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cents for each death reported, ten cents for each farm, and fifteen cents for each establishment of productive industry enumerated and returned. “Provided that the districts west of the 99th meridian and the counties of Holt, Wheeler, Garfield, and Greeley, the enumerator shall receive three (3) cents for each living inhabitant, fifteen (15) cents for each farm, eighteen (18) cents for each establishment of productive industry, and three (3) cents for each death reported and returned,” which shall be full compensation for all services. Accounts thereof shall be made out, certified as correct by the superintendent, approved by the secretary of state and paid by warrant of the auditor in the same manner as other accounts against the state are paid. c....... SEc. 11 The superintendent shall employ two perint” clerks at a salary of one hundred dollars each per month for the period of six months, and such number of competent clerks between the first day of July and the first day of September, not exceeding fifteen, at a salary of three dollars per day for each day necessarily employed, as will enable him to perform the duties devolved upon him by this act, and to insure a a full, complete and accurate census in accordance with the requirements of the act of congress for the taking of the census of 1880. The employes herein provided for shall be paid as other employes of the state are paid, vouchers therefor to be approved by superintendent. to or SEC. 12. A contract for the printing of all forms, schedules, reports, and returns required and necessary stationery, shall be let by the state printing board to the lowest responsible bidder, after having been duly advertised for at least two weeks in one newspaper, published in each of the cities of Lincoln, Omaha, Grand Island and Hastings, such contract to be let as soon as possible after the taking effect of this act, and accounts therefor paid out of money hereinafter appropriated.

SEc. 13. Any enumerator who, having taken Enumerator

refusing to

and subscribed the oath required by this act, perform duty.

shall without justifiable excuse neglect or refuse to perform the duties required of him as such enumerator, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding two hundred dollars; or if he shall willfully or knowingly swear or affirm falsely, he shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and on conviction thereof be imprisoned in the penitentiary not exceeding two years; or if he shall willfully and knowingly make false certificates or fictitious returns he shall on conviction be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not exceeding one year.

SEC. 14 Each and every person more than Refusal to

twenty years of age belonging to any family enumerator.

residing in any enumeration district, and in case of the absence of the heads and other members of such family, then any agent of such family shall be, and each of them hereby is required, if thereto requested by the enumerator, to render a true account according to the best of his or her knowledge of each person belonging to such family, and answer all other

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questions put by the enumerator, according to
the best of his or her knowledge, in the va-
rious particulars required by law; and whoever
shall willfully fail or refuse shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction be fined in
any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars.
SEC. 15. In the discharge of his duties, each
enumerator shall be charged with the col-
lections of the facts and statistics required by
each and all of the several schedules furnished
him by the superintendent and shall also visit
personally each dwelling house in his district,
and each family therein, and each individual
living out of a family, in any place of abode,
and by inquiry made of the head of such fam-
ily, or the member thereof deemed most cred-
ible and worthy of trust, or of such individual
living out of a family, to obtain each and every
item of information and all the particulars re-
quired in the instructions given him and sched-
ules furnished him, as of date June 1, 1885.
And in case no person shall be found at the
usual place of abode of such family or individ-
ual living out of such family competent to an-
swer the inquiries made in compliance with the
requirements of this act, then it shall be law-
ful for the enumerator to obtain the required
information as nearly as may be practicable,
from the family or families or person or persons
living nearest to such place of abode. Provided
that Indians not taxed shall be omitted from
such enumeration.
SEC. 16. Each and every state and county
officer shall, on demand from the superintend-

ent, furnish said superintendent with all information relative to any matter properly within the provisions of this act, and arising under the jurisdiction of such officers, and on failure so to do, shall forfeit and pay the sum of one hundred dollars to be recovered by civil action in the name of the state, brought by the at

torney general, in any court of competent jurisdiction.

SEC. 17. The superintendent on receiving his Bond and com

appointment shall qualify by taking the oath of office required by law of all appointive of ficers, and give bond in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, with sureties to be approved by the governor, such bond to contain the conditions of other official bonds. He shall receive the sum of fifteen hundred dollars in full for his services under this act, such sum to be paid from time to time as the work progresses on certificate of the governor to the auditor of public accounts and the secretary of state. The commissioner of public lands and buildings shall provide such superintendent with an office at the capitol with necessary accommodations for carrying into effect the provisions of this act. Accounts for stationery, postage and other necessary expenses, shall be paid by warrant of the auditor on vouchers certified to as correct by the superintendent and approved

by the secretary of state in the manner provided by law.

pensation of superintend

SEc. 18. The sum of fifty thousand dollars on

or so much thereof as may be necessary is hereby appropriated out of any money belong

Comp. Stat.,75.
Gen. Stat., 101.

Emergency clause.

Disposing of
Comp. Stat.,83.
1877, 5.

ing to the general fund in the treasury not
otherwise appropriated for the purpose of car.
rying into effect the provisions of this act.
SEC. 19. Chapter 11 of the compiled statutes
entitled “Census” is hereby repealed.
SEC. 20. Whereas an emergency exists, there-
fore this act shall take effect and be in force
from and after its passage.
Approved February 19th, A. D. 1885.

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AN ACT to prevent the fraudulent removal out of the county of mortgaged personal property, and to provide a penalty for the violation of this act.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of

SECTION 1. That any person who after having conveyed any article of personal property to another by mortgage, shall, during the existence of the lien or title created by such mortgage, remove, permit, or cause to be removed, said mortgaged property, or any part thereof, out of the county within which such property was situated at the time such mortgage was given thereon, with intent to deprive the owner or owners of said mortgage of his security, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and on conviction thereof shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary for a term not exceeding ten years, and be fined in a sum not exceeding One thousand dollars.

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