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A True List of the Inhabitants now Settled in the Town

of Alstead, with their familys, and those that have begun to settel, and single men, that have worked on their Land Viz:

Twenty five Families now Inhabiting in said Town, also ten Single men, at work on their Land that are now resident also nine men more that have been and made Considerable Improvement on their Land some of which have ten, twelve, and some near twenty acres, under Improvement, and are all coming into Town with their families in the Spring as soon as the Season will admit of it, also Sundry Persons to the number of Eight that have made Considerable Improvement on their Land some have ten acres others near twenty and one about Thirty acres under Improvement which are moved off and Expect to have others on in their room directly. All which is a True account of what is done Toward the Settelment of said Town of Alstead. Taken by us the Subscribers this 23 day of December 1771.

Jason Wait


To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq Captain General and Commander in Chief in and over His Majestys Province of New Hampshire &c: and to the Honorable His Majestys Council in said Province &c

The Humble Petition of the Proprietors and Inhabitants of the Township of Alsted in said Province Humbly Sheweth That whereas the Charter of said Alsted is out and thereby some of the rights or Shares are become forfited: But we do rely on Your Excellency and Honors Clemency and Mercy when you shall see the account of what Persons is already settled and settling in said Town, and as by the Providence of God our Crops has been for these four years past much shortened by frost Dearth and worms and the last year by Blast which has caused Provision to be very scarce, and as that many of those People that Settle new Towns have but littel money to help themselves with and as the Scarcity of Provision has been such had People moved in much faster than what they have they must have Suffered for want of Provision as it could not have been Procured with money had they had it. Therefore your Petitioners Humbly pray that Your Excellency and Honors would take it into Your wise Consideration and if Consistant with your Wisdom to Lengthen out the time to those that have been Delinquent in doing their Duty would take it as a great favour, If Your Excellency and Honors should

think it not Proper to Grant any further time to those Delin-
quent to do their Duty in we Your Petitioners the Inhabitants
pray that it may be Granted to us for our Children that have
endured the many Fatigues and Hardships in bringing forward
the Settelment of Said Town, and Your Petitioners as in Duty
bound Shall ever pray
Jeneuary the 13th 1772.
Jonathan Shepard

Edward Waldo
Shubel Waldo

Daniel Waldo
Samnuel Chandler

Gideon Delano
Jason Wait

Elias Brown
Oliver Shepard

Barnabas Delano
Andrew Beckwith

Elijah Cone
Joseph Brown

Philip Wordner
John Thomson
Those Names above Is What of the Inhabitants that has
signed & those below Is men that Live out of town that have
Land in si District:
B. Bellows

Jonth Chase
Joshua Hide

James Richardson
Abishai Delano

Moses Brown


AMHERST [Amherst was granted by the Government of Massachusetts, 26 April, 1733, and was called Narraganset No. 3, which name was afterwards exchanged for Souhegan West, which it retained until the charter was granted, 18 January, 1760, by Gov. B. Wentworth. It was not under the government of New Hampshire until 1741, when the establishment of the line separated it from Massachusetts.-ED.]


Request of the Inhabitants of Souhegan West for a suitable Guard to defend them from the French & Indian Enemy, 1744.

Att a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Settlement or Plantation, called Souhegan West in the Province of New Hampshire at the house of Dan' Wilkins ye 16th of June 1744:

Unanimously agreed that Dan! Wilkins of this place in the name and behalf of the Settlers here Represent to the Governor and Council of New Hampshire our destressed Circumstance on account of our being Exposed to the French and Indian Enemy our Low Condition & Inability to subsist here unless a Suitable guard may be had to defend us when about our work; and that he make suitable application that these things may Immediately be obtained.

witness to the vote


John Vene. (1) Mr. Hutchinson was the first Town Clerk when Amherst was incorporated. He died in Maine, at the age of 90 years.--ED.

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To his Exelency Benning Wentworth Esq* Capt. General

and Governor in chief in and over his Majesties Province of New Hampshire in New England the Honorable the Council and House of Representatives in General Court convened.

The Memorial or Petition of Dan? Wilkins in the name and behalf of the Inhabitants of the Township or Plantation called Souhegan West No. 3 in the said Province,

Humbly sheweth the said Town has been settled by his Majesties subjects about nine years and a Gospel Minister ordained almost three years that the Settlers had an Eye at enlarging his Majesties Dominions by going into the Wilderness as well as at their own Interest, that some thousand of pounds has been spent in clearing and cultevating the Land there and vast sums in building Houses Barns & fences beside

and expence in building fortifications by his Excelthe Governers order. That the Breaking up the Settlement will not only ruin the Memorialists but greatly disserve his Majesties Interest by encouraging his Enemies to Encroach on his deserted Settlements and be also hurtful to the Province by Contracting its borders and drawing the war nearer the Capital :

That it was by a long and importunate Intercession of this Province, (and not of the Memorialists Seeking) that they are cast under the immediate care of this Government which they conceive give them so much the better Right to its protection :

That as war is already declared against France and a Rupture with the Indians hourly expected your Memorialists unless they have speedy help will soon be obliged to forsake their Town how diservisable soever it may be to the Crown dishonorable to the Government hurtfull to the Province & ruinous to themselves :

Your Memorialists most humbly supplicate your Exelency
the honorable Council and House of Representatives to take
the premises into your wise and mature Consideration and to
grant them such seasonable relief as may enable them to sub-
sist in the war and secure against the Ravages and Devastation
of a blood thirsty and merciless Enemy and your Memorialists
as in duty bound will ever pray.

Dated at Portsmouth
June ye 224 1744.

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Petition for protection against the Indians, 1747. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Gov. &c The

Hon. his Majestys Council & House of Representatives in Generall Assembly Convened May 13th 1747.

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the New Plantation called Souhegan West Humbly Sheweth That there is Settled and now remains in this plantation thirty five familys in which is about Fifty eight men upwards of sixteen years old. That when we began our Setlement, we apprehended no Danger of Our ever being a frontior, there being at that time so many above us begun and obligated to fullfill the Conditions of the Massachusetts Grants, which occasioned us to setle scattering, only Regarding the Advantages of Good and Compact farms. That the difficulty of War happening so early on our Settlements, and the Defenceless Condition they was in, has oblidged them all viz: Petersborough Salem-Canada New Boston & Hillsborough (so called) Intirely to draw off as well as the Forts on Connecticut River left naked. Whereby we are now left as much exposed as any of the Frontiers on Merrimack River

That the First year of the present war we was Favoured with a Scout from This Province (which we Thankfully acknowledge) and Salem-Canada with an other which was Equally Serviceable to us Since that time, both SalemCanada and this Place has had a guard from the Massachusetts till the Winter passed together with our Inhabitants keeping a constant Scout (Tho much Impoverished thereby) That this encouragement has occasioned our venturing here till now That as we are now left without either Scout or Guard-Apprehend we are in Imminent Danger, Yet Loath to yield Ourselves Such an easy Prey to Our Enemies or Suffer Ruin by leaving our Improvements wast, One Whereof we have no Reason to Think, but must unavoidably be our lot, unless this Government Compassionately Grants us Protection.

Wherefore Your Petitioners most Humbly Pray that your Excellency & Hon's would so far Comiserate our Present Difficult Circumstances as to Grant us so many Soldiers as your Excellency & Honrs may Judge of Necessity for Our Defence and your Peti's as in Duty bound Shall Pray &c. Daniel Wilkins

William Howard
John Shepard

Jacob Wellman

his Joseph X Wilkins

David X Hartsorn mark

Benj Cheever

Andrew Bixbe
John Davis

Andrew Seeton
James Cofren

William Bradford
Samuel Walton

Ebenezer Ellinwood
William Peabody

Thomas Clark

Solomon Hutchinson

John Seetown
Daniel Wilkins Jun"

Ebenezer Lyon
Benjamin Cheever Jun"

Caleb Stiles.
Israel Towne
In Council May 13th 1747 read & ordered to be sent Down to the
Hondle House.

Theodore Atkinson Secy.

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Petition from Monson.(1)
To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq Gov' &c The

Honb his majestys Council & House of Repres in Gen'
Assembly convened May 13th 1747.
The Petition of the Inhabitants of the town of Monson,
Hereunto Subscribers Humbly Shows That the Said town is
Lately begun to Setle & but about Fifteen Familys there.

That they are one of the Frontier Towns west of Merri-
mack River, & the most northerly One, already incorporated,
Lying Between Hollis & the New Plantation Called Souhegan

That could we be assisted by Souldiers Such Competent number as might Enable us to Defend our Selves Shall Chearfully Endeavour to Stay there by Which we Shall Serve as a Barrier in part to Holles Merrimack and Dunstable.

That last year we was Favoured by Souldiers From the Massachusetts, that Prevented ()ur Drawing off.

That Should the War be pursued by the Enemy as vigorously as Last year, (unless we are Favoured by some assistance from Ye Government) We Humbly apprehend 't would be too great Presumption to venture our Selves & Familys there

That it will be very Kuinous to your Petitioners To leave their Settlements & the Frontier Widned, & for a Necessary Defence will Require a Greater number of Souldiers than to assist us there

Wherefore your Petitioners most Humbly Pray that your
Excellency & Honors would be pleased to Take the Premises
into your Consideration & Grant us a Guard for two Garrisons
& a small Scout on Our Front Or Otherwise Releive us in the
Premises as in your Great Wisdom Shall Seem meet & yr
Pet” as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray.
James Wheeler

Abraham Leman
William Neivens

Thomas Neivens
William Colburn

Benjamin Hopkins
Robert Colburn

Isaac Farwell
Jonathan Taylor

Stephen Haslton
Samuel Leman

John Burns
Samuel Leman Jun"

Thomas Mordow
In Council May 13th 1747 read & ordred to be Sent Doun to the
Hondle House.

Theodore Atkinson Secy.
(1) The town of Monson lay adjacent to Amherst, and was afterwards incorporated
with it in part.-ED.

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