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The “TOWN PAPERS” contained in this volume are copied from separate MSS. volumes, six in number, now in the office of the Secretary of State. They were arranged by authority of the Legislature, by the late John Farmer, Esq. The contents of each volume are copied as arranged, with a very few exceptions, (in which an error was discovered,) and are distinguished as labeled on the MSS. volumes by the towns which they severally include; e. g. Vol. I, “Acworth to Chichester;" Vol. II, "Concord to Exeter,” &c. In the GENERAL CONTENTS also, the volumes are kept distinct. Ed.



ACWORTH. (This town was incorporated 19 September, 1766. An extension of its

Charter was granted 30 May, 1772.] Memorial of Sampson Stoddard and Jono Blanchard. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Cap' General Governor & Commander in Chief in & over his Majestys Province of New Hamp'--the Honle his Majestys Council for said ProvinceThe Memorial of Sampson Stoddard & Jonathan Blanchard for themselves & others part of the Grantees in the Town of Acworth in said Province

Humbly shews that your Memorialists have Done Something Very Considerable Towards Bringing forward the Settlement thereof, have now a Considerable Number of Familys well Settled there, have a Good Set of Mills there have Cut

Cleared & in a Great Measure well finish'd a Road thro' Said Town Mark & Lay'd out by a Committee appointed by an Act of the General Court;

That it has not been in your Memorialists power Strictly to fulfil the Several Conditions in Said Grant Stipulated That the Time Limited in his Majestys Grant of Said Town for Doing the Duty of Settlem' Expird the Last Month

Your Memorialists therefore pray that they may be Indulg'd a Little While to Compleat the Settlem afores & your Memorialists as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray &c


Petition for the Extension of the Charter of Acworth, 1772. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Cap Genel Gov

ernor & Commander in Chief in & over his Majesty's Province of Hamp" the Hon'le his Majestys Council for Said Province

The Petition of Jonathan Blanchard of Merrymac in Said Province humbly shewsThat

your Petitioner is Considerably Interested in the Town of Acworth in Said Province under his Majestys Grant'thereof, hath with Col Sampson Stoddard been making Large Improvements there by Persons under them much to the emolument of Said Town That the Time Limited for Doing the Duty Condition in the Grant aforesaid Expir'd the 19th Day of September 1771, that a Number of the Original Grantees have Neglected to Perform the Several Conditions in Said Grant Express' much to the prejudice of the Settlemt of Said Town, Namely David MacGregore, James MacGregore, Thomas Craige, James MacGregore Jun" Alexand' Clark, James Miltimmer, Jonathan Gilmore, Daniel Macfee, Robert Adams, Ephraim Adams, Samuel French, Oliver Farwell, Oliver Farwell Jun", Thomas Davis, the Revd Ebenezer Bridge, Edward Goldstone Lutwyche, Samuel Wentworth Esq", Peter Levius Esq", Col' Jonathan Greeley, William Symes, Maj" John Wentworth, Wiseman Clagget Esq', Samuel Cumings & Robert Fletcher : Wherefore your Petitioner humbly Prays that


Excellency & Honors woud Take the Premises into consideration Grant your Petitioner & his as'ciate Col' Sampson Stoddard a further Time to Compleat the Duty Enjoyn’d upon their Interest which is Nearly Done & otherwise Dispose of the Delinquent Prop' Interest & Shares to such of his Majestys Good Subjects as Will Effectually Settle & Cultivate the Same & your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c


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Gou. Wentworth's Warrant to inspect the Settlement in Acworth,

May, 1772.

By his Excellency John Wentworth Esq? Captain New Hampshire / General Governor & Command" in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province aforesaid & vice Admiral of the same.

To Simeon Olcott Esq? Capt. Benjamin Church Esq' M' Elijah King and M' Thomas Sparhawk, Greeting: Pursuant to an order of Council of 30th April ulto you, or any three of you, are hereby authorized and Impowered to Survey and Ỉnspect the township of Acworth in this Province: and return into the Secretary's office, upon Oath, the exact State of Settlement & Cultivation upon each Lot or Share therein, together with the number of Families & Settlers actually resident with the Roads and Buildings in said Township which Business you are desired to enter upon immediately, so as to make your Return, as aforesaid, by or before the 25th day of May Inse for which this is your full and sufficient warrant. Given under my hand at Portsmouth the First day of May in the Twelfth year of His Majesty's Reign Annoque Domini 1772.

J'WENTWORTH. By his Excellency's Command with advice of Council.

Theodore Atkinson Secry Pursuant to the within warrant we ye subscribers have surveyed and Inspected the Township of Acworth with the Settlements Cultivation on each Lot or Share of Land therein, and also the Families, Settlers Buildings & Roads in yo same, & find the State thereof as represented in the Schedule hereto annexed, and make return of ye same accordingly


ELIJAH THING. May ye 16th 1772.

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Ephraim Keyes.....
William Keyes....
Doan Carlton...
Samuel Harper..

Capt. Henry Silsby.

Jonas Keyes.
Samuel Smith...
David Cross..
Sam. Smith, junr.
Elijah Parker....
John Rogers.


Edward Keyes....
Joseph Chatterton.
James Pease......
Robt. Davidson...
Solomon Bigelow..
William Farwell junr.
Joel Bigelow.....
Thos. Puinam...

Behuman Stebbins.
Jonathan Silsby.
William Farwell...
Fradric Keyes.......
Ephraim Koyes....

Joseph Webb..





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1 William Thompson.
4 William Robie...
3 Sane....
3 John Parker....
3 William Stacy.
5 Thos Blanchard..
6 Sampn Stoitdard, jupr.
7 John Ryan.....
7 Samuel Thing..
7 Oliver Peirce..
1 Jonathan D'anchard
6 David Rrown..
6 Sampn Stoddard Esqr.
5 James Rogers.

good gr ise & s.mill

20 good I'd


14 13 12 12 11 9 7

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The within is an exact State of ye settlement & Cultivation on each Lot & Share of Land in ye Township of Acworth in the Province of New Hampshire, with ye families & Setlers therein and about four miles of the main Road leading from Charlestown to Boscawen, at ye westerly End made passable for Carriage and ye Remainder of ye same Road Cut about one Rod wide and so far leveled that Carriages might pass with Dificulty Also one other Road from ye said Main Road to the Mills, about two Miles in length well made & fit for Carriages, which with some few private Roads made passable only for man & horse is all the Improvement & Cultivation we could find in said Township: which is humbly submitted.


ELIJAH THING. Cheshire ss May 18th 1772 Then Mr. Elijah Thing personally appearing made Oath to yo Truth of ye above Report by him Signed

before me


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