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and consent of the senate, appoint a competent


Take oath and give bond.

Duties of

and skilled veterinary surgeon for the state, having the qualifications above mentioned, whose term of office shall be for two years from the first day of April next succeeding his appointment, unless sooner removed, as hereinafter provided. The veterinary surgeon for the state shall keep his office at the capital of the state, in a room

to be provided by the governor, and shall re

ceive a salary of twenty-five hundred (2,500)
dollars per annnm, payable as the salaries of
state officers are paid, and actual necessary
traveling expenses by him incurred and paid
in the discharge of his duties, to be drawn from
the treasury upon itemized accounts thereof,
properly verified, rendered monthly, and approv-
ed by the governor. The governor shall have
power of removal, and shall immediately fill all
vacancies which may at any time occur in the
office of state veterinarian, or live stock sani-
tary commission.
SEC. 2. Before entering upon the duties of
his office, the state veterinarian shall take and
subscribe an oath to faithfully discharge the
duties of said office, and shall execute a bond.
to the state of Nebraska in the sum of five
thousand dollars with good and sufficient sure-
ties, conditioned for the faithful performance of
the duties of his office; which bond and sure-
ties thereto shall be approved by the governor,
and said bond, together with his oath of office,
shall be deposited in the office of the secretary
of the state. wo
SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the state ve-

terinarian, under direction of the live stock sanitary commission for the state, to investigate any and all cases of contagious or infectious diseases among domestic animals of the state, which may come to his knowledge or be brought to the notice of the live stock sanitary commission, and for this purpose shall visit at once any locality within the state where any such contagious or infectious disease of domestic animals may be reported to exist, and make a full and careful examination of all animals Supposed to be diseased, and inquire into the nature and cause of any such disease which he may discover, prescribe the proper care, necessary remedies, and direct the sanitary measures necessary to prevent the spread thereof, and to make a full report of his findings and doings in the premises, to the live stock sanitary commission, with recommendation and suggestions as to the means necessary to be employed to prevent the spread, and best calculated to ex; terminate any and all such contagious or infectious diseases, by him found to exist among the domestic animals of the state.

SEC. 4. The state veterinarian shall make a continuous scientific study and investigation of all diseases of domestic animals, and the causes, preventatives and the cures thereof, and report the result of his study and investigation to the governor, giving in plain ordinary language the Symptoms by which any such disease may be identified, how liable to be introduced and spread, the causes and conditions to which may be attributed the production of any such disease, and

Surgeon to make report.

the sanitary and other measures best calculated to prevent the germination and spread of any Such contagious or infectious disease among live stock, together with the best known treatment and remedies, also the treatment necessary in case of injury to domestic animals, in time for publication in the several reports required by law, and perform such other service and duties as may be required by law or directed by the governor or the live stock sanitary commission in the interest of the state. o” SEc. 5. The governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate shall immediately upon the passage of this act, appoint three commissioners, each of whom shall be engaged in the business of stock grazing, who shall constitute the live stock sanitary commission of the state of Nebraska. Before entering upon the duties of his office, each commissioner shall take and subscribe the oath of office and file the same with the secretary of the state, and each commissioner, before entering upon the performance of his duties, shall execute a bond to be approved by the governor in the sum of two thousand dollars, conditioned that he will faithfully perform the duties of his office, and file the same with the secretary of state. The governor shall also at the regular session of the legislature in 1887, and every two years there*:::::::::... after, and during a regular session of the legislature, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, appoint three commissioners who shall have the qualifications above mentioned, and whose term of office shall be for the period

of two years from the first day of April next
succeeding their appointment, unless sooner re-
moved as hereinbefore provided. Said commis-
sioners shall elect one of their number chair-
man, and the state veterinarian shall be ex-
officio secretary of said commission. The sec-
retary shall keep a full record of the proceed-
ings of the commission, and make each report
to the governor as may from time to time be
required, who may transmit the same to the
secretary of the state board of agriculture for
SEC. 6. It shall be the duty of the commis-
sion provided for in the fifth section of this
act, to protect the health of the domestic ani-
mals of the state from all contagious or infec-
tious diseases of a malignant character, and for
this purpose it is hereby authorized and em-
powered to establish, maintain, and enforce such
quarantine, sanitary, and other regulations as it
may deem necessary. It shall be the duty of
any member of said commission, upon receipt by
him of reliable information of the existence
among the domestic animals of the state, of
any malignant disease, to at once notify the
state veterinarian, who shall go at once to the
place where any such disease is alleged to exist,
and make a careful examination of the animals
believed to be effected with any such disease,
and ascertain, if possible, what, if any, disease
exists among the live stock reported to be ef-
ected, and whether the same is contagious or
infectious or not; and if said disease is found
to be of a malignant, contagious, or infectious

I) uties of the commission.

Quarantine and care of diseased animals.

character, he shall direct the temporary quar-
antine and sanitary regulations necessary to pre-
vent the spread of any such disease, and report
his findings and actions to the commission.
SEC. 7. Upon the receipt by any member of
the commission of the report of the state vete-
rinarian, provided for in section 6 of this act,
if said member shall be of the opinion that the
exigencies of the case require, he shall imme-
diately convene the commission at such place
as he may designate, and if, upon considera-
tion of the report of the veterinarian the com-
mission shall be satisfied that any contagious
or infectious disease exists of a malignant charac-
ter, which seriously threatens the health of
domestic animals, they shall proceed at once
to the infected district, ascertain and deter-
mine the premises or grounds infected, and es-
tablish the quarantine, sanitary, and police reg-
ulations necessary to circumscribe and extermi-
nate such disease; also to list and describe the
domestic animals affected with such disease and
those which have been exposed thereto, and in-
cluded within the infected district or premises so
defined and quarantined, with such reasonable cer-
tainty as would lead to their identification, and for
that purpose the said commission may, in its dis-
cretion, cause the live stock so included within
the quarantine lines established to be marked
or branded in such manner as the commission-
ers may designate; and no domestic animal
liable to become infected with the disease or .
capable of communicating the same, shall be
permitted to enter or leave the district, premises

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