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12th. To provide for and cause to be taken “” an enumeration of the inhabitants of the city. 13th. To provide by ordinance for the elec-Elections. tion of city officers, and prescribe the manner of conducting the same, and the returns thereof, and the registration thereof; and for deciding contested elections in any manner not in conflict with existing laws. 14th. To provide for removing officers of the loss city for misconduct, and to create any office or **** employ any agent they may deem necessary for the government and best interests of the city. 15th. To regulate the police of the city, and ** impose fines, forfeitures and penalties for the breach of an ordinance, and to provide for the recovery and collection thereof; and to provide, in default of payment, for the confinement in the city jail or prison, and for hard labor in the city. 16th. To prescribe and regulate the duties, o powers and compensation of all officers, agents and servants of the city not herein provided for. 17th. To require of all officers or servants, Bonds. elected or appointed in pursuance of this act, to give bond and security for the faithful performance of their duties. No officer shall become Security upon the official bond of another. 18th. To provide for the prevention of cruelty cruelty to to animals. animals. 19th. To prohibit or regulate the running ato." large of domestic animals, such as hogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, fowls, or animals of any kind or description, within the corporate limits, and provide for the impounding of all animals running at large, contrary to such prohibition,



and also for the forfeiture and sale of animals
impounded, to pay the expenses of taking up,
caring for, and selling the same, including cost
of advertising and fees of officers.
20th. To regulate, license or prohibit the
running at large of dogs, and guard against in-
juries or annoyances therefrom, and to authorize
the destruction of the same when running at
large contrary to the provisions of any ordi-
In a DC e.
21st. To appropriate money and provide for
the payment of the debts and expenses of the city.

street auctions 22d. To regulate, license or prohibit the sale


3 Neb., 5-10.

Fire limits.


of domestic animals, or of goods, wares and

merchandise at public auction on the streets, alleys, highways, or any public ground within

the city.
23d. To regulate or license the auctioneering
of goods, wares and merchandise. -

24th To care for and control, to name and rename streets, avenues, parks and squares within the city; to provide for the opening, vacating, widening and narrowing of streets, avenues and alleys within the city, under such restrictions and regulations as may be provided by law.

25th. To define fire limits, and regulate the erection of all buildings and other structures within the corporate limits, and provide for the removal of any building or structure, or addition thereto, erected contrary to such regulations.

26th. To lay off the city into suitable districts for the purpose of establishing a system of sewerage and drainage; to provide such sys

tem, and regulate the construction and repairs and use of sewers and drains, and of all proper house constructions and branches, and to provide penalties for any obstructions of, or injury to any sewer or part thereof.

27th. To erect, construct and maintain water waterworks.

works, either within or without the corporate limits of the city, and to make all needful rules and regulations concerning the use of water supplied by such water works, and do all acts necessary for the construction, completion, management and control of the same, including the appropriation of private property for the public use in the construction and operation of such Water works; compensations for such appropriation to be made as is provided by this act. And the mayor and council of each city, created or governed by this act, shall have power to construct and maintain water works on such terms and under such regulations as may be agreed on.

28th. To provide for the organization and Fires.

Support of a fire department, and to establish regulations for the prevention and extinguishment of fires.

29th. To hold and improve public grounds Parks.

and parks within or without the limits of the

city, and provide for the protection and preservation of the same.

30th. To require from any officer of the city oncer, at any time, 8, report in detail of the transac- reports.

tions in his office, or of any matters connected therewith.

31st. To prevent horse-racing and immoder-Fast driving.

Explosive substances.

Use of streets.

Eminent domain.

Public peace.

. Punish wrong-doers.

Fill vacancies.


ate driving or riding in the streets, and to c Orm-
pel persons to fasten their horses or other ani-
mals attached to vehicles while standing in the
32d. To regulate the transportation and
keeping of gunpowder, oils and other combust-
ible and explosive articles.
33d. To regulate the transportation of articles
through the streets, and to prevent injuries to
the streets from overloaded vehicles.
34th. To appropriate private property for the
use of the city for streets, alleys, avenues, sew-
ers, parks or public Squares.
35th. To provide for the punishment of persons
disturbing the peace and good order of the city by
clamor and noise, by intoxication, drunkenness,
fighting or using obscene or profane language in
the streets or other public places, or otherwise
violating the public peace by indecent and disor-
derly conduct, or by lewd or lascivious behavior.
36th. To provide for the punishment of va-
grants, tramps, common street beggars, common
prostitutes, habitual disturbers of the peace,
pickpockets, gamblers, burglars, thieves, watch
stuffers, ball game players, persons who practice
any game, trick, or device with intent to
swindle, persons who abuse their families, and
suspicious persons who can give no reasonable
account of themselves.
37th. To provide for filling such vacancies
as may occur in the office of councilman or
other elective office of the city by calling special
elections for that purpose.
38th. To provide for the planting and pro-
tection of shade or ornamental and useful trees.

39th. To provide for the inspection of weights o' and measures, and prohibit the use of any im- “” perfect weights or measures, or weighing apparatus.

40th. To regulate levees, depots, depot grounds, o and places for storing freights and goods, and to provide for and regulate the passage of railways through the streets and public grounds of the city.

41st. To regulate the crossing of railwayo. tracks, to regulate the running of railway en-goio. gines, cars, and trucks within the limits of the city, and to make other and further rules and restrictions to prevent accidents at crossings and on the tracks of railroads, and to prevent fires from engines, also to regulate and prescribe the time and manner of running street cars within the city, and require the heating and cleaning of such cars, and to fix and determine the fare to be charged.

42d. To punish and prevent the carrying of §§. concealed weapons, the discharge of firearms or fireworks of any description in any of the streets, alleys, or public grounds, or about or in the vicinity of buildings.

43d. To prevent any person from bringing, on of depositing, having or leaving upon or near his premises or elsewhere within the city any dead carcass, and putrid beef, pork, fish, hides, or skins of any kind, or any other unwholesome Substance, and to compel the removal of the Sălne.

44th. There shall be in each city of the Board of first-class a Board of Public Works which shallo"

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