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Thare is 130 mens Heads above sixteen in the west end of the town of Plastow.

Thare is Eighty Seven Famelys in the West of the Town of Plastow.

Petition of Sundry Persons to be Polled from Atkinson to

Plastow. Province of New Hampshire To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq Capt. general

Governor and Commander in Cheaf in and over his Majestys Province aforesaid &c and to the Honourable his Majestys Council and House of Representatives in general Court assembled at Portsmouth

The Petition of us the Subscribers Humbly Shews where as there has been Latly Part of Plastow set off and made a New and Seperate Parish Bounded according to Cartain Lines which goes by the Name Atkinsonton in which we with our Estates falls into ye Said New Parish our Prayer and Request to this Honourable Court above mentioned is that whereas we have heretofore assisted in Building a meeting house a Pasonneg house and have Now a minister Settled in Plastow according to our Principles and Minds Therefore our Desier and Request is that we with our Estates may be set off from Said New Parish and be anexed to the old Parish or Town of Plastow that we might be and Remain as heretofore

we therefore Pray that your Excellency and Honours will Take The mater under Consideration and grant such Relief for those who Desier to be set off as afore said as you in your wisdom Shall Think best and we as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray Plastow Sept. 1767. James White

Moses Page Moses Greenough

Daniel Poor Jonathan Eatton

Jonathan Page John Webster

John Webster J. Israel Webster

Daniel Poor Junr. Jonathan Webster

Stephen Noyse
William Webster

Samuel Kimball
Daniel Whitaker

In the House of Representatives Sep. 24th 1767 New Hampshire }

Voted That the Petitioners be heard thereon the third day of the Siting of the General Assembly after the first Day of November next and that they serve Mr. Thomas Noyes who is appointed to call the first meeting in said Atkinson with a Copy of this Petition And Order That Objections may be made to granting the Prayer of the Petit if any there be

M. WEARE. In Council Eodem Die Read & Concurr'd

T. Atkinson, Secy.

New Hampshire } In the House of Representatives Feb. yo 12, 1968

The within Petition being Considered and the Parties fully heard thereon

Voted That the Petitioners James White & Samuel Kimball have liberty to Poll off they and their Estates to belong to the Town of Plastow and the other Petitioners have liberty to Poll off they & their Es tates to belong to the Town of Plastow respecting Ministerial affairs only & the Petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly

M Weare CI' In Council Feb'y. 1768 The above read and the Parties being heard

Voted a Concurrence with this amendment That all the sd Petitioners Excepting James White and Sam' Kimball remain to the Town or Parish of Atkinson as tho' no petition had been preferred

Geo. King Depy Secy.

New Hampshire } In the House of Representatives Feb 26th 1768

The above Vote of Councill Read and Concur'd and the Petitioners White and Kimball have liberty to bring in a Resolve accordingly.

M. Weare, Cl

Memorial of Sundry Inhabitants of Plaistow against hav

ing a town set off from that, 1767. To Excellency bening wintworth Esq' governor and com

ander in cheaf in and over his madgstes Provence of new hampshire in new ingland and to the Honorable his madgesties council and to the Honourable house of Representatives in generall court assembled

To the humble Petition of us the Subscribers in Habitans of the Town of Plastow Humbly Pray your Excelency and oners to Tak our Dificelt Case under your wise considerateon and we Petioners Humbly Pray that your honners would not grant the Petition that was sent in order for a town or Parish to be taken out of the said town of Plastow the Reason why is because there is great quantity of wild Land in sd town that is oned by other Towns People and a great quantity of wild Land oned by Said town wherefore we are no waies able to be a parish by our Selves and in So Doing you will greatly obblige your humble Petitioners and they shall as in Duty bound Ever Pray &c. Deted Plastow febuary ; 13, 1767 Benjamin Philbrick

Joseph Palmer
Benjamin Emery

Thomas Chancy Tuner
Joseph Chandler

Moses Poore
Joseph Kimball

Wid. Mary Little

Report of a Committee of the town of Plaistow abt. this

meeting house, 1766. We the Subscribers having been Chose a Committee by the Inhabitants of the Town of Plastow in his Majestys Province of New Hampshire and the Inhabitants of the north Parish in Haverhill in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay who Congregate with the Said Inhabitants of Plastow to State the Place where their meeting House Shall Stand for the Future Have attended that Service, by Viewing the Several parts of Said Town and Parish agreeable to the Desire of the Inhabitants of both, and heard the Respective Parties with Respect to the Premises; and after Serious Consideration of the affair with a train of Circumstances attending the Same too long to enumerate, Do Report that our opinion is that the most Suitable Place for the meeting House to Stand at present, is where their meeting House now Stands being fully of the mind, That the Starting or Determining any other Place for that purpose, will be attended with worse Consequences to Said Inhabitants than that we have Reported Plastow Marb 20th 1766.

Joseph FRYE

To the Town Clerk of Plastow to be Communicated to the Inhab-
itants of said Town at their meeting by adjournment on the first
Wednesday in April next
Mar. 201h, 1766

Comteos Report.

Sundry Persons of Plastow Desire to have the Town Still

remain undivided.

Plastow Decem" 30th 1766 To the General Court of the province of New Hampshire

These are to inform your Hon's That whereas there was two petitions Sent to the general Court the twenty sixth of June Last past in order to be considered at the next setting one to have the town Divided the other to anex a part to Hampstead, we the Subscribers Living within the Limits of s petitions, are Desirous that Neither of them may be granted inasmuch as we think that it will very much Damnify the town at present for we Look on ourselves and the inhabitants of this town unable at present to maintain two ministers of the Gospel but inasmuch as there is a considerable Quantity of unsettled Land in this part of the town which is chiefly own'd by men belonging to other towns we are in hopes that in a few years we may be able and in the mean time we are willing that those that have petitioned to be anexed to Hampstead should attend the Publick worship of God and have Liberty to pay their minister Rate there for the term of Eight or ten years till we are

able to be two parishes and credibly to maintain two ministers for these Reasons we Desire that things may Continue as they are at present and in granting this our Request you will greatly oblige us and we think greatly benefit this town and as bound in Duty shall ever pray. Israel Webster

Robert Greenough John Webster

Moses Greenough William Webster

Daniel Poor Jun Daniel Whittaker

Jonathan Page Jonathan Eatton

Jonathan Poor John Webster Jr.

Daniel Page Moses Page

Humphrey Noyes James Page

Daniel Poor David Poor

Aaron Copp Jonathan Webster

James Little Stephen Noyes

Asa Hazeltine against the division of the town of Plaistow.

Province of
New Hampshire } To the Honrl General Court for Said Province.

Whereas I the Subscriber Did sine a Petetion to The General Court to Have the Town of Plastow Divided into two Towns (sa petition bars Date June yo 20th 1766) I was over perswaded by one of the Petitioners To Do it He Told me if we Did Not Git Divided part of the Town would Sartanly be set off to Hampstead and would spoyl the Town from Ever making Two it is not my mind Nor Never was to have the Town Divided at Present only for the above Reasons and Pray that it may be kept together

Asa HAZELTINE Plastow Jan' y® 1, 1767.

No. of People in Atkinson and Plastow.
1767 or 8.
Plastow Hath 576 People Atkinson Hath 476 People
Rateble Heads 142

Rateble Heads 118
Rateble Land 421 Acres Rateble Land 401 Acres

Province of } In the House of Representatives February 27th 1768. New Hampshire)

Upon Reading & Considering the Petition of James White & Samuel Kimball both of Atkinson in Said Province with several others to have leave to Poll off from said Parish of Atkinson to the Parish or Town of Plaistow both the Polls & Estates-after fully hearing the Parties con

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