to certain

Act of March 2, 1895–Selections of school lands on Indian reservations
Act of April 29, 1898-Settlement between the United States and Arkansas.
Act of April 30, 1912--Surface of coal lands to State --
Act of February 16, 1921-Survey of lands and preference right to

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