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Vote of Amherst Relative to Monson April 10 1766. At a Legal Meeting of the Town of Amherst in the Province

of New Hampshire Held on the Tenth day of April A. D. 1766,

Voted that the following part of the Town of Monson, with the People thereon, may be annexed or joined to this Town, and enjoy all Priviledges and imunities in comon with the same viz Begining at the Northeast Corner of said Monson from thence South by the Town of Merrymack two Miles from thence due West to the West Line of said Monson, then North to Souhegan River so called, then Down said River to the bounds first mentioned. Upon the following Condition and not otherwise, that is to say they the People of said Monson to be at the Expence of Geting the Thing Done

John SHEPARD jun. Town Clerk.
Copy Attest John Shepard jun Town Cler

Petition of Jon. Shepard junr in behalf of Amherst

Jan 26, 1771. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq. Capt. Genl Gov

ernor &c of the Province of New Hampshire To the Honourable his Majestys Council of said Province.

The Selectmen of Amherst in the same Province, Beg leave to inform your Excellency and Hon" that a Number of those persons that Inhabit those Lands formerly Called Monson but lately joined to said Amherst have lately signified their intention of Prefering a Petition to your Excellency & Honors, in which they should pray to have said Amherst Laid into two parrishes And some of them are so Sanguine about it as to suppose the thing may be Done at first asking without Notifying the Town of it, if so it must be submitted to, but the Petitioners are Humbly of Opinion that such a proceedure must be very Detrimental to by far the greater part, even more than two thirds of the People, and being bound to think that your Excellency & Hon" cannot be prevailed with to do any thing Tending to hurt the Civil and Religious Polity of any Incorporation Therefore in behalf of said Town Pray that if such their petition should be prefered as aforesaid that previous to granting the Prayer thereof The people of said Amherst may be Notified and heard thereon And your Petitioners will Pray By Desire of said Selectmen. Dated 26h January 1771,

JOHN SHEPARD Jun Town Clerk.

Petition for a Road from Charlestown to Amherst 1773. To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq' Governor and Com

mander in chief in and over His Majestys Province of New

Hampshire and Vice Admiral of the same To the Honble His Majesties Council, and to the Honble His Majesties House of Representatives In General Assembly Convened

The Petition of Jotham Blanchard In Behalf of Himself Reuben Kidder Esq' and Others Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners are at great Inconvenience as to roads from Charlestown (in said Province) to this Metropolis, that Your Petitioners Humbly Conceive a Road may be made from Charlestown Through the Towns of Acworth, Lemster Campden Monadnock number seven to that Tract of Land known by the name of Masons Proprietors Reservation, or Society Land, that the same road may be Continued to Petersborough, & Lyndsborough to Amherst where there is sufficient roads to any Part of this or the neighboring Governments, and your Petitioners Pray Your Excellency and Honours to Cause an act of said Province to be made and Passed, for the said road to be surveyed and made Passable Through said Town in the most direct manner Possible and that Your Excellency and Honours would appoint a Committee of Two or more Men Capable of surveying and making said Road at the Cost and Charge of the Proprietors that owns and Holds the Land in the said Towns, and that, shoud those Proprietors Refuse to pay said Cost and Charge that the Lands within said Towns may be subject to be sold in such Proportion as may pay the same or in some other way which may appear to Your Excellency and Honours to be most Conducive to the facilitating the Settlement of those New Towns which are in their Infancy as to their settlements, and Pray that Your Excellency and Honours To Take the forgoing Petition into Your Wise Consideration and Grant such Relief as Your Excellency and Honours in Your Great Wisdom shall think Best and Your Petitioners shall ever Pr:iy.


Petition of the County of Hillsborough 1774. Province of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss To the Honble The Justices of His Majestys Court of General

Sessions of the Peace Holden at Amherst within and for said County on the 17th Day of August A D 1773 by adjournment from the first Thursday next following the first Tuesday of July 1773–

The Petition of us the Subscribers Freeholders of the Respective Towns of Amherst, Hollis, New Ipswich, Nottingham

West, Dunstable, Litchfield, Merrymac, Bedford, Derryfield, Goffes Town, Dunbarton, Hopkinton, Weare, Mason, New Boston, Lyndsborough, Wilton, Temple, Peterborough, Boscawen, Salisbury and Hennikar all in said County which said Petitioners are Agents Legally Chosen and Constituted for the said Towns, Whereof they are Freeholders and Inhabitants

Humbly Shews That in the Month of Septem" 1772, an action was brought by John Holland of Amherst aforesaid Yeoman (a Deputy Sheriff for said County) against one Joseph Kelley of Nottingham West in said County Gentlemen, Returnable at the then next Inferior Court of Common Pleas to be Holden at Amherst aforesaid for said County in October A D 1772 who for want of Bail was Committed to his Majesty's Goal at Amherst aforesaid That the said Inf Court action came on to be tryed at Oct Court aforesaid at Amherst, and the said Kelly then a prisener Moved by One Mr. Stephen Searles his attorney that he might either have Liberty to be present at the Tryal of that Cause and some others then and there pending wherein

he the said Kelley was a party, or that said Causes might be Continued until he could be present.

Notwithstanding which their Honours the Justices of the said Inft Court Ordered the said Kelly to be Defaulted, and enter'd Judgment against him in favor of said Holland for the sum of £83 Lawful Money or thereabouts, Damages & Costs, and the said Kelley being confind in said Goal by Virtue of Writ Issuing out of sd Court was under the protection of the same That to call him Out without giving him the power of being present was Requiring an Impossibility and that the said Cause ought to have been Continued by the said Court officially.

That on the 14th Day of October a D 1772 said Kelly with one John Thom who was confined in said Goal for Debt, made their Escape out of said Goal

That this Honble Court at their adjournment in June last upon application by s'd Holland, made a Grant to him of £83 Lawful Money or thereabouts for s'd Judgment Obtained as aforesaid as your Petitioners Humbly conceived to be paid out of the Monies of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of s'd County That s'd Kelly before the s'd 14th Day of October had nearly Effected his Escape That the Sheriff of said County accepted of a Guard (Order'd by this Hone Court) for the greater safety of the Prisoners that he had from time to time placed a guard as your Petitioners are informed Dismissed sa Guard on the evening of the 13th of the sd October.

That your Petitioners are Likewise informed that sa Kelly frequently gave out that he Intended to make his Escape on the sd 14th Day of October.

That your Petitioners apprehend that the sd Sheriff was very negligent of his Duty not attending the Goal himself, and suf


fering all his Deputys & Servants to be out of Town on s' Day.

That the Towns your Petitioners have the Honour to Represent with the lesser Ones, have very cheerfully borne the charges & Expenses of the County aforsd hitherto ; which have amounted to Divers Large Sums of Money, and are still willing to bear the Necessary Charges & Expenses of su County and even for the Escaped aforesaid, were they not apprehensive that some unfaithfulness or undue Practice was the sole cause of said Escape.

That the good and Wholesome Laws of this Province give to Mi Holland and other Claimants other good Remedys for Recovering their Demands without Burthening the County.

WI efore Your Petitioners as Agents for the several Towns afores'd which make the greatest part of the County aforesaid Humbly Pray that your Honours would suffer your Petitioners to State with Evidence the Notorious Facts before hinted at, and be heard by Council on the Premises—And that your Hon” will be pleased to reconsider the Grant aforesaid made to s'd Holland and direct the Treasurer of s'd County not to pay the Same and be Tended(?) of making further Grants on account of sd Kelley & Thoms Éscape—and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever Pray. Amherst augst oth 1773

Daniel Campbell } Committee from Amherst
William Nevens
Nath? Ball Committee from Holles
Elnathan Blood
Tim. Farrar Committee from Ipswich
Nehemiah"Hadley} Committee from Nottingh. West
James Blanchard
Jono Lovewell Committee from Dunstable
Joseph Whiting
Daniel Kendall Committee from Litchfield
Jon. Blanchard
John Neal

Committee from Merrymac
William Alld
James Martin Committee Man from Bedford
James McCalley Committee Derryfield
Mioses Littre} Committee from Goffs Town
Caleb Page Committee from Dunbarton
Christopher Goula} Committee from Hopkinton
Samuel Philbrick } Committee from Weare

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Abijah Allen
David Blodgett Committee from Mason
Reuben Hosmer
Archibald McMillan
James Caldwell } Committee from New Boston
John Stephenson Committee from Lyndsborough

William Abbott Jr} Chosen by the Major part of the Freeholders
Samuel Phoward } Committee from Temple
William Smith
John Youngth} Committee from Peterborough
Henry Gerrish

Committee from Boscawen
Peter Kimball
Jonas Bowman Committee from Hennikar
Ebenezer Webster } Committee for Salisbury
Copy Attest

J. Holland. Aug ye 18th A D 1773 at his Majestys Court of General Sessions of the Peace held by adjournment the Question was put whether the Court would Issue an order to the treasurer to revoke the former order and it passed in the Negative Ordered therefore that the petition be Dismissed.

Copy Attest J. Holland. This Petition is Dismiss'd.


Petition relating to Monson. To the Honerable Council and House of Representatives in

General Assembly convein’d for the State of New Hampshire

the second Tuesday of June 1782. The Petition of the subscribers Humbly Shews That

your Petitioners Inhabitants on a tract of Land Lying between Sowhegan River and the town of Hollis (according to its first Charter) which tract was once incorperated into a Township by the name of Monson but at the time such incorpation took place, the inhabitants thereof were but few in number and unable then to Suport the Charge of a town and Comonly attended public Worship at Hollis and Amherst.

That about the year 1770 a proposal was set on Foot for Monson to be devided and by new Charters anexed to the said towns, but notwithstanding the same was considerably opposed by many of the Inhabitants Both of Monson nd Amherst the same has taken place and your Petitioners have been at much Public Expence in said Towns by reason of being anexed to them.

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