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Voted that the prayer thereof be Granted & the petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill accordingly

A. Clarkson Clerk In Council Jany. 234 1765 Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson Junr. Secy.

Petition of Abiel Foster about Town records. Province of New Hamp' } To His Excellency John Wentworth Esql Governor in chief

in & over said Province The Honourable the Council and House of Representatives in General Assembly conven'd

The Humble Petition of Abiel Foster of Canterbury in the County of Rockingham Clerk, as agent for & in behalf of the Proprietors of Canterbury aforesaid Sheweth that a vast Number of Papers containing the Votes and Proceedings of said Proprietors touching their most important Concerns as Proprietors, and by which, many Estates in said Canterbury have been conveyed and are now held by some Neglect or Omission of the Clerks of said Proprietors, have not been recorded.

Upon the Discovery of which said Proprietors appointed a Committee to collect, inspect, examine and see that the same should be recorded in the Proprietors Books. The said Committee according to their appointment carefully examined said Papers and found them to be in the hand writing of the former Clerks of said Proprietors most of them among the files of said Proprietors to have all the Marks of original fair & Genuine Minutes and Entries some made thirty years ago, which Papers the Committee have within six months past caused to be recorded in the Books of said Proprietors, the Record of which Papers contains Eighty Pages in folio or more.

And as the same Papers were not attested by any of the former Clerks of said Proprietors, tho' they appear to be truly made as aforesaid, Your Petitioner humbly conceives that the Interposition of your Excellency and Honors will be necessary to authenticate the Same. Wherefore he humbly prays in behalf of said Proprietors that a Committee of the General Court may be appointed to inspect and examine s' Papers and Records lately made and to report thereon, and that s" Papers and records may be authenticated by your Excellency and Honors either by act or Resolve of the General Assembly or other way that

your Wisdom may suggest And your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c

ABIEL FOSTER. January 19th 1774.

in any

Province of In the house of Representatives Jan 19th 1774,
New Hampsr) Upon Reading this Petition

Voted that the Petitioner cause the substance of said Petition to be printed in the New Hampshire Gazette three weeks successively and that any party having any Objection may be heard thereon the third day of the sitting of the Ĝen' Assembly after the 20th of February next

Wm Parker Cir. Assembly In Council Janý 19 1774. Read and concurd

Geo' King D. Sec". NOTE. This Petition was renewed April 5th, 1774, and acted on as follows. (ED.] Province of ) In the House of Representatives April 9th 1774 New Hamps'

Voted, That the Petitioner be heard on this Petition on the second day of the Siting of the General Assembly after the tenth Day of May next and that he cause the Substance of this Petition and Order of Court to be Printed three weeks Successively in the New Hampshire Gazett that any Person may Shew Cause why the Prayer of the Petition Should not be Granted

M. Weare Cir In Council eodem Die Read & concur'd

Geo King D. Secy Province of In the House of Representatives May 13th 1774 New Hamps ) The within Petition being consider'd and the Parties

heard thereon by their Council Voted That Samuel Cutts Esq" Colo Christopher Toppan and John Giddings Esq' be a Committee of this House to Joyn with Such as the Hon” the Councill Shall appoint to inspect and Examine the Papers and Records mentioned in the Petition and Report thereon to the General Assembly

M. Weare Cir In Council May 14th 1774 Read and concurd after hearing the Parties.

Geo King D. Seck

CHARLESTOWN, [Originally Number Four, was first granted by Massachusetts, Decr, 31, 1735. It was incorporated by Charter during the administration of Gov. Benning Wentworth, 2 July, 1753. 'Ed.] Letter from No. 4 to Colonels Willard and Hinsdale.

No. 4. October 19th 1743. Honred Gentlemen

We the Inhabitants of this Township being apprehensive that we are very much Exposed and in hazard In case of a War between ye nations and are Sensible that we are not Capable of Defending our selves in Case of a rupture by Reason

of ye smallness of our numbers and Distance From Neighboring Plantations and places of Defence are in Continual Fear Lest we should be Surprised by ye Heathen and although we are makeing ye best Preparation we Can to Secure ourselves yet we are Fearfull we shall not be be able to Stand our Ground but must be obliged to Leave our Habitations and Repair to places of more security If we Cannot be Supported by ye Government.-We therefore Earnestly Desire yo' Hon's that you would Improve yo" Interest with ye Gov ernours Either of ye Massachusetts or N. Hampshire (which you shall think most Proper) that we may have such a supply of men posted here as they shall think Necessary for our Defence to be Employ'd Either in Scouting or otherwise as they shall Judge most proper. Lieunt Witherby is Willing to Come among us with a Company of Men, If he Can obtain order and Encouragement from the Government. We pray you would Write to Either Governour as your Discresion shall Direct you on our behalf and In our names submitting our Case to yoPrudence praying you would do what you can for us and as speedily as may be and thereby will oblige

Yo' Most Humble & Obedient servants
Benjamin Willson

David Farnsworth
Isaac Parker

John Avery
Charles Holden

Ebenezer Butnam
Job Spafford

John Hastings Jr.
İsaac Parker Jun.

Simeon Sartwell
Abraham Parker

Benoni Woolcott
Jno Hastings

John Spafard Superscribed, &c.

Petition of John Spafford. To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr. Governour and

Commander in Chief in & over his Majlies Province of New Hampshire and to his Majtics Council for said Province & the House of Representatives now Conven'd in General Assembly John Spafford for himself and about thirteen familys Lately Settled on the East Side of Connecticut River being known by the name of No. 4 humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioners have lately made a Settlement there and at their own Charge hath Built a Large & Strong Garrison and have twenty five men or thereabouts, and have good plantations there and a good prospect of a Considerable p'cll of Graine now growing on the Land. But so it is theire Settlements being so much exposed to the Indians, and not above Eighty miles from the French Fort on the Lake where the

French may soon and Easyly annoy them & the Indians tells them that they must fight for the french and tells them to take Care of themselves. Your Petitioners being so Exposed to the Enemy and far from any English Settlem they cannot pretend to stand on their own Defence, and therefore humbly prays your Excelly and honours of the Gen' Ass" that they may have some assistance of Men to assist them in Keeping their Garrison and preserve their Cattle and Graine, or as in your Wisdom you shall think fitt. And if no assistance of men may be obtained Then to let the People Know it, That your Petitioners may use Some Speedy means for the preservation of themselves & families and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray &c

John SPAFFORD. July the 24th 1744.

Petition for a road. To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq" Captain General,

Governor & Commander in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of New Hampshire &c The Honourable his Majesty's Council & House of Representatives in General Assembly convened this Eighteenth Day of October 1768

The Petion of Simon Sartwell, William Heywood and Elijah Grout as Selectmen of the Town of Charlestown in s'd province to your Excellency and Honours humbly sheweth, that the Inhabitants of said Charlestown with those of the adjoining Towns, have Looked out and marked a Road, and in part Cleared the Same, between said Charlestown & Boscawen and are of opinion the same may be made a good Carriage Road, which if effected, is humbly conceived might be of Great utility & Benefit to many Towns in this Province by having a much nearer & easier Communication with the Metropolis than has as yet been found out which is tho't would greatly Fecilitate the Settlement of many new Townships, hitherto much retarded for want of good Roads.

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray your Excellency & Honours would be pleased to indulge them with your approbation of said Road and that yo same may be confirmed as the Main Road or Highway from said Charlestown to Boscawen and that such Regulations and orders for farther opening and Clearing said Road may be made as by your Excellency & Honours may tho't best or otherways to Grant such Relief to your Petitioners, in the Premeses as to this Honble Court Shall

in wisdom, be Judged best and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray


Province of In the House of Representatives Oct 26 1768
New Hamps' | The foregoing Petition being Read & Considered

Voted That the Petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill to Oblige the Proprietors of the Several Towns through which said Road Marked out as mentioned in the Petition passes, to Clear and make Said Road Passable

M. Weare CI' In Council October 28—1768 read & concurred

T. Atkinson Jun Sec'y

Petition of Timothy Lovell about an island opposite Charles

town. New Hampshire To his Excelley John Wentworth Esq' Cap General Gov

ernor & Commander in chief in & over his Majtys Province afores In Council.

The Memorial & Petition of Timothy Lovell of Rockingham in said province Humbly Shews

That your Memorialist is now the owner of & in possession of a certain Island in Connecticut River, nearly adjoining to Charlestown containing about Nine acres, that the said Island was always deemed part of the said Township of Charlestown, & so alotted to & among the Proprietors, who with those who hold under them have cultivated & mowed the same for near seventeen years last past, & never heard the Title controverted, till within a very little time past y' Menlist has been informed that some persons are about to make application to Y' Excellency & Hon" for a Grant thereof, which might be productive of much Trouble & inconvenience &c. Your Mem list therefore humbly prays Yr Excell’cy and honors would be pleased to suspend your Determination of this matter, in case application Should be made, untill yt Mem list might have an Opp" to prove what he alledges relative to his Right of property & possession as aforesa And y? Memorialist as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray &c

TIMOTHY LOVELL. Portsmo 6th April 1770

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