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Inferior Cupids on their mafter wait;

He fimiles well-pleas'd, and waves his wings in ftate.
His little hands imperial trophies bear,
And laurel-wreaths to grace th' elected fair.
Hyde-Park the fcene for the Review he nam'd,
Hyde-Park for pleasure and for beauty fam'd.
Where, oft from western skies the god of light
Sees new-arifing funs, than his more bright;
Then fets in blushes, and conveys his fire
To distant lands, that more his beams require.
And now the charming candidates appear.
Behold Britannia's victor graces there,

Who vindicate their country's ancient claim
To Love's pre-eminence, and Beauty's fame.
Some, who, at Anna's court, in honour rais'd,
Adorn birth-rights, by crowding nations prais'd;
Preferv'd in Kneller's pictures ever young,
In ftrains immortal by the Mufes fung.

Around the ring th' illuftrious rivals move,
And teach to Love himself the power of love.
Scarce, though a god, he can with safety gaze
On glory fo profufe, fuch mingled rays;
For Love had eyes on this important day,





And Venus from his forehead took the blinding cloth


Here Mira pafs'd, and fix'd his wondering view,

Her perfect shape diftinguish'd praises drew;
Tall, beauteous, and majestic to the fight,


She led the train, and sparkled in the light.


There Stella claims the wreath, and pleads her eyes, By which each day fome new adorer dies.

Serena, by good-humour doubly fair,

With native sweetness charms, and smiling air.
While Flora's youthful years and looks display


The bloom of ripening fruits, the innocence of May, The opening fweets that months of pleafure bring, The dawn of Love, and life's indulgent fpring.

'Twere endless to defcribe the various darts, With which the fair are arm'd to conquer hearts. Whatever can the ravish'd foul inspire

With tender thoughts, and animate defire,
All arts and virtues mingled in the train;
And long the lovely rivals ftrove in vain,
While Cupid unrefolv'd still search'd around the

O! could I find, faid Love, the phoenix fhe,
In whom at once the feveral charms agree;
That phoenix the the laurel crown should have,
And Love himself with pride become her flave.



He fcarce had spoke, when fee-Harmonia came ! Chance brought her there, and not defire of fame, Unknowing of the choice, till she beheld

The god approach to crown her in the field.
Th' unwilling maid, with wondrous modefty,
Disclaim'd her right, and put the laurel by :
Warm blushes on her tender cheeks arise,
And double foftnefs beautify'd her eyes.

At this, more charm'd, the rather 1 bestow,
Said Love, these honours you in vain forego;



65 Take

Take then the wreath, which you, victorious fair,.
Have moft deferv'd, yet least affect to wear.


WHEN fam'd Cecilia on the Organ play'd,

And fill'd with moving founds, the tuneful.

Drawn by the charm, to hear the facred maid,
From heaven, 'tis said, a listening angel came.
Thus ancient legends would our faith abuse;
In vain for were the bold tradition true,
While your harmonious touch that charm renews,
Again the feraph would appear to you.



O happy fair! in whom with pureft light
Virtue's united beams with Beauty's fhine!
Should heavenly guests descend to bless our fight,
What form more lovely could they wear than thine ?


E mourrai de trop de plaifir


Si je la trouve favourable; Je mourrai de trop de defir Se je la trouve inexorable.


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PAINTER, if thou canst safely gaze

On all the wonders of that face;

If thou haft charms to guard a heart
Secure by fecrets of thy art;

O! teach the mighty charm, that we
May gaze fecurely too, like thee.

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Canft thou Love's brighteft lightning draw,
Which none e'er yet unwounded faw?
To what then wilt thou next afpire,
Unless to imitate Jove's fire?
Which is a lefs adventurous pride,
Though 'twas for that Salmoneus dy'd.
That beauteous, that victorious fair,
Whose chains fo many lovers wear;
Who with a look can arts infuse,

Create a Painter, or a Muse

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Whom crouds with awful rapture view; She fits ferene, and smiles on you! Your genius thus infpir'd will foar To wondrous heights unknown before, And to her beauty you will own Your future skill and fix'd renown. So when of old great Ammon's fon, Adorn'd with fpoils in battle won, In graceful picture chose to stand, The work of fam'd Apelles' hand; "Exert thy fire, the monarch faid, "Now be thy boldest strokes difsplay'd, "To let admiring nations fee "Their dreaded victor drawn by thee; "To others thou may'st life impart, "But I'll immortalize. thý art!"

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