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at that time that they would not serve, but since it so happens by some misunderstanding or other that M: Sam' Pattin who was Chosen as a Select man refuses, as well the Constable Mr. Richard M'Allester they calling it an Illegal meeting for what Reason is best known to themselves, as your petitioner is Quite Ignorant of any Illegality & your petitioner with Mr. James Little another of the Selectmen of said Town (being Ignorant of the Law in such Cases) did put up one other notification for calling a meeting In Said Town for Chusing Town Officers which meeting was held on the 24 ultimo when other officers were chosen in their stead, but by our charter we find we can hold no town meeting, Only on the last Wednesday of March for choice of Town offi cers which we did agreeable to said Charter & the several officers was Chosen as before mentioned, & expecting they would take the oaths as usual, the Moderator Dissolved the meeting by which means we are not able to Call any Town meeting for this Year Chusing proper officers to Levy & Collect the province Tax laid on said town of Bedford & if not Leevy'd & Collected this present year, the Burthen the next would then of Consequence be double the sum its this year, which would make it very difficult. Wherefore your petitioner Humbly prays the aid of this honorable Court touching the premises, & that you'd be pleased to Grant such Releif as you in your great wisdom Shall think proper & your petitioner as in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray &c


In Council December i 1763 read & sent down to the Honble assembly

Theodore Atkinson Secy Provincemos } In the house of Representatives Dec'. I, 1763.

This petition being Read Voted that the prayer thereof be granted & that the petitioner have Liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly

A. Clarkson Clerk In Council Eodem Die read & Concurred

Theodore Atkinson Secy. Assented to B. WENTWORTH.

Petition of the Selectmen & Committee of Safety of

Bedford. To the Honourable the Committee of Safety of the State of

New Hampshire.

The Petition of us the Subscribers Selectmen and Committee of Safety for the Town of Bedford in the County of Hillsborough in said state Humbly shews That your Petitioners are

Informed that Mr John Houston of said Bedford Intends to make application to your Honours to have Liberty to Take the oath of Fidelity to the State—to serve a Secular Interest as we apprehend we Humbly Pray that you would Defer His Taking it or giving him any Recommendation in his Favour as being Friendly to the Cause of America untill the Town of Bedford shall be Notified to appear at a Convenient Time as you Shall think Proper to shew cause why he ought not to be admitted to said oath which we Conceive They are capable to do and your Petitioners as in Duty bound will Ever Pray

JAMES VOSE Selectmen

Bedford, Sep" ye 24th 1778

We the Subscribers appoint Capt. Samuel Patten to Present this our Petition



of Safety JOHN BELL


(This town is in Vermont. It was granted by Governor Benning Wentworth, 3d January, 1749, and from him derived its name. Ed.]

Mr. Sam' Robinson's petition, Dec 9th, 1763. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Governor and

Commander in chief in & over the Province of New Hampshire The Honble his Majesty's Council & House of Representatives for said Province in General Assembly Convened, Decembrgth 1763

The Humble Petition of Samuel Robinson of Bennington in said Province Esq' as agent for & in behalf of the Inhabitants of said town Shews

That there are about fifty Families Settled in Said Town and a minister of the Gospel settled among them, and the said Town is in a Good forwardness & Prosperous condition considering the time of the Grant and the distance from other Settlements,

That the burden of Supporting the usual Town Charges is heavy upon new Settlements especially till they have the necessary Public Buildings finished and the Building a Convenient Meeting House for Public Worship and a Convenient School house is at present too Great a Charge for the said Inhab

itants but as those houses being built & duly Improved greatly Encourages Settlers & raises the Value of the Lands Your Petition' humbly Prays That they may be authorized to lay a Tax for a Limited time on the Lands in said Township for so much annually and for such a time as will be Sufficient to defray the Charge of Building such a Meeting house & School house within said Township and they will ever Pray &c

SAM ROBINSON In Council December 8th 1763

Read & Sent down to the Honble Assembly
Province of In the house of Representatives Dec' 9th 1763
New Hamp } This petition being read.

Voted That the petitioner be heard thereon the second day of the sitting of the General Assembly next after the first day of Feby next & that he Cause the substance of this petition & order of Court thereon to be advertised three weeks successively in the New Hampshire Gazette that any persons concerned may appear & Shew Cause if any they have why the prayer thereof should not be Granted

A Clarkson Clerk In Council Eodem Die Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson Jun. Secy


[This town was granted by Massachusetts, and was called Contoocook, until in. corporated by New Hampshire, 22 April 1760. ED.] Petition of Contoocook, Penacook and Canterbury for pro

tection from the Indians, 1747. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq* Captain Gen

eral and Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of New Hamp' To the Honorable his Majestys Council and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened the twelfth Day of November 1747

The petition of Phineas Stevens, (1) Ebenezer Eastman and Jeremiah Clough in Behalf of themselves and the Inhabitants of Contoocook, Pennycook and Canterbury, in said Province, most humbly shews

That the said Places are frontiers and lay open and exposed unto the French and Indian Enemy. That they are not able to protect and defend themselves in Case of a Vigorous attack from the Enemy which they have Reason to fear may be the Case as soon as there Shall be Snow Sufficient to travel with Snow Shoes That unless they are protected, the Inhabitants Will be under a Necessity to break up and leave their habitations and so Consequently the frontier will be bro't nearer. (1) He was the first minister of Boscawen. ED.

That your Petitioners humbly conceive it will be much better for the Province to have those Places Protected than to have them broke up. Wherefore your Petitioners humbly Pray your Excellency and Honours to take this Petition under

your wise Consideration and be pleased to Grant such a number of men for each of the before mentioned Places and for such time as to your Excellency and Honours shall seem meet and reasonable and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray &c


In Council Nov 12th 1747 read & sent down to the Honble House.

Theodore Atkinson Secy

Contoocook Petition for aid. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Captain Gen

eral & Govonner in chief in and over his Majestie's Province of New Hampshire In New England

The Petetion of ye Inhabitants of a Plantation called Contoocook in ye sd. province of New Hampshire Humbly Showeth

That where as your Humble Petitenrs being Certtainly Informed of a Declaration of war Between ye King of England and France and Tharefore Looking upon our selves as Exposed contenualy to ye atacks of ye Indians who are subjects or allies to ye King of France and we would Beg Leave Humbly to Lay our Case before your Excellency

May it Pleas your Excelency we have Been at Great Expence and Labour in Bringing to ye settlements in ye plantation so far as thay are att this time by setteling a gospel minister erecting Houses subduing Lands and Bringing too a cosidable Quatity of Wilderness and in erecting proper Fortifications for Defence in case of an Indain war one of which was Built in ye year 1739 a building of considerable Expense to yo proprieters and of great conseqence to ye Inhabitants being 100 feet

square and all this to advance ye Kingdom of Christ in the world and farther to enlarge and advance his majestie's Dominions in the american continent we have Like wise been att great expense and cost in erecting houses to Dwell in and in moving from our habitations the most of us into sd Fort in order for our security till proper help shall arive to us for want of which many persons have Removed and more are Removing from us to the Great Discouragement of those that tarry behind and all tho we might Defend our selves in our Fortification yet we cant support our selves becaus we have

none to gard us in our Busness and more over the command-
ing ofecer in the place has so far neclected the people that thay
are very uneasy he never having caled them to Gether since he
Recd his commission Refusing to Repair to the fort or to tak
any care of it or the people in it never seting any watch or
ward so that the Inhabitants are without a Leader yet they
have consantly Keept a watch and ward in said fort or gareson
Those with many others are the Difecultys we Labor under
two many to be hear enumerated of which we Humbly Beg
Redres of your Excelence in such way and maner as your Ex-
celency in wisdom shall think Best and your Humble petisions
as in Duty Bound shall ever pray &c
Contoocook June ye 5th 1744
Richard Flood

William Emery
Richard Jackman

Moses Burbank
John Cowin

Samuel Emery. Joseph Easman

Nathaniel Meloon John Fowler

Ezekiel Flanders Andrew Bohonan

Josiah Bishup Jacob Flanders

Jorge Jackman Daniel Rolfe

Petition from Sundry Persons at Contoocook, Praying for

military officers. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq

Honored Sr we the Subscribers Being Souldiers of Contoocook Do Humbly Desire your Excellency to Grant to M* John Rollins of said town a Captins Commission and Likewise a Lef! & Insins Commishon to two other men of said town whome he the said Rollins shall nominate the Performance whereof will Grately oblige your Humbel and Dutifull Sarvants Contoocook November ye 29th 1743 Jacob Flanders

Edward Fitchgaull
Ambrus Goold

John Flanders
Josiah Bishup

Moses Call
Enos Bishup

Sinkler Been
John Ellet

Daniel Rolf
Thomas Cook

Ezekiel Flanders
Benmore Dudy

Richard Flood
Thomas Estman

John Johnson
Nathanel Danford

Willan Peters
William Corser

Andrew Bohonon
Jesse Flanders

David Barker
Thomas Manuel

William Danford
William Dogiden

John Call
John Boin

Nathanel Maloon
Jacob Flanders Junior

Sam' Emmery
John Fowler

William Emmery

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