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No 38: 39: 142: 143: 234: 235 are the Northernmost rights in the six ranges of the Town of Barrington & 1:88: 89: 189: 190 with 277 are near is not the most southern Lotts of said town.

Petition for power to raise money, &c.

New Hamp.
To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Governor and

Commander In Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of
New Hampshire in New England the Hon'e His Majesty's
Council and House of Representatives for Said Province in
General Court Convened

The Humble Petition of Thomas Wright Mercht & Daniel Jackson Shop keeper both of Portsmouth in said Province being the Surviving Agents of the Proprietors of the Township of Barrington in the Province aforesaid Shews

That: the Laws of this Province Respecting Proprieties of Townships or other Common & undivided Lands are very Defective & Insufficient in many Regards to Enable the Proprietors as a Distinct Body from the Inhabitants of the Towns where they Live to Transact & carry on the Business of Such Proprieties But in Particular with respect to the Speedy Collecting & levying Such Sums of Money as have at any time been Granted & Voted by the Propriety which very much Clogs & Embarrasses their affairs & Greatly Retards the Settlement of New Town ships and thereby in a Great Measure Defeats the Good Purposes of Granting Such Townships Since there is no making a Settlement without raising money and many Persons get in to be Proprietors who will not Vol. untarily pay their proportion of the Charges

That: the Proprietors of the Said Township of Barrington are Involved in the same Difficulties of other Proprieties in the aforesaid Regards and in Special with Respect to that Important Article of Raising Money having Several Sums in

Arrearage which tho' they have assessed & apportioned upon the Proprietors are not paid in but Either Remain uncol. lected or are in the Constables hands and that thro' a Defi ciency of the Laws upon which the Propriety is formed

Wherefore your Petitioners in behalf of their principals most Humbly Pray that an act may be now past to Enable the Collector or Constable of the Said Propriety to Collect & Levy their arrearages in the same Summary way the Constables of Towns may do and give the said Proprietors the same Remedy against their Delinquent Collectors or Constables and also to niake Effectual Provision for Raising & Levying money upon themselves for the future in such an Expeditious method as the nature of their affairs Require & Your Petitioners as in duty Bound Shall Ever Pray &c March 4th 1741


In the House of Representatives March the 12th 1741. the within Pe

tition Read and Voted, That the Prayer of the Petition be so far granted, That for the future, the Proprietors be Enabled to make Notes & Raise money on themselves and that the Collectors & Constables be enabled to gather the same, and that the Proprietors Shall have the same Remedy against their delinquent Collectors & Constables as other Towns have and that the Petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly

James Jeffrey Cl' assem In Council March 20th 1741 The above Vote read & Concurred

Theod Atkinson Secy. March 22

Assented to.


Petition of Thomas Shepard. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq? Governor and

Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New Hampshire, The Honorable his Majestys Councill and house of Representatives in General Assembly convened

The Petition of Thomas Shepherd in Behalf of himself and the other Inhabitants of the Two mile Streak (so called) in the Township of Barrington in said Province most humbly shews That there are sixteen families settled within the said Two mile Streak, containing upwards of ninety Persons in all That the Situation of the Same is such that the Inhabitants are very much exposed unto the Indian Enemy

That the summer past the laboring People there were obliged to leave their wives and children at home naked & defenceless whilst they went out about their business of husbandry having no Soldiers there to guard and protect them

That they are in great fear that the Indians will destroy some of them the approaching Spring and Summer, if they tarry there, unless the Government Allows them Some Protection. That in Case the said Inhabitants move in, it will give the Enemy an advantage besides that thereby your Petitioners Plantation where they raise Considerable Provision will lay unimproved

Wherefore your Petitioners most humbly Pray your Excellency and Honours to take their Case under Consideration and to allow them such a number of Soldiers & for such time as you shall judge reasonable, and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shåll ever pray, &c. Feb 23° 1747

THOMAS SHIPHERD. In Council March 8th 1747. read & ordered to be sent Doun to the Honble House.

Theodore Atkinson Secy

Petition of John Macmath & Thos. Shepard. May it please ye Excellance wee make bould To Truble y Excellance & y honourable Council taking into Consideration our Dangerous Condition of our Enimys the Want of what men you shall think proper to Steate One the two Garresons at Twomill Streik In Barrington being Oblidged to Leave our Wemen & Children Exposed in Said houses Otherwise our Cropes must Suffer Our Dependence Is One y" Excellance & that you will Not lett us be any longer in Such a Condition being the Needfull and are ever y' Excellances humbi Servants

J. W. MACMATH Two Mill Streak

Thos SHEEPHARD In Barrington Jan the 15 1747

Petition of Selectmen of Barrington, &c. To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq" Governer &

Commander in Chief of his majestys Province of New Hampshire &c &c

Barrington Feh. 10th 1762 Sir

Whereas The Town of Barrington has for Some years past paid a Considerable Province Tax and has upwards of 120 Poles in it, which we humbly hope Intittles us to ask the favour That we may Chuse one Assembly man to Represent Said Town in ye General assembly

Therefore Pray your Excellency would Vouchsafe to Grant the Town of Barrington a Liberty to Chuse such a Representative to appear for us in ye General assembly of this Proyince; Which favour we shall soe duely Esteem and as in Duty Bound ever pray for the Supporters of our Privelidge John GARLAND



Portsmouth Feb. 19th 1762 Upon the within Petition I have thought it for His Majestys Service to Incert in the Kings writ the Town of Barrington which please to fill up that they thereby may send a precept to the Select men in time to make Choice of a proper person to represent them in the next General assembly I am Sir Your hum Servt

B. WENTWORTH To the Honblo The Atkinson Esq

At our Anual Town meeting held at The meeting house In Barrington on Wednesday The 28th day of march 1770 our Petition Relating to Parish orders has Been Notified and Read in Said meeting. Barrington March the 29th 1770.

James Marden

Toun Clerk. At a Town meeting held at the meeting house in Barrington on Thursday The first Day of march 1770 according to Notification Then Voted Deacon John Garland & Liutenant Samuel Brewster as a Committee or agents to Pertition The General Court for Paresh Powers to Transact our affairs Relating to a minister Seprate from other affairs of The Town and from other Sosieties Now Subsisting in Town Barrington, March the 19th, 1770.

Attest James Marden

town Clerk

Garland & Brewster's Petition in behalf of the town of

Barrington, March 1770. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq', Governor & Com

mander in Chief in & over the Province of New Hampshire the Honble his Majestys Council & House of Representatives in General Assembly convened. March 22 1770

The Humble Petition of John Garland and Samuel Brewster both of Barrington in said Province as agents for Barrington aforesaid Shews

That there are in said Town a number of the Inhabitants who call themselves Quakers a number who are Separatists from all Denominations of Christians and also a number of members of the Church of England besides the Common Denomi

nation called Congregationalists. That there is no settled minister of that order nor any other in said Town at Present but frequently Lay Teachers come there and Encourage Separations & Divisions and as they all belong to the Town whenever there is a Town meeting to consider of Settling a minister as the Law of the Province Directs, they all attend & Sometimes out Vote the others & Introduce the greatest disorder & Confusion

Wherefore Your Petitioners humbly Pray that they whose sentiments are in the Congregational way & such others as will join them may be erected into a Parish & Authorized to Transact all affairs relating to Settling & maintaining a Minister of the Gospel & other affairs relative thereto according to Law by themselves exclusive of all others who will not join with them as members of the Same Parish or Society and that they may have leave to bring in a bill accordingly and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever Pray &c


SAMUEL BREWSTER New Hampshire } In the House of Representatives March 224 1970

Voted That the Petitioners be heard on this Petition on Friday the thirtieth Day of March Instant if the General assembly be then Sit ing and if not Then on the Second Day of their siting next after And that they Cause the Substance of the Petition and Order to be Posted up at the Meeting house in said Barrington and if a Town meeting Shall be held in said Town before that Day then the same to be read at said meeting that any person may Shew Cause why the prayer thereof Should not be Granted

M. Weare Cir In Council eodem Die Read & Concurred

Geo. King D. Sec

Province of New Hamps )

In the House of Representatives March 30, 1770 The Petitioners being heard on this Petition and no Objection made by any Person and the Prayer of the Petition appearing to be Reasonable

Voted That the Prayer of the Petition be Granted and that the Petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly

M. Weare Cir In Council Apr. 12, 1770 Read & Concurred

Geo King D. Sec


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