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ing forty acres in area, for camp sites, refining works, and other purposes connected with and necessary to the proper development and use of the deposits covered by the permit or lease.

General provi: sions.

Holdings re. stricted.

Oil or gas.


SODIUM, OIL, OIL SHALE, AND GAS LEASES. Sec. 26. That the Secretary of the Interior shall re- be canceled" for serve and may exercise the authority to cancel any want of diligence. prospecting permit upon failure by the permittee to exercise due diligence in the prosecution of the prospecting work in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the permit, and shall insert in every such permit issued under the provisions of this Act appropriate provisions for its cancellation by him.

Sec. 27. That no person, association, or corporation, except as herein provided, shall take or hold more than Coal, phos.

phate, and sodi. one coal, phosphate, or sodium lease during the life um. of such lease in any one State; no person, association, or corporation shall take or hold, at one time, more than three oil or gas leases granted hereunder in any one State, and not more than one lease within the geologic structure of the same producing oil or gas field; no corporation shall hold any interest as a stock - Corporation inholder of another corporation in more than such number Interests in of leases; and no person or corporation shall take or other leases. hold any interest or interests as a member of an association or associations or as a stockholder of a corporation or corporations holding a lease under the provisions hereof, which, together with the area embraced in any direct holding of a lease under this Act, or which, together with any other interest or interests as a member of an association or associations or as a stockholder of a corporation or corporations holding a lease under the provisions hereof, for any kind of mineral leased hereunder, exceeds in the aggregate an amount equivalent to the maximum number of acres of the respective kinds of minerals allowed to any one lessee under this Act. Any interests held in violation of this Act shall be for

prohibited interfeited to the United States by appropriate proceedings instituted by the Attorney General for that purpose in the United States district court for the district in which the property, or some part thereof, is located, except that holding "bytades any ownership or interest forbidden in this Act which scent, etc. may be acquired by descent, will, judgment, or decree may be held for two years and not longer after its acquisition: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall

Exceptions. be construed to limit sections 18, 18a, 19, and 22 or to prevent any number of lessees under the provisions of

Combinations this Act from combining their several interests so far as for refineries, pipe may be necessary for the purposes of constructing and lines, etc., percarrying on the business of a refinery, or of establishing

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and constructing as a common carrier a pipe line or lines of railroads to be operated and used by them jointly

in the transportation of oil from their several wells, or Coal roads.

from the wells of other lessees under this Act, or the Approval nec- transportation of coal: Provided further, That any com

bination for such purpose or purposes shall be subject to

the approval of the Secretary of the Interior on applicaForfeiture for tion to him for permission to form the same: And prosubleasing,

combinations vided further, That if any of the lands or deposits ire derestraint of leased under the provisions of this Act shall be sub

leased, trusteed, possessed, or controlled by any device permanently, temporarily, directly, indirectly, tacitly, or in any manner whatsoever, so that they form part of, or are in anywise controlled by any combination in the form of an unlawful trust, with consent of lessee, or form the subject of any contract or conspiracy in restraint of trade in the mining or selling of coal, phosphate, oil, oil shale, gas, or sodium entered into by the lessee, or any agreement or understanding, written, verbal, or otherwise to which such lessee shall be a party, of which his or its output is to be or become the subject, to control the price or prices thereof or of any holding of such lands by any individual, partnership, association, corporation, or control, in excess of the amounts of lands provided in this Act, the lease thereof shall be forfeited

by appropriate court proceedings. Rights of way SEC. 28. That rights of way through the public lands, granted through including the forest reserves, of the United States are public lands.

hereby granted for pipe-line purposes for the transporta

tion of oil or natural gas to any applicant possessing the ditions, etc. coperating con qualifications provided in section 1 of this Act, to the ex

tent of the ground occupied by the said pipe line and twenty-five feet on each side of the same under such regulations as to survey, location, application, and use as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior and upon the express condition that such pipe lines shall be constructed, operated, and maintained as common car

riers: Provided, That the Government shall in express Express condition for convey:

terms reserve and shall provide in every lease of oil sands ance of oil of hereunder that the lessee, assignee, or beneficiary, if other producers,

owner, or operator or owner of a controlling interest in any pipe line or of any company, operating the same which may be operated accessible to the oil derived from lands under such lease, shall at reasonable rates and without discrimination accept and convey the oil of the Government or of any citizen or company not the owner of

any pipe line, operating a lease or purchasing gas or oil Applicable to under the provisions of this Act: Provided further, That all future grants.

no right of way shall hereafter be granted over said lands for the transportation of oil or natural gas except under

and subject to the provisions, limitations, and conditions Forfeiture for of this section. Failure to comply with the provisions of violations.

this section or the regulations prescribed by the Secretary



Joint use of easements, etc.,




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of the Interior shall be ground for forfeiture of the grant by the United States district court for the district in which the property, or some part thereof, is located in an appropriate proceeding.

SEC. 29. That any permit, lease, occupation, or use permitted under this Act shall reserve to the Secretary of reserved. the Interior the right to permit upon such terms as he may determine to be just, for joint or several use, such easements pr rights of way, including easements in tunnels upon, through, or in the lands leased, occupied, or used as may be necessary or appropriate to the working of the same, or of other lands containing the deposits described in this Act, and the treatment and shipment of the products thereof by or under authority of the Government, its lessees, or permittees, and for other public purposes: Provided, That said Secretary, in his discre

Disposal of surtion, in making any lease under this Act, may reserve to face the United States the right to lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of the surface of the lands embraced within such lease under existing law or laws hereafter enacted, in so far as said surface is not necessary for use of the lessee in extracting and removing the deposits therein: Pro- before retinti on vided further, That if such reservation is made it shall lease.

Easement peribe so determined before the offering of such lease: And ods. provided further, That the said Secretary, during the life of the lease, is authorized to issue such permits for easements herein provided to be reserved.

Sec. 30. That no lease issued under the authority of etc., sot fease note: this Act shall be assigned or sublet, except with the con- stricted. sent of the Secretary of the Interior. The lessee may, allowed.

Relinquishment in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, be permitted at any time to make written relinquishment of all rights under such a lease, and upon acceptance thereof be thereby relieved of all future obligations under said lease, and may with like consent surrender any legal

Restrictive prosubdivision of the area included within the lease.

Each visions, for dililease shall contain provisions for the purpose of insuring gence, safety, etc. the exercise of reasonable diligence, skill, and care in the operation of said property; a provision that such rules for the safety and welfare of the miners and for the prevention of undue waste as may be prescribed by said Secretary shall be observed, including a restriction of the workday to not exceeding eight hours in any one day for underground workers except in cases of emergency; provisions prohibiting the employment of any boy under the age of sixteen or the employment of any. girl or woman, without regard to age, in any mine below the surface; provisions securing the workmen complete freedom of purchase; provision requiring the payment of wages at least twice a month in lawful money of the United States, and providing proper rules and regulations to insure the fair and just weighing or measure

Labor restrictions.





Sale to the ment of the coal mined by each miner, and such other protitrust protec- visions as he may deem necessary to insure the sale of the tion, etc.

production of such leased lands to the United States and to the public at reasonable prices, for the protection of the interests of the United States, for the prevention of monopoly, and for the safeguarding of the public

welfare: Provided, That none of such provisions shall State laws not be in conflict with the laws of the State in which the impaired.

leased property is situated. Forfeiture of Sec. 31. That any lease issued under the provisions of Proceedings in this Act may be forfeited and canceled by an appropriate district courts. proceeding in the United States district court for the

district in which the property, or some part thereof, is located whenever the lessee fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Act, of the lease, or of the

general regulations promulgated under this Act and in Settlement of force at the date of the lease; and the lease may provide disputes, etc.

for resort to appropriate methods for the settlement of disputes or for remedies for breach of specified con

ditions thereof. Regulations, SEC. 32. That the Secretary of the Interior is author Stribe to be pre ized to prescribe necessary and proper rules and regula

tions and to do any and all things necessary to carry out and accomplish the purposes of this Act, also to fix and determine the boundary lines of any structure, or

oil or gas field, for the purposes of this Act: Provided, Rights States, etc., not That nothing in this Act shall be construed or held to affected.

a ffect the rights of the States or other local authority to exercise any rights which they may have, including the right to levy and collect taxes upon improvements, output of mines, or other rights, property, or assets of

any lessee of the United States. Sworn state- SEC. 33. That all statements, representations, or re

ports required by the Secretary of the Interior under this Act shall be upon oath, unless otherwise specified by him, and in such form and upon such blanks as the Secretary

of the Interior may require. Application of Sec. 34. That the provisions of this Act shall also apply its on a reserved to all deposits of coal, phosphate, sodium, oil, oil shale, or lands.

gas in the lands of the United States, which lands may have been or may be disposed of under laws reserving to the United States such deposits, with the right to prospect for, mine, and remove the same, subject to such conditions as are or may hereafter be provided

by such laws reserving such deposits. Disposal of re- SEC. 35. That 10 per centum of all money received ceipts. To the Treas. from sales, bonuses, rovalties, and rentals under the pro

visions of this Act, excepting those from Alaska, shall To the recla- be paid into the Treasury of the United States and credVol. 32, p. 345. ite to miscellaneous receipts; for past production 70

ments, etc.

per centum, and for future production 524 per centum of the amounts derived from such bonuses, royalties, and rentals shall be paid into, reserved, and appropriated as



From naval pe.

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oil or gas.

Sales by competitive bidding.

a part of the reclamation fund created by the Act of Congress, known as the Reclamation Act, approved June 17, 1902, and for past production 20 per centum, and forTo the States future production 37. per centum of the amounts de l'ocated, for rived from such bonuses, royalties, and rentals shall be roads, education, paid by the Secretary of the Treasury after the expiration of each fiscal year to the State within the boundaries of which the leased lands or deposits are or were located, said moneys to be used by such State or subdivisions thereof for the construction and maintenance of public roads or for the support of public schools or other public educational institutions, as the legislature of the State may direct: Provided, That all moneys which may accrue to the United States under the provisions of this Act troleum reserves from lands within the naval petroleum reserves shall be to the Treasury. deposited in the Treasury as * Miscellaneous receipts.

Sec. 36. That all royalty accruing to the United States Oil or gas roy: under any oil or gas lease or permit under this Act on kind. demand of the Secretary of the Interior shall be paid in

l'pon granting any oil or gas lease under this Act, and from time to time thereafter during said lease, the Secreretary of the Interior shall, except whenever in his judgment it is desirable to retain the same for the use of the United States, offer for sale for such period as he may determine, upon notice and advertisement on sealed bids or at public auction, all royalty oil and gas accruing or reserved to the United States under such lease. Such advertisement and sale shall reserve to the Secretary of the Interior the right to reject all bids whenever within his judgment the interest of the United States demands; and in cases where no satisfactory bid is received or where the accepted bidder fails to complete the purchase, private sales, etc. or where the Secretary of the Interior shall determine that it is unwise in the public interest to accept the offer of the highest bidder, the Secretary of the Interior, within his discretion, may readvertise such royal for sale, or sell at priyate sale at not less than the market price for such period, or accept the value thereof from the lessee: Provided, horrerer. That pending the making Provisas. of a permanent contract for the sale of any royalty, oil rent produ.t at or gas as herein provided, the Secretary of the Interior market price. may sell the current product at private sale, at not less than the market price: And provided further, That any royalty, oil, or gas may be sold at not less than the market price at private sale to any department or agency of the United States.

Sec. 37. That the deposits of coal, phosphate, sodium, plicable to oil, oil shale, and gas, herein referred to in lands valuable deposits of coal, for such minerals, including lands and deposits described in the joint resolution entitled “ Joint resolution author

Company includ. izing the Secretary of the Interior to permit the con- ed. tinuation of coal mining operations on certain lands in 1346

Action on bids.


Sales to the Government.



Oil Creek Coal



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