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under the laws of this state, which shall fail to furnish such information in the form and manner and within the time required by this act, shall forfeit their franchise and be subject to judgment of ouster and forbidden to transact any further business in this state, action therefor to be brought by the attorney general in the name of the state in any court of competent jurisdiction; Provided further, That if any such company or coporation shall fail to give such information and make such returns within the time required, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent of the census to employ such Special agents as may be necessary, who shall ascertain such information from the officers or records of such company or corporation, or any Other authentic and reliable source, and the expense thereof and of preparing copies of the same for transmission to the secretary of the interior shall be borne by such company or corporation, and in case of their failure to pay therefor within thirty days after demand made by said superintendent, it shall be the duty of the attorney general to institute an action in the name of the state for the recovery of such amount against such company or corporation, in any court of competent jurisdiction.

SEC. 3. The superintendent of the census onto

shall also apportion the state into districts most convenient for such enumerations, such districts to conform as nearly as possible to districts as apportioned for the census of 1880, and according to precinct and township lines, and On Or before the fifteenth day of April appoint

Enumerators appointed.

Oath of enumerator.

Oath to be taken.

Procuring enumerators.

one enumerator for each district from among the citizens who are residents thereof, immediately notifying, in writing each enumerator of his appointment, and accompanying such notification with a blank containing oath of office, together with a suitable stamped and suitable envelope directed to the superintendent. The oath shall be in the following form:

"I, . . . . . . . . , an enumerator for taking the census of Nebraska for the year 1885, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will make a true and exact enumeration of all the inhabitants within the district assigned me, and will also faithfully collect all other statistics therein, as provided by law, and in conformity with all lawful instructions which I may receive, and will make due an correct returns thereof as required by law, and will not disclose any information contained in the schedules, lists, or statements obtained by me to any person or persons, except to my superior officers.

Signed, “. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . > y

SEC. 4. On receipt of his appointment, each enumerator shall take and subscribe his oath before a justice of the peace, or any officer authorized by law to administer oaths, and return the same by mail to the superintendent without delay.

SEo. 5. Upon the reception of such oath the superintendent shall forward to each enumerator a sufficient number of blanks, forms and schedules, with instructions for the taking of the census in his district, as provided in section two. Should any enumerator at first appointment fail

to qualify and return the oath to the superintendent on or before the tenth day of May, the Superintendent shall at once thereafter appoint Some other suitable person, who shall qualify as hereinbefore provided, and be furnished with blank forms, schedules and instructions for the taking of the census in this district. Should there be any enumeration district which shall not contain any person qualified to perform, and Willing to undertake the duties of enumerator, the Superintendent may appoint any fit person

resident of the county to be the enumerator of that district.

SEC. 6. The enumerator provided for by this puty of


act shall commence on the first day of June, and be taken as of that date, and each enumerator shall prosecute the canvass of his subdivision from that date forward on each week day without intermission, except for sickness or Other urgent cause, and any unnecessary cessation of his work shall be sufficient grounds for his removal and the appointment of another perSon, by the superintendent, in his place. And it shall be the duty of each enumerator to complete the enumeration of his district, and to prepare the returns required to be made, and to forward the same to the superintendent as soon as completed, and on or before the first day of July following and in any city having over 10000 inhabitants under the census of 1880 the enumeration shall be taken within two weeks from the first day of June; and any delay beWond the dates above respectively, on the part of any enumerator, shall be sufficient cause for

withholding the compensation to which he would be entitled by compliance with the provisions of this act, until proof satisfactory to the superintendent shall be furnished that such delay was by resson of cause beyond the control of such enumerator.

...”. SEC. 7. It shall be the duty of the superintendent, upon the reception of returns from enumerators, to carefully examine and scrutinize the same, in order to ascertain whether the work has been performed in all respects in compliance with the provisions of law, and in compliance with the requirements of the act of congress for the taking of the census of 1880, and whether any town or village or any integral portion of the district has been omitted from the enumeration, and in event of -discrepancies or deficiencies appearing in any return, to use all diligence in causing the same to be corrected or supplied. It shall also be the duty of the superintendent at all times during the taking of the census to advise with and counsel enumerators in person and by letter as freely and as fully as may be required to secure a correct and accurate census, to provide each enumerators with forms, schedules and instructions, and for the early and safe transmission to his office of the returns of enumerators, embracing all schedules filled by them in course of such enumeration, and for the due receipt and custody of the returns of enumerators, during the work herein provided for.

Arrange and SEC. 8. It shall be the duty of the superin


* tendent as fast as returns are received, after examination as provided in the preceding section to cause a full and complete copy of each schedule returned and report made by enumerators to be prepared, properly authenticate the same under his hand, properly arrange and classify them by counties and cause the same, together

with a certified copy of the oath taken by each .

enumerator, to be deposited with the Secretary of the Interior of the United States on or before the first day of September following, and procure from the secretary of the interior the certificate provided for in section twentytwo of the act of congress for the taking of the tenth census of the United States, approved March 3, 1879, and deliver said certificate to the governor. Upon the reception of such certificate the governor shall make a demand upon the treasurer of the United States for the amount which the state is entitled to receive under said act of congress, and when such demand is paid, to pay the amount received into the state treasury.

SEC. 9. It shall also be the duty of the superin-Compile

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tendent to compile the returns received by enumerators, arrange them in suitable tables and deliver the same to the governor who shall incorporate such tables in his next biennial message. The original return of enumerators and other original reports shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of state.

SEC. 10. Each enumerator shall receive com-compensation

of enumer

pensation at the same rates allowed by the tor.

United States for taking the census of 1880, to wit; two cents for each living inhabitant, two

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