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DELIGHTFUL manfion: bleft retreat !

, all
Here Contemplation prunes her wings,
The raptur'd Muse more tuneful fings,
While May leads on the chearful hours,

And opens a new world of Rowers.
Gay Pleasure here all dresses wears,
And in a thousand shapes appears.
Pursued by Fancy, how she roves
Through airy walks, and museful groves;
Springs in each plant and bloilom'd tree,
And charms in all I hear and fee!
In this elysium while I stray,
And Nature's fairelt face furvey,
Earth seems new-born, and life more bright; 15
Time steals away, and smooths his fight;
And thought 's bewilder'd in delight.
Where are the crowds I law of late ?
What are those tales of Europe's fate?
Of Anjou, and the Spanish crown;
And leagues to pull usurpers dowıl ?
Of marching armies, distant wars;
Of factions, and domestic jars ;




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Sure these are last night's dreams, no more ;
Or some romance, read lately o'er;
Like Homer's antique tale of Troy,
And powers confederate to destroy
Priam's proud house, the Dardan name,
With him that stole the ravish'd dame,
And, to poffefs another's right,
Durft the whole world to arms excite.
Come, gentle Sleep, my eye-lids close,
These dull impreffions help me lore :
Let Fancy take her wing, and find
Some better dream to footh


Or waking let me learn to live ;
The prospect will inctruction give.
For see, where beauteous Thames does glide
Serene, but with a fruitful tide ;
Free from extremes of ebb and flow,
Not swellid too high, nor sunk too low:
Such let my life's smooth current be,
Till, from Time's narrow shore set free,
It mingle with th' eternal sea ;
And, there enlarg'd, Mall be no more
That trilling thing it was before.




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ANUS! great Leader of the rolling year,

Since all that 's part no vows can e'er rettore,
But joys and griefs alike, once hurry'd o'er,
No longer now deserve a smile or tear ;
Close the fantastic scenes but grace

With brightest aspects thy foreface
While time's new offspring haftens to appear.
With lucky omens guide the coming hours,
Command the circling seafons to advance,

And form their renovated dance,
With flowing pleasures fraught, and bless-d by friend-

ly powers.

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Thy month, O Janus! gave me first to know

A mortal's trifling cares below ;
My race of life began with thee.
Thus far, from great misfortunes free, 15
Contented, I my lot endure,
Nor nature's rigid laws arraign,

Nor fpurn at common ills in vain,
Which folly cannot shun, nor wife reflection cure.

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But oh!--more anxious for the year to come,

I would foreknow my future doom.
Then tell me, Janus, canst thou spy .
Events that yet in embryo lie
For me, in time's mysterious womb ?
Tell me nor shall I dread to hear

25 A thousand accidents severe ; I'll fortify my soul the load to bear,

If love rejected add not to its weight, To finith me in woes, and crush me down with fate.


But if the goddess, in whose charming eyes,

More clearly written than in fate's dark book,
My joy, my grief, my all of future fortune lies ;
If the must with a less propitious look

my humble sacrifice,
Or blast me with a killing frown ;

If, Janus, this thou feeft in store,
Cut Mort my mortal thread, and now
Take back the gift thou didst bestow!

Here let me lay my burden down,
And cease to love in rain, and be a wretch no more. 40


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HILE on your blooming charms I gaze,

Your tender lips, your soft enchanting eyes,
And all the Venus in your face,
I'm fill'd with pleasure and surprize :
But, cruel goddess ! when I find

5 Diana's coldness in your mind,

How can I bear that fix'd disdain ?
My pleasure dies, and I but live in pain.

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A I R.
Tyrant Cupid ! when, relenting,

touch the charmer's heart ?
Sooth her breast to soft consenting,
Or remove from mine the dart!
Tyrant Cupid! when, relenting,

touch the charmer's heart?

But see! while to my passion voice I give, 15

Th' applauded beauty, doubly bright,
Seems in the moving tale to take delight,

And looks, as she would let me live;
And yet she chides, but with so sweet an air,
That while the Love denies, lhe yet forbids Despair.

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