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With transport granting all that she could give,
And bid his Works to wondering ages live.
Nor with less transport here the goddess fees
The curious piece advance by flow degrees;
At laft fuch kill in every part was shown,
It feem'd a new creation of her own;
She starts, to view the finish'd figure rife,
And spread his ample train, enrich'd with eyes;
To fee, with lively grace, his form expreft,
The ftately honours of his rifing creft,
His comely wings, and his foft filky breast!
The leaves of creeping vines around him play,
And Nature's leaves lefs perfect seem than they.

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O matchlefs bird! whofe race, with nicest care, Heaven feems in pleasure to have form'd fo fair! 25 From whofe gay plumes ev'n Phoebus with delight Sees his own rays reflected doubly bright! Though numerous rivals of the wing there be That share our praife, when not compar'd to thee, Soon as thy rifing glories ftrike our eyes, Their beauty fhines no more, their luftre dies. So when Molinda, with fuperior charms, Dazzles the ring, and other nymphs difarms, To her the rallying Loves and Graces fly, And, fixing there, proclaim the victory.

No wonder, then, fince he was born t'excell, This bird's fair image fhe describes fo well: Happy, as in fome temple thus to stand, Immortaliz'd by her fuccessful hand.






OETS invoke, when they rehearse


In happy ftrains their pleafing dreams, Some Mufe unfeen to crown their verfe, And boast of Heliconian ftreams:

But here, a real Muse inspires

(Who more reviving ftreams imparts) Our fancies with the Poets fires, And with a nobler flame our hearts.

While from her hand each honour'd guest
Receives his cup with liquor crown'd,

He thinks 'tis Jove's immortal feast,
And Venus deals the nectar round.

As o'er each fountain, Poets fing,

Some lovely guardian-nymph has sway,

Who from the confecrated fpring
Wild beasts and fatyrs drives away:

So hither dares no favage prefs,

Who Beauty's fovereign power defies ;. All, drinking here, her charms confefs,

Proud to be conquer'd by her eyes.

G. 3

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When Phoebus try'd his herbs in vain

On Hyacinth, had the been there, With tea fhe would have cur'd the fwain,

Who only then had dy'd for her. January 1, 1791.

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I&toria comes! fhe leaves the forag'd groves! Her flying camp of Graces and of Loves Strike all their tents, and for the march prepare, And to new scenes of triumph wait the fair.

Unlike the flaves which other warriors gain,


That loath fubjection, and would break their chain, Her rural flaves their abfent victor mourn,

And with not liberty, but her return.

The conquer'd countries droop, while fhe's away,
And flowly to the fpring their contribution pay.
While cooing turtles, doubly now alone,
With their loft loves another lofs bemoan.

Mean time in peopled cities crouds prefs on,
And jealous feem who fhall be first undone.
Victories, like Fame, before th' invader fly,
And lovers yet unfeeing hafte to die.
While fhe, with careless unelated mind,
Hears daily conquefts which she ne'er defign'd:
In her a foft, yet cruel heart is found,
Averse to cure, and vainly griev'd to wound.

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O fair a form, with fuch devotion join'd!

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A virgin body, and a spotlefs mind!

Pleas'd with her prayers, while Heaven propitious fees.
The lovely votaress on her bended knees,

Sure it must think fome angel loft its way,
And happening on our wretched earth to stray;
Tir'd with our follies, fain would take its flight,
And begs to be reftor'd to thofe bleft realms of light.







WANTON Zephyr, come away!

On this fweet, this filent grove,

Sacred to the Muse and Love,

In gentle wifper'd murmurs play!

Come let thy foft, thy balmy breeze

Diffuse thy vernal sweets around

From sprouting flowers, and blossom'd trees ;
While hills and echoing vales refound
With notes, which wing'd musicians fing
In honour to the bloom of fpring.

G 4



II. Lovely


Lovely feafon of defire !

Nature fmiles with joy to fee
The amorous months led on by thee,
That kindly wake her genial fire.

The brightest object in the skies,
The faireft lights that shine below,
The fun, and Mira's charming eyes,
At thy return more charming grow :
With double glory they appear,
To warm and grace the infant year.






The defign of this Ode was to infinuate to Auguftus the danger of transferring the feat of the empire from Rome to Troy, which we are informed hẹ once entertained thoughts of.


THE man to right inflexibly inclin'd,

Poifing on Virtue's bafe his mind,
Refts in himself secure,

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All rock within, he can unmov'd endure

The foaming fury of the flood,

When bellowing winds their jarring troops engage,


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