A World History of Nineteenth-Century Archaeology:Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Past: Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Past

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OUP Oxford, 22 Nov 2007 - 504 halaman
Margarita Diaz-Andreu offers an innovative history of archaeology during the nineteenth century, encompassing all its fields from the origins of humanity to the medieval period, and all areas of the world. The development of archaeology is placed within the framework of contemporary political events, with a particular focus upon the ideologies of nationalism and imperialism. Diaz-Andreu examines a wide range of issues, including the creation of institutions, the conversion of thestudy of antiquities into a profession, public memory, changes in archaeological thought and practice, and the effect on archaeology of racism, religion, the belief in progress, hegemony, and resistance.

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Margarita Diaz-Andreu is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Durham University.

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