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SEc. 22. The state may sue and be sued, and .o.o. he legislature shall provide, by law, in what manner and in what courts suits shall be rought. (7 Neb. 101; 8 Neb. 218.) SEc. 23. The several judges of the courts of soon at ecord shall have jurisdiction at chambers as may be provided by law. (7 Neb. 386; 8 Neb. 28,485; 13 Neb. 233.) SEc. 24. All process shall run in the name soot pro. of “The State of Nebraska,” and all prosecutions shall be carried on in the name of “The State of Nebraska.” (1 Neb. 393; 4 Neb. 106,382; 13 Neb. 382.)


SECTION 1. Every male person of the age Yoo of twenty-one years or upwards, belonging to either of the following classes, who shall have resided in the state six months, and in the tounty, precinct, or ward, for the term provid! by law, shall be an elector. First. Citizens of the United States. Second. Persons of foreign birth who shall we declared their intention to become citizens informably to the laws of the United States, the subject of naturalization, at least thirty Ys prior to an election. SEC. 2. No person shall be qualified to vote Yo. 0 is nom compos mentis, or who has been nvicted of treason or felony under the law of state, or of the United States, unless rered to civil rights. (10 Neb., 267.) SEC. 3. Every elector in the actual military join

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rice of the United States, or of this state, *


Electors privi

and not in the regular army, may exercise the
right of suffrage at such place, and under such
regulations as may be provided by law.
SEC. 4. No soldier, seaman, or marine in the
army and navy of the United States, shall be
deemed a resident of the state in consequence
of being stationed therein.
SEC. 5. Electors shall in all cases, except
treason, felony, or breach of the peace, be privi-
leged from arrest during their attendance at
elections, and going to and returning from the
same, and no elector shall be obliged to do
military duty on the days of election, except in
time of war and public danger.
SEC. 6. All votes shall be by ballot.


SECTION 1. The governor, secretary of state, treasurer, attorney-general, and commissionel of public lands and buildings shall, under the direction of the legislature, constitute a board of commissioners for the sale, leasing, and ge eral management of all lands and funds s apart for educational purposes, and for the i vestment of school funds in such manner may be prescribed by law.

SEC. 2. All lands, money, or other propert granted, or bequeathed, or in any manner co veyed to this state for educational purpose shall be used and expended in accordance wi the terms of such grant, bequest, or conveyanc

SEC. 3. The following are hereby declared be perpetual funds for common school purpose of which the annual interest or income only c be appropriated, to wit:


First. Such per centum as has been, or may hereafter be granted by congress on the sale of lands in this state.

Second. All moneys arising from the sale or leasing of sections number sixteen and thirtysix in each township in this state, and the lands selected, or that may be selected in lieu thereof. (5 Neb., 103.)

Third. The proceeds of all lands that have been, or may hereafter be granted to this state, where, by the terms and conditions of such grant, the same are not to be otherwise appropriated. f

Fourth. The net proceeds of lands and other property and effects that may come to the state, by escheat or forfeiture, or from unclaimed dividends, or distributive shares of the estates of deceased persons. (5 Neb., 206.)

Fifth. All moneys, stocks, bonds, lands, and other property, now belonging to the common school fund.

SEC. 4. All other grants, gifts and devises Temporary

school fund.

that have been, or may hereafter be made to
this state, and not otherwise appropriated by
the terms of the grant, gift, or devise, the in-
terest arising from all the funds mentioned in
the preceding section, together with all the
rents of the unsold school lands, and such other
means as the legislature may provide, shall be
exclusively applied to the support and mainte-
nance of common schools in each school district
in the state. (5 Neb., 103, 206.)
SEC. 5. All fines, penalties, and license

Fines, penal

moneys arising under the general laws of the ...".

cense moneys.

Distribution of

state, shall belong and be paid over to the
counties, respectively, where the same may be
levied or imposed, and all fines, penalties, and
license moneys arising under the rules, by-laws,
or ordinance of cities, villages, towns, precincts,
or other municipal sub-division less than a
county, shall belong and be paid over to the
same respectively. All such fines, penalties,
and license moneys shall be appropriated ex-
clusively to the use and support of common
schools in the respective sub-divisions where
the same may accrue. (5 Neb., 310, 515; 6
Neb., 45; 8 Neb., 31, 162; 9 Neb., 184, 352,404;
14 Neb., 477.)
SEC. 6. The legislature shall provide for the
free instruction in the common schools of this
state of all persons between the ages of five and
twenty-one years. (12 Neb., 359.)
SEC. 7. Provisions shall be made by general
law for an equitable distribution of the income
of the fund set apart for the support of the
common schools, among the several school dis-
tricts of the state, and no appropriation shall
be made from said fund to any district for the
year in which school is not maintained at least
three months. (5 Neb., 104.)

University and SEC. 8. University, agricultural college, com

'mon school, or other lands, which are now held,
or may hereafter be acquired by the state for
educational purposes, shall not be sold for less
than seven dollars per acre, nor less than the
appraised value.
SEC. 9. All funds belonging to the state for
educational purposes, the interest and income

whereof only are to be used, shall be deemed trust funds held by the state, and the state shall supply all losses thereof that may in any manner accrue, so that the same shall remain forever inviolate and undiminished; and shall not be invested or loaned except on United States or state securities, or registered county bonds of this state; and such funds, with the interest and income thereof, are hereby solemnly pledged for the purposes for which they are granted and set apart, and shall not be transferred to any other fund for other uses. (5 Neb., 427.) Sec. 10. The general government of the uni-oo: Versity of Nebraska shall, under the direction of the legislature, be vested in a board of six regents, to be styled the board of regents of the university of Nebraska, who shall be elected by the electors of the state at large, and their term of office, except those chosen at the first election, as hereinafter provided, shall be six years. Their duties and powers shall be preScribed by law; and they shall receive no compensation, but may be reimbursed their actual expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties. (5 Neb., 426.) SEc. 11. No sectarian instruction shall beio, allowed in any school or institution supported Prohibite". in whole or in part by the public funds set apart for educational purposes; nor shall the state accept any grant, conveyance, or bequest of money, lands or other property, to be used for sectarian purposes. SEC. 12. The legislature may provide by law.


for the establishment of a school or schools

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