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Contoocook Petition for a land Tax for support of a

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr. Governor and

Commander in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of
New Hampshire To the Honorable His majestys Council &
House of Representatives in General assembly Convened
the twelfth day of November 1747

The Petition of the Proprietors of the Plantation calld Contoocook in the Province of New Hampshire most humbly Sheweth—That your Petitioners have had a minister of the Gospel Setled among them for about the space of seven years That notwithstanding the Difficulties arising from the War he hitherto has continued at said Plantation and would still continue there if supported and maintained by the Proprietors That for want of a Law to enable and Impower the said Proprietors to Raise money and Collect the same for the support of the ministers there The Burden thereof lyeth on a few Wherefore your Petitioners most humbly pray your Excellency and Honours, That by a special act they may be authorized and Impowerd thereunto and that not only the Lands of the Residents but also of the non Resident Proprietors may be rated towards the support of the Ministry there for such time and in such Proportion as shall be judged reasonable by your Excellency and Honours and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray &c

JOSEPH COFFIN, for and in behalf of the Committee of Said Proprietors. Nov 13th 1747 In Council read & concurred orderd to be sent down to the Honble House

Theodore Atkinson secy

Petition for Authority to Collect Taxes.
New Hampshire)
To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr. Captain Gen-

eral and Governour in Chief in and over said Province And
To the Honble his Majesties Council and House of Repre-
sentatives in General Court now Assembled

The Petition of us the subscribers Humbly Sheweth that the Proprietors of the Town of Boscawen have at their meeting from time to time Voted sums of money as they thought needful to carry on their publick affairs & particularly a sum of money to purchase a Řight of land in said Town of Boscawen for the Encouragement of the settling a gospel Minister in the Town The Right have been purchased and given to the

Rev. Mr. Robie Morrill The money have been Assessed and such original Right was proportionately Taxed And now for want of Legal power to Collect said money some part of said proprietors (notwithstanding their forwardness in voteing said money) neglects or Refuses to pay their Equal part thereof & for want of said money's being Collected and paid in there is an action in Law Commenced against said proprietors in order to recover said money which is greatly to the prejudice and Damage of the rest of said proprietors whoe have paid their ful part of said money & tends greatly to hinder the propagation and Settlement of the Town Therefore We Humbly pray your Excellency & Honours to Invest said proprietors with ful power & legal authority to Collect what money hath already been or Shall hereafter be voted by said proprietors for their use by makeing sale of the Delinquent proprietors Land or in any other way your Excellency & Hon's in your great Wisdom Shall think best and your petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever

Dated Boscawen august 24th 1765

GEORGE JACKMAN Jun Come for said

} Proprietors.

Province of} In the House of Representatives Sep goh 1767

) The within Petition being Considered

Voted That the Petitioners be heard on their Petition the third day of the Siting of the General Assembly after the fifteenth day of October next and that the Petitioners at their own Cost Cause the Substance of yo Petition and order of Court to be printed three weeks successively in the New Hampshire Gazett and Boston Gazett That any Person may appear and Shew Cause why the Prayer thereof should not be Granted

M. Weare Cir In Council Septem? 11th 1767 Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson Jun Secy Province of In the House of Representatives Feb. yo 19th 1768 New Hamps )

The within Petition being Considered and appearing Reasonable and no Objection made against it

Voted That the Petitioners have liberty to Bring in a Bill to answer the Prayer of the Petition

M. Weare CI: In Council Feb. 24th 1768 Read & concurred

Geor King Dep Sec.

Petition for a Justice of the Peace. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq" Governor &

Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire

Whereas the Town of Boscawen in said Province has ever since it's first Settlement been destitute of a Commissionated Justice of the Peace, Such an officer being often needed (more especially since our Late favourable Incorporation by your Excellency) we the Subscribers & Inhabitants of said Town Pray Your Excellency to Commissionate Mr. George Jackman Jun' of said Town to be Justice of the Peace he having deserved well for several years Last past in the acceptable discharge of public Trust to him Committed And your Petitioners Shall as in Duty bound ever Pray Boscawen January 29th 1766 Ezra Carter

John Webster
Petitioner tho' not an Inhabi John Flanders
tant of Boscawen

William Emery
Moses Foster

John Coser
Petitioner tho' not an Inhabi Thomas Corser
tant of Boscawen

Ephron Woodbury
John Fowler

Jesse Flanders
Thomas Carter

Stephen Call

BOW. [Bow was incorporated 20 May 1727, by New Hampshire.--Ev.] Bow Remonstrance against Rumford Petition, 1749. Province of New Hamp To his Excelency Benning Wentworth Esq Capt. General

Governour & Comander in Chief in & over his Majestys Province afores" & To the Honble his Majtys Council for said Province

Humbly shew the Selectmen of the Township of Bow in the Province aforesaid in behalf of the said Town & the Proprietors thereof that they have been Informed that a Petition is Preferred to your Excelency & Hon's Desiring therein that the Inhabitants on a Tract of Land called Pennycook may be Incorporated and Infranctized with Town Previledges &c & that the bounds mentioned in the said Petition (as your Petitioners are Informed) makes great Infringement on Land belonging to & within the Charter of the sd Town of Bow Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that the said Petition from the People at Pennycook may not be granted as asked for and that the

Proprietors of Bow may have opportunity to shew to your Excelency & Hon's The unreasonableness of the said Petition and your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray &c


of Bow. februry ye 7th Day 1749-50

Perambulation of the town lines of Bow. The purambleation of the Lines of the town of Bow as surveyed by me the Subscriber on or about the year 1749. I began at the Reputed Bound of the town of Chichester at the head of Notingham & from thence Run north west four miles to the head of Epsom then there marked a maple tree with the word Bow & Sundry Letters and from said tree which I Called the East Corner of said Bow I Run north west four miles to the west Corner of Chichester ył north east one mile to Canterbury South corner then north west five miles on said Canterbury y: South west nine miles which Runs to North west of Rattle Snake hill and most of the pond that Lays on the north west side of said hill and said Line Crosses Hopkinton Road so called and takes part of said town in then we marked a tree & Run South East five miles and marked a tree ya one mile South west then South East four miles yn north East nine miles to where we began

Walter BRYANT P.S. I Crossed marrimack River within two mile of Canterbury Line an found all the Inhabitance to the South of Canterbury & East Marrimack which are in Rumford to be in Bow

Petition of the Town of Bow, 1753. Province of New Hamp To his Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr Capt General

Governour & Commander in Chief in & over sd Province and to the Honourable his Majesties Council & House of Representatives of the aforesd Province now convened in General assembly at Portsmouth in said Province as they stand Prorogued to the 30th Day of October A. D. 1753

We the Subscribers Humbly Beg leave to inform your Excellency and Honours that att a meeting of the Free holders and Inhabitants of the town of Bow in sd Province held the 25th Day of July last past persuant to a special act of this General Assembly for the calling sd meeting we were chosen Selectmen for sd. town for this currant year; And that since that time we have Received two Severall warrants from this Province Treasurer the first Dated May 30th 1753 and the other Dated the 26th Day of July 1753 by the first of which we are commanded in his Majesties name to assess the Sum of sixty Pounds on Said Inhabitants and by the other the sum of thirty

one Pounds four Shillings. And tho we are Ready, (and that with cheerfulness) To obey Every order of government yet that we are at a loss as to the Boundaries of sd. Bow and consequently Dont Know who the Inhabitants are that we are to assess sd sums upon, that the Prop's of Bow in Running out the Bounds of sd town have as we conceive altered their Bounds several times, and further that one of those Gent" that purchased Capt. Tufton Masons Right to the Lands in sd Province has given it as his opinion that sd Prop's have not as yet Run out the Bounds of sd town agreable to their charter But that their South East side line should be carried up about three quarters of a mile further toward the northwest and there is lately (by his order) a fence erected a long some miles near about sd place Designed (as we suppose) as a Division Fence between sd Bow and land yet claimed by sa Purchasers and that on the other hand the Inhabitants of Penycook formerly Erected into a District by a special act of the General Assembly of this Province (Tho they object nothing against submitting to order of Government) Refuse to give us An Invoice of their Estates (That is such of them as we have asked for the same) aledging that they Dont lay in Bow and that this sd assembly did as good as declare in sd District act So that upon The whole we humbly conceive (unless the pleasure of this Court is first made known Relating to the aforesd. affairs) that should we proceed to assess the aforesa sums on such as we may have concei“ are the Inhabitants of sd Bow that many would Refuse to pay the Sums that should be so assessed on them and consequently that we should be thrown into so many Law suits as would' in all probability Ruineus as to our Estates. Therefore we humbly crave that your Excellency & Honours would take the aforesd affairs under your wise and mature consideration and fix the Boundaries of sd Bow or otherwise give us such directions as you shall think proper and so submitting the whole affair to your Excellency & Honours to do as you in your great wisdom shall think fit not doubting that

you will give us such directions as if followed by us we may obey the commands laid on us by this court without the lest detriment to ourselves And your Petitioners as in duty Bound shall ever pray

Bow Octob' ye 26th 1753


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