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for Collecting said Tax shall forbear Collecting the proportion assessed on the within Petitioners untill the time herein appointed for a hearing

H. Sherburne Speaker In Council June 15, 1764 read & concurred

T. Atkinson Jun Secy. Province of In the house of Representatives Jan y® 9, 1765, A. M. New Hamps ) This petition being Read

Voted That the prayer thereof be Granted & that the petitioners have leave to bring in a Bill accordingly

A. Clarkson Clerk In Council Jany 10 1765 Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson Jun Secy.

Petition of Joseph Baker & Philip East To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq" governor and

Commander in Chief in & over his majesty's Province of New Hampshire The HonWe his majestys Council and house of Representatives for said Province in general Assembly Conven'd the First Day of May A. d. 1764.

The Humble Petition of Joseph Baker & Philip Eastman Sence it has Pleas'd your Honours to Appoint us the Subscribers to Collect the Tax that was Appointed for the Inhabitants of Bow to Pay into The Treasury we would inform your Honours That we Have Taken the utmost Care to Collect the money but we have not as yet Collected The whole and we would Beg your Patience a Little while Longer and we will assure your Honours that we will Do our utmost Endeavor to to fulfill your command, furthermore we would Inform your Honours that there is within the Lines of Rumford about Twenty Poles who say that They are without Esq' Bryent's Line that he Ran in the year forty Nine & for that Reason They Refused to give in their Envoises Gentlemen we Conceive that we Shall be very much hurt By Neglecting our own Business and we should be very glad if your Honours would Take it into your wise Consideration and order the Assessors to Put them into our Lists and Bestow it upon us or help us in any other way which your honours in your grate wisdom Shall Think Best and your Petitioners Shall Ever Pray

Joseph BAKER

Philip EASTMAN. Prov. of New Hamps May 24 1764. read & sent down to the Honble Assembly

Theodore Atkinson Secy

Petition of Selectmen of Bow to be eas'd from being Rated

with Concord, Aug 28, 1767. To His Excelency John Wentworth Esq' Captain General

Governor and Commander In Chief In and over His majesties Council and House of Representatives Convened in General Assembly

The Petition of the Selectmen of Bow in Behalf of themselves and Inhabitants of s Bow Exclusive of such as are Set of into Parishes; Humbly Sheweth that we Have Town officers agreeable to Bow Charter and are Ready and willing to assess Collect and Pay our Proportion of Publick Charges with other Towns In this Province your Petitioners Have Been and are Now Greatly abused by being Rated with Concord for Their Select men are ye major part of the assessors and they make the Rate as they see fitt.

Wherefore the sd. Petitioners Humbly and Earnestly Prays your Excelency and Honours to take their Distressed Carcomstances under Consideration and Releave Them From Being Rated any Longer with Concord in Such manner as your Excelency and Honours Shall in your Great wisdom and Clemency see Fitt and Your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray



of Bow

In Council August 28th 1767
Read & Ordered to be sent down to the Honble House

T. Atkinson Jun. Secy

BRENTWOOD. (Brentwood, formerly part of Exeter, was incorporated 26 June, 1742. For various other Papers relating to this Town, see those under Exeter. ED.) Names of persons in Brentwood desiring a Parish.

Brintwood, July 11, 1743. We the Subscribers Do hereby signifie that we Realy Expected and also Desired to stand by the Act of the General Court in making of us a Parish But yet we perceive that the honble Corte have bin Enformed by Sundry Parsons that the major Part of the Parish are Dissatisfy'd in what is done in that afair this is to Shew it is not so.

John Roberds
Joseph Leivett
Thomas Gorden
John Marsh
Roberd Young
Edward Stevens
Daniel Giles
Israel Smith
John Been
Nicholas Gorden
John Folsham
Ithial Smith
Moses Fifield
David Bean
Samuel Roberds
Samuel Jones
Charles Young
Benj· Vesey
Jeremiah Bean
Biley Harvey
John Giles
Benj« Roberds
John Roberds
David Smith
Jonathan Smith
John Smith
Josiah Moody
Zackiriah Jude (?)
Nathal Folsham
James Dudley jun
Joseph Gose
Benj· Scribner
Ebenezer Hutchison

Elisha Sanborn
James Young
Benj· Fifield
Bridget Smith
Thomas Scritchet
Abraham Smith
Gorg Roberds
James Dudley
Joel Judkins
Roberd Brown
Joseph Atkinson
Jacob Smith
Jabez Clough
James Gloyd
Nicholas Ďollof
Alexander Roberds
William Granby (?)
Daniel Sanborn
Jon" Roberson
William Smith
Jon Tailer
Nath' Prescott
Jon' Cram
Jeremiah Row
Jedediah Prescott
James Robenson
Daniel Tilton
John James
Joseph Giles
Henery Marsh
Job Kenistone
John Mudgit.

Petition of the inhabts of the North part of Brentwood

about a meeting-house. To his Excell'y Benning Wentworth Esq" Govt & Comand 'in

Chief in & over his Maj's Province of New Hampshire And to the Honle his Majties Council, & Representatives In Gen' Court assembled

We the Subscribers Freeholders & Inhabitants of the Northerly part of the parish of Brintwood in the Province aforesaid Do Humbly crave leave of y' Excell'y & hon"* to lay this our humble Remonstrance of our distressed circumstances before your Excell'y & Hon" as follows viz.

Many of us Living four or five Miles Distant from Exeter meeting House, have attended the Publick Worship of God at that House for many years past, with great Difficulty, & our Familys Encreasing made it much more difficult especially in the Winter Spring and fall of the yeare Wherefore About eight

years ago we with Several of the Southerly part of said Parish Erected a House for the Publick Worship of God in the most suitable place as they then tho't and we now do think to Carry on the Publick Worship in And accordingly at our own charge have Carryed on the Same in the Winter, Spring & fall of the yeare ever since as we had for four years, or thereabouts before Erecting said House carryd on the Publick Worship in a Private House Standing neare our Publick Meeting House

And about last February was twelve month, the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Southerly part of Brintwood aforesaid Petitioned the Town of Exeter aforesaid to be set off as a Parish contrary to the will & desire of most of us, & said Town of Exeter Granted their said Petition, notwithstanding many of us Disented therefrom, And their said Petition being Granted, they afterwards applyed to your Excelly & Hon" for a Charter for said Parish, which was granted them Contrary to our Desier, and greatly to our hurt. And we also having Earnestly Petitioned your Excell’y & Hon" that we might be permitted to Continue to Carry on the Publick Worship of God in our said House, and to be set off by such Boundaries as your Excelly & Hon" Should think meet, & to be Exempted from all Charge towards the meeting and ministry in the Southerly pi of Said Parish &c, as by our Petition lying before y Excelly & Hon in your Honbi Court may appear. Which Petition the Honble House of Representatives have seen meet to Dismiss And also your Excell'y & Hon's having appointed a Comittee of four Gent two out of Each House to Prefix the place where the meeting House ought to Stand, Three of said Gen' have been and made Return but is accounted voyd by your Exelly & Hon's For that the Comitee did not all Joyn in their Return & for which Reason our Petition was also Dismist. Wherefore our case at present Seems very hard & Difficult, we having been at such cost to Erect our said House and to maintain Preaching in it hitherto & the Minister also who hath hitherto preached to us being atour Earnest desire willing to Continue with us in the Ministry. If your Excelly & Hon" will in your great Wisdome take this our Remonstrance of our Difficult Circumstances in our Present Meeting House not being Established & our aforesaid Petition not being Granted & the great Charges and Difficulties we hitherto have and still do Labour under, under your Excelly & Hon's wise Consideration & be pleased to grant us Relief herein as in your Great Wisdom you shall se meet And as in Duty Bound we your Excellys & Hon's most obedient Humble servants shall ever Pray &c

Dated at Brintwood June 27t'. Anno Dom 1743.

Andrew Gillman

John George

Edw Thing
Edw Colcord

Dan! Quimby
Nicho Dudley

Sarrah Gorden
Antipas Gilinan

John Leavit
Timo Leavitt

James Stephens
Benja Gillman

Joseph Hoit
Saml Edgerly

Joshua Bean
Sam Dudley

John Mogridge
Jon* Thing

John Hilton
Stephen Levit

Ithiel Clifford
Jonsia Thing

Sam' Smith
Jon: Wadley

Dan! Wormal Nich" Dudley Jun

Marthy Bean Jerem. Bean

Haley Stephens John Dudley

Jerm Gillman Junr In the House of Representatives July pst 1743. The within Petition read & considered on & Voted That Eleazer Russell Esar Mark Langdon Gen' & Noah Barker of Stratham be a Committee to Joyn Such as the Honble the Council shall app' to go to the Parish of Brentwood, and view the Situation of said parish and see whether it will be most convenient for the Inhabitants thereof to be Divided into two Parishes, or whether the whole shall meet at the meeting House already Built for some Limitted time, or to Conclude upon some other method that they shall think to be for the best good of the said P’s'h. In order for their being Settled in Peace, and that they make Report to the Gen” assm the third day of the Sitting of the Gen” Ass' at their next Sessions and that the Petitioners be at the charge of the Comittee and that the Petitioners Serve the Select men of Brentwood with a Copy of this Petition & Votes, that they may Notife the Parish of these proceedings and that those that will dispute? what is acted may appear at the day above said.

James Jeffry Cle' Assu Eod* Die In Council Read and Concurr'd & the above said Comittee hereby Established & Impowered for the End above said Eod Die Assented to B. WENTWORTH Theodore Atkinson Secy. Copia Examined

Theo Atkinson Secy. Province of Hamp' Sep. 221 1743.

Pursuant to the within order we have been to the Parish of Brentwood & viewed the same, & Considered the Circumstances thereof & think it best to Continue them at the old meeting House for the tearm of four years.


In the House of Representatives ybr the 23' 1743

The above Return read And Voted That the Return be accepted, and that they Continue at the old Meeting House for the Space of four years and at the Expiration thereof, The Major Part of the legal Voters in said parish at that time Shall set the Meeting House for Publick Worship where they think Proper.

James Jeffry Cl' Ass". In the House of Representatives Decem" 3' 1743.

Voted That this Petition and all the Proceedings thereon be Dis. missed.

James Jeffry Cl' Assm

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