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Provce of In Council June 26th 1766 read & ordered to be Sent New Hamps down to the Honble Assembly

T. ATKINSON Junr. Secy. Province of In the House of Representatives June 26th 1766 The New Hampre } within Petition being Read and Considered

Voted That the Petitioners be heard thereon the Second Day of the Siting of the General Assembly after the first Day of September next and that the Petitioners at their Own Cost Cause the Selectmen of Plastow to be Served with a Copy of this Petition and Order of Court that they may Shew Cause if any they have why the Prayer thereof should not be Granted

M. Weare CI' In Council Eodem Die Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson Secy. At a Legal Town meeting Holden at the meeting house in Plastow October yo 9, 1764 Capt. Jonathan Carlton was Chosen moderator

Then Voted That the meeting house Should Stand Whare it Now is Ten years A True Coppy Taken out of the Town Book of Records

JONATHAN KIMBALL Town Clerk Plastow November y® 3, 1766.

Daniel Hadley against the division of Plaistow, 1766. To the General Court for the Provence of New Hampshire I would Inform your Honours that it is very much against my mind that the town of Plastow Should Be Devided or made into two Towns or Parishes for the Petition that was Entred with your Honnors the 26 Day of June Last that I signed I was over Persuaded to sign the Constabel Promising me that if I would signe said Petition he would (wait] a Grate while one me for my Rates which I then owed to him. Plastow December 12th 1766.


Foshua Emery against the division of Plaistow. To the General Cort for the Provence of New Hampshire : I would inform your Honnors that it is my mind that the town of Plastow should be cept to Gether as it is at this Day and the reason of my signing a pettition that I signed that was Entred in the Cort June 26 Last past was Because they told me that a part of our town was a Going to be Enexed to Hamsted which I am very much a Gainst. But I should be very willing that they that Have Signed to Go to Hamsted might have Liberty to pay their minester Rate at Hamsted for eight or ten year if it is their Desier.

Joshua EMERY Plastow Jenuery 1, 1767.

New Hampshire. In the House of Representatives Aug 26, 1767

The Petitioners being heard on this Petition and also the Objections heard and Considered.

Voted That the Prayer of the Petition be Granted and that the Petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly.

M. WEARE CI' In Council, August 28 1767 Read & Concurred

T. Atkinson JunSecy.

Memorial or letter of sundry inhabitants of Haverhill to

the town of Plaistow, 1767. BRETHEREN—though By ye Devition Line Between the provinces we were Seperated from you yet By indulgence from ye masechusets we have continued to worship with you & cherfully to pay our proportion towards the maintainance of ye Gospel & after the Death of our former minister we united with you in the Settlement of another whom we Justly Esteem & Venerate and in considisention to a Number who apeared uneasy about the Situation af the meeting House we united with you in the choice of a committee & were at considerable Expence in Hopes to Give them Satisfaction. They Not Being Easy Have obtened a Devition af your Town Taking away By farr the Best Part of the Land your Numbers Being hereby Greatly Deminished many of those Left Being of a Sectarien Spirit. these and many other things Being considered we cant But Earnestly Entreat that as you value the interest of Religeon you would by Every proper method seek Imediate Releaf from those who we trust will Delight to promote Both your Civill & Sacred interest. Otherwise we fear you will be So Devided that we shall be obleged to Seperate from you & seek to be united to Some other Neighbor Sosiety the most Distant tho't of which we heartily Deplore Being perfectly Satisfied with our Beloved pastor who has Devoted Himself to ye work of yo Gospel ministry among us & in whose ministry you & we have Enjoyed the utmost Satisfaction & Delight.

We are your sincere & affectionate well wisher.

To ye Town clerk for plastow to be comuncate to yo
inhabitants of plastow.
Haverhill North parish Decembr 10th 1767
Benja" Clement

William Bryant
Isaac Snow

Richard Harriman
Caleb Cushing

James Russell
Nathanel Johnson

William Attwod
Mark Emerson

Moses Cushing.
Nathel Rolfe
Jonathan Eatten

Information from Plaistow. To his Excelency Benning Wintworth Esq' Govenour & and

to the Honourable his majesties Councill and to the Honourable House of Representatives in generall Court assembled &c.

this is to Inform your Excelency and Honours that we the Subscribers Inhabitance of the town of Plastow do Judge it highly Reasonable and we think it will be for the peace of sa town of Plastow to set of our brethren at the northwest Part of sd town and annex them to the town of Hampstead the Line to Run from the pine in Cloughs meadow (so called) South Westerly to a white oak tree near Cornit Ingalls Barn thence on the Southerly Side of his Land to his South West Corner Bounds, and from thence still South westerly to the bridge over Providence Brook near John Curriers house agreeable to their Petition as witness our hands Dated Plastow April ye 11 : 1766 Nicolas White

John Chaney
James White

James Chaney
Thomas Follamsbe

Moses Stevens
Abraham Chase

John Bradly
Nathaniel Cheney

Joseph Harriman junr
William Folensbe

John Heath
Nathaniel Bartlet

Abner Harriman
Josiah Copps

Moses Jackman
Samuel Heath

Benjamin Kimball
Thomas Stevens

Humphery Noyes
Samuel Kimball
Thomas Chaney

Aaron Copp
Ephraim Emerson

Jonathan Stevens
Jonathan Eatton

Moses Page
Stephen Woodward

Daniel Whitaker
Peter Clement

Daniel Hadley
Daniel Heath

Jacob Heath.
Dustin Chaney

John Hali

Joseph Page against the division of Plaistow 1767. To the General Court for the Province of New hampsher I would inform your Honers that it is my Desier that the Town of Plastow might Be cept to Gether as it is at this Day for the Reasons of my signing a Pettition that I signed that was Entered in the General Court June 26 Last Past was Because thay told me that a Part of the Town of Plastow was a Going to Be Ennexed to the Town of Hampsted which I am very much a Gainst my Desier is that it may Be left to Gether as it is at this Day

JOSEPH Page. Plastow february 16, 1767.

Eben" Eaton against the division of Plaistow 1767. To the General Court for the Provence of New hampsher

I would inform your Honours that it is my Desier that the Town of Plastow might be cept to Gether as it is at This Day for the Reason of my signing a Petton that was Entred in the Gineral Court Last June was Be cause I was over Persuaded, After Consideration I se it will be Grately to the Towns Damage there fore I Desier your Honers that you would not Grant said Pettons: not the suner for my signing se Pon But my Desier is that the Town of Plastow may Be cept to-Gether as it is at this Day.

EBENEZER EATTON. Plastow March 7 1767.

Province of New Hamshire

To the Honorable Generill Court May it please your Honores that whereas Some time past I Signed a petition that the Town of Plastow Might be Divided being then Misinformed this therefore is to Desier your Honores Not to take any Notice of My Name in that petition for I am of the opinion tis Best for the Town to remain as it is at present Your Honores Humble Servant

JOSEPH PARKER. Plastow Aprill 13th 1767.

Petition of inhabitants of Plastow for annexation. Province of New Hampshire ) To his Excellency John Wentworth Esq" Governor & Com

mander in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of New Hampshire &c to the Honourable his Majestys Council and House of Representatives of said Province in General Court Assembled: the Memorial of a Number of the Inhabitants of Plastow in said Province Humbly sheweth

That whereas by an act of the general Court Part of the Town of Plastow hes Lately been Set off, and made a new and Destinct Parish, and whereas Several Persons included in Said New Parish Have Petitioned to be annexed to the Town of Plastow: we the Subscribers Inhabitants of said Plastow beg leave to inform your Excellency & Honours of the Reasons why we Pray their Petition may be granted.

We beg Leave to acquaint you that if Said New Parish does Not Contain a greater Quantity of Lands than is Left in said Town of Plastow, as we are not Certain but it does, yet it is very well known that the Lands in yo former taking a just Es


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timate of Quantity and Quality together are by far more valuable then Those of the latter, upon which account we in this Town are certainly laid under very great Disadvantages. Permit us further to observe to your Excellency & Honours that near one-half if not ye Majority of the Inhabitants of Said Plastow are either Professed Babtists or so far favourers of them as usually to Concur with them in opposing and Counteracting every necessary Measure Respecting either the Support of our Minister or ye Peace & good order of ye Town so that without Some Helps, we see no Probable or even possable way in which either the one or ye other can be Continued among us in any tolarable Degree.

We ask leave moreover to inform the Honourable Court that the North Parish in Haverhill in Massachusetts Province have hetherto ever Sence our first Incorporation into a Town Shared with us in Ministerial Charges and Privileges and appear willing to Continue with us in Case the fore said Petition be granted, so that their may be a better Prospect of Peace & order in Said Plastow; whereas if we Continue in our Present weakened and Devided State we have the greatest Reason to fear they are fully Determined to Seperate from us; in Consequence of which Seperation we are at once irrecoverably Deprived not only of their Proportion of ye ministerial Tax, but Dispossessed of ye Parsonage Buildings & land, the greatest Part by far of which lies in Said North Parish, and which we have hitherto enjoyed only by Vartue of our Connection with Them we Therefore earnestly Pray your Excellency and Honours to take the affair under Consideration and grant Such Relief for the Said Petitioners and for us as you in your wisdom Shall Think best and we as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray Plastow Dec ye 3, 1767. John Hall

Ephraim Emerson Thomas Follamsbe

Dustin Chaney
Nathaniel Bartlet

David Bryant
Ezekiel Gile

Nicolas White
Peter Dow

Jonathan Kimball
Abraham Chase

Benjamin S. Pettengill Josiah Copp

Benj Hale Isaac Heath

Jacob Trussel Nathanel Smith

Nathaniel Knight Daniel Gile

Joseph Knight Benja Kimball

John Knight Benjamin Davis

Abel Mirrill Nathan Gile

Abel Mirrill Jun David Carleton

John Mirill John Heath

Humphrey Noyes John Bradley

Humphrey Noyes Jun Moses Bartlett

Robert Greanough John Chaney

Moses Greanough

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