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Certificate for

animal to be so affected, or after having received
notice that such animal is so affected, who shall
permit such animal to run at large, or who shall
keep such animal where other domestic animals
not affected by or previously exposed to such
disease may be exposed to its contagion or in-
fection, or who shall sell, ship, drive, trade, or
give away such diseased animal or animals which
have been exposed to such infection or conta-
gion, or who shall move or drive any domestic
animal in violation of any direction, rule, regu-
lation, or order establishing and regulating
quarantine, shall be deemed guilty of a misde-
meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be
fined in any sum not less than one hundred dol-
lars nor more than five hundred dollars for each
of such diseased or exposed domestic animals
which he shall permit to run at large, or keep or
sell, ship, drive, trade or give away in violation of
the provisions of this act; Provided, That any
owner of any domestic animal which has been
affected with or exposed to any contagious or in-
fectious disease, may dispose of the same, after
having obtained from the state veterinarian a
bill of health for such animal.
Sec. 19. When any live stock shall be ap-

imals kil - - - "“praised and killed by order of the commission,

it shall issue to the owner of the live stock so killed a certificate, showing the number and kind, and general description of animals killed, and the amount to which the holder is entitled, and report the same to the auditor of state. And upon presentation of such certificate to the auditor, he shall draw his warrant on the

treasurer for the amount therein stated, payable out of any money appropriated for the Live Stock Indemnity Fund. SEC. 20. The members of the commission, . appointed by the governor, as hereinbefore provided, shall receive $5.00 per day for the time by them necessarily employed in the discharge of the duties required by this act. And each member of the commission hereinbefore provided for shall receive the actual necessary traveling expenses by him incurred and paid in the discharge of the duties required of him by the provisions of this act which said per diem and expenses shall be drawn from the treasury out of the Live Stock Idemnity Fund on the warrant of the auditor, to be issued on the filing in his office of an itemized account thereof, properly verified. SEC. 21. Whenever the governor of the state. shall have good reason to believe that any dangerous, contagious or infectious disease has become epizootic in certain localities in other states, territories or countries, or that there are conditions which render such domestic animals from such infected districts liable to convey such disease, he shall, by proclamation, prohibit the importation of any live stock of the kind diseased into the state, unless accompanied by a certificate of health given by a duly authorized veterinarian; and all such animals arriving in this state shall be examined Without delay by the state veterinary surgeon, and, if deemed necessary, placed in close quarantine until all danger of infection is passed,

Stock Yard inspection.

when they shall be relieved by the order of the
veterinary surgeon or the live stock commis-
SEC. 22. That the owners of any public stock
yard doing business in this state, when request-
ed by the live stock sanitary commission shall
appoint and keep constantly in their employ,
at their expense, a competent inspector of live
stock, whose duty it shall be to daily inspect
with care all animals brought into the stock
yards, in whose employ any such inspector may
be; and upon the discovery, by such inspector,
in such yards, of any animal affected with any
malignant, contagious, or infectious disease, he
shall direct the manner in which any such dis-
eased animal shall be disposed of, so as to pre-
vent the spread of any such contagious or in-
fectious disease, and for this purpose may cause
any such diseased animals to be killed, and the
carcasses to be disposed of at the expense of the
owner thereof, in such manner as will prevent
the spread of any such disease; but in no event
shall any such diseased stock be permitted to

*P*P* be driven or shipped out of any such stock yards,


except to some rendering establishment, or other suitable place for killing and disposing of such diseased animal as hereinbefore provided for, and then under such regulations and restrictions as may be necessary to prevent the spread of the disease on account of which any such animals have been condemned; Provided, That the owner of any animal or animals ordered to be destroyed by any inspector shall have the right to appeal from any decision of such in

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spector to the state veterinarian or the state live stocksanitary commission; and during the pendency of such appeal, the condemned animals shall be kept in strict quarantine at the expense of the owner thereof, unless the state veterinarian shall decide such stock is not so diseased, then said expenses shall be paid by the owner of such stock yards; And provided further, That no compensation shall be made by the state to owners of diseased live stock found in the public stock yard, and destroyed as herein provid

ed. The inspector of live stock in any public

stock yards in this state shall, on demand of the owner of any live stock passing through any such stock yards, furnish to said owner a bill of health for any live stock by him inspected as hereinbefore required, and found to be healthy.

SEC, 23. The commissioners shall have the Arrest for violating act.

power to call upon any sheriff, under sheriff, deputy sheriff, or constable to execute their orders, and such officers shall obey the orders of Said commissioners and the officers performing Such duties as provided for by this act shall receive compensation therefor as is prescribed by law for like services to be paid as other expenses of said commission as hereinbefore provided; and any officer may arrest on view and take before any magistrate of the county, any person found violating the provisions of this act, and Such officers shall immediately notify the county Or district attorney of such arrest, and he shall prosecute the person so offending according to law.

SEC, 24. Except as otherwise provided in this violating act. act, any person who shall violate, disregard, or evade or attempt to violate, disregard, or evade any of the provisions of this act, or who shall violate, disregard, or evade, or attempt to violate, disregard, or evade any of the rules, regulations, orders or directions of the live stock sanitary commission establishing and governing quarantine, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon the conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not less than one hundred, nor more than five thousand dollars.

Tax. SEC. 25. There shall be levied and assessed upon the assessed value of all taxable property in the state in each year, one-tenth of one mill on each and every dollar thereof, to be known as the Live Stock Indemnity Fund Tax; said tax to be assessed and collected in the same manner and at the same time as is now or may be prescribed by law for the assessment and collection of state revenue.

Bounty SEC. 26. It shall be the duty of the county treasurers of the several counties to preserve the fund thus provided for as a separate fund, and to transmit the same twice a year to the state treasurer, who shall keep the same in a fund to be known as the Live Stock Indemnity Fund.

Administer SEC. 27. For the purposes of this act each

oaths. member of the live stock sanitary commission is hereby authorized and empowered to administer oaths and affirmations. o,

SEC. 28. The live stock sanitary commission

shall have power to create and enforce quaran tine against the disease known as Texas, sple

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